MSC Opera deck 12 plan (La Boheme-Suites-Teens)

Deck layout and review

Review of MSC Opera deck 12 (La Boheme-Suites-Teens)

Power Walking/Jogging Track (7 laps = 1 mi, size 1200 m2)

Shuffleboard (size 20 m2)

Young Club (size 54 m2) & Juniors Club (size 100 m2) teenagers lounge area for dance classes, disco, sports and video games contests, trivia games

Teens Club (size 95 m2)

Virtual Reality Games (video games arcades, Tennis Tables)

Discoteca Byblos (322 seats disco & nightclub with full bar; opens 12 pm/midnight; during the day is a retreat area for panoramic views, size 739 m2)

Cruise suites from 12001 to 12031, all of which are forward located Suites in category SR1-Deluxe Suite Aurea.