MSC Bellissima deck 5 plan (Opera-Cabins-Lobby)

Deck layout and review

Review of MSC Bellissima deck 5 (Opera-Cabins-Lobby)

London Theatre (level 1 of 2, capacity 985 seats, size 1000 m2) is a fore-located show lounge hosting 6 different shows per voyage - including opera, flamenco show, grand productions, such as Virtual, based on phone apps (dating apps, maps, a sequence of nurses and doctors, all to energetic dance background. These shows run 3 times per night to cater for different dining times and last around 40 min each. They vary in theme, with the opera and flamenco being more adult-oriented, Virtual being kids-aimed. The theatre has good sightlines and comfy seats. During the day, it is used for a variety of activities including kids activity programs like Doremi Music Match, part of Kelly & Kloe program and Doremi live talent show.

Infinity Atrium with Reception Lounge (22-seat, size 450 m2) is 3-decks high and crisscrossed via 4 chrome staircases. Each of the stairs is encrusted with Swarovski crystals (in total 31000+). A grand piano is available on a raised dais, with early evening performances. Infinity Bar (28-seat, size 120 m2) is an Atrium Bar popular for daily coffees and evening pre- and post-dinner cocktails with robotic service. The Reception Desk provides 24-hour guest services and assistance.

In the Lobby Hall are also located both ship entrances (hallways/boarding areas portside and starboard), Panoramic Lifts (glass-bottomed and walled), and MSC Excursions (Tour Office, size 55 m2).

Posidonia Restaurant (604-seat dining room, size 1050 m2, open between 7 - 9 am, 12noon-2 pm and 6:45 - 9:30 pm) is a complimentary restaurant with fixed dining times. It is the only restaurant on the ship that is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is situated behind the Reception on Deck 5 and though at the aft it doesn't have aft windows (only porthole windows), so it is quite dark and with low ceilings. Tables vary in size from 2- to 8 persons. 

On Deck 5 are also the Business Centre (conference room) and cruise cabins from 5001 to 5115, most of which are Deluxe Oceanview (category OR1), plus Deluxe Interior (category IR1) and Studio Interior (category IS/room #5014).

Forward are located crew cabins and service areas.