MSC Splendida deck 18 plan (Sun-Adults-Yacht Club)

Deck layout and review

Review of MSC Splendida deck 18 (Sun-Adults-Yacht Club)

  • Note: MSC Splendida Deck 17 = Deck 18 (“17” is considered an unlucky number in Italy)
  • MSC Yacht Club Area
  • Splendida’s The One Pool (for MSC Yacht Club members only, has 2 Whirlpools), served by The One Bar (MSC Yacht Club passengers only butler service complimentary restaurant for lunch and dinner)
  • Top 18 Exclusive Solarium (adults only private access area, with 1 Whirlpool, Garden, Tiki Bar/daily or whole cruise passes available for purchasing at the reception or the complex’s entrance).

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