Celebrity Equinox deck 5 plan (Entertainment-Shops2)

Deck layout and review

Review of Celebrity Equinox deck 5 (Entertainment-Shops2)

Celebrity Theater (upper balcony level 3 of 3), Service boats (16 lifeboats, 6 tender boats, 2 rescue boats), Photo Gallery & Shop (photo-video services, equipment, accessories), Art Gallery (art exhibitions, sales, daily auctions)

Galleria Boutiques (duty-free shops) include Jasmine (perfumes, cosmetics), The Showcase Boutique (art glass), Moda (ladies fashion), The Men’s Store (men apparel), The Collection (bags, purses, accessories), Pieces of Time (luxury brand watches), Boutique C (luxury jewelry), Exquisites (jewelry), Artisan Store (unique jewelry made to specifications), Adagio (cosmetic products), Point B (destination shop), Hublot (luxury Swiss watches), Shinola (luxury watches, jewelry, premium leather goods).

Galleria Tastings (area for food and wine tastings, art auctions, fashion shows)

World Class Bar (open 5-12 pm, fka Molecular Bar) is a cocktail bar served by mixology-trained bartenders.

In 2016, on Celebrity Equinox “Bistro on Five” was transformed into “Sushi on Five” (a la carte priced sushi bar). The new sushi restaurant is open for dinner, and also for lunch (on seadays only). Reservations are required. The trial menu offers gyoza (pan-fried dumplings /pork, chicken), Ramen (Lobster, BBQ Pork, Kobe Beef), Salmon Tartare, Tuna (Albacore, Ahi), seared shrimp, edamame (soybeans), sashimi (sliced raw fish – Assorted and Omakase), nigiri (raw fish over vinegared rice), hand-rolled sushi rolls (tuna, seared scallop, shrimp tempura, eel, vegetable), stir-fries (steak, chicken), shrimp cocktail, noodles, tableside-grated sushi wasabi, homemade soy sauce, salads (Silken Tofu, Mixed Green), Beef Tenderloin Tataki, octopus, halibut, hamburgers, green-tea based desserts (Mochi ice cream, mathamisu /tiramisu), caramelized gingerbread, sorbet. There is a separate drinks menu with cocktails, premium sakes (recommended by a sommelier / dedicated sake steward) and tea selection (by glass and bottle), wines (priced by bottle), Japanese beers (Echigo, Tamano Megumi /ale, lager, rise beer). Sushi on 5’s prices range between $4-9 (appetizers), $9-12 (noodles, hot dishes), $4-12 (sushi, sashimi, nigiri).

  • Bistro on Five (68 seats) is an all-you-can-eat creperie restaurant (at surcharge $10 pp, no reservations required). The restaurant also serves lunch and dinner (tableside service). The decor features comfortable seating and floor-ceiling windows (portside promenade views).
  • Bistro on Five’s menu offers panini sandwiches (with steak, chicken, veggie), soups, salads, flatbreads, lunch-dinner-dessert crepes (incl sweet banana, Nutella chocolate, pistachio, mushrooms, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, Cowboy- with marinated steak, build-your-own option). The drinks menu includes cocktails, wine by the glass, beers.
  • Bistro on Five is open between 6 am - 12-midnight – coffee-tea-pastries (6-11 am) and a full-service menu (11 am - 12-midnight).

Cafe Al Bacio & Gelateria (54 seats, open between 11 am - 11 pm) is a la carte-priced patisserie / specialty coffee bar with comfortable seating (leather chairs) and large windows (starboard promenade views). The Gelateria is an Italian Gelato ice cream bar. This signature coffeehouse sells Lavazza coffee drinks and Tea Forte, complimented with gourmet snacks (free of charge assorted pastries, croissants, mini sandwiches, truffles, tarts, cookies, cakes, cheesecake). The gelato ice cream is homemade and served in fresh-baked waffle cones (priced $4 small, $6 large, $7 sundae; toppings are included). While the food is complimentary, all drinks cost extra.

Ensemble Lounge (dinner drinks, live music performances)

The Retreat Lounge (former Michael’s Club) is an intimate piano bar with multiple TVs, live piano-guitar performances, premium alcohol selection

Murano (78 seats reservations-only French specialty restaurant/surcharge PP; with 4-course menu, Five Senses wine tasting menu/6-course dinner and wine, Champagne High Tea Time/ 2:30-4 pm /also at surcharge)

Qsine (72 seats, aft-starboard location) is a specialty restaurant (premium seafood and steakhouse) at surcharge per person. It is reservations-only, and open for dinner only (between 6-10 pm). The Qsine restaurant’s menu is on iPads and features themed cuisine and traditional specialties, including shrimp, premium steaks (filet mignon, Kobe beef), also make-yourself tacos (with guacamole). The plates are shareable, with sizeable portions. Qsine replaced here “Silk Harvest” (88-seats Asian specialty restaurant and sushi bar).

Blu (130 seats, aft-portside location) is an exclusive restaurant for AquaClass cabin passengers only (their guests are not allowed). Blu is complimentary and open for Breakfast (between 8-9:30 am) and Dinner (between 6-9:30 pm). Reservations are required. Upon availability, Blu also serves Suite Class passengers (at $5 pp fee). Blu’s menu is similar to the MDR’s (incl Sommelier Recommendations), but additionally offers spa cuisine-themed and healthy food options, premium seafood and meat. All menu items are listed along with their calorie counts. Among the signature dishes here are grilled quail, Seafood Napoleon (shrimp), ahi tuna, mussel ceviche, grilled salmon filet, roasted chicken breast, steaks (pan-seared filet mignon, New York strip loin), lamb (herb-crusted rack), manicotti, soups (incl chilled), salads (incl Caesar and Waldorf), desserts. Among the Breakfast menu items are pancakes, waffles, muesli, French toast, made-to-order eggs and omelets, yogurt parfaits, fresh fruits, fruit smoothies. Dinner menu has 3 appetizers, 4 soups-salads, 3 main entrees, 3 grilled meat dishes, 3 desserts. Blu restaurant is designed as a “private dining room” and features light decor (rich in white and blue), large round-shaped windows, luxury dining amenities, superb service.

Tuscan Grille (aft-location, 130 seats) is a premium steakhouse restaurant with floor-ceiling windows (stern views). The restaurant is at surcharge $45 pp, reservations-only, and open for dinner (between 6-10 pm). The gourmet cuisine is traditional Italian, with fresh (hand-made) pasta and sauces, Italian cheeses, USDA prime beef (dry-aged) steaks, charcuterie boards, salami and other traditional food specialties from Italy. Among the signature menu items are antipasti (goat cheese, olives, marinated squash), pasta (ravioli, spaghetti, lasagne, lobster linguine), traditional sauces (Alfredo, Bolognese, Parmigiana, Toscana), mac & cheese, seafood (fried calamari), bruschetta, arugula salad, tableside prepared Caesar salad, prime steaks (ribeye, veal chop, filet mignon), gelato ice cream. Also available are a-la-carte menus with Italian cocktails (incl homemade limoncello) and Italian wine list. Depending on cruise itinerary, Tuscan Grille also opens for Lunch (usually on seadays, between 12-noon - 1:30 pm, at $20 pp fee).