MSC Virtuosa deck 6 plan (Beethoven-Dining-Shops)

Deck layout and review

Review of MSC Virtuosa deck 6 (Beethoven-Dining-Shops)

On Deck 6 are located most of the ship's entertainment and dining facilities.

Plaza Virtuosa is a semi-circular space (size 2949 ft2 / 274 m2) housing duty-free shops, patisserie (pastry bar), ice cream bar, live music performances. Promo sales are often offered throughout the day. The shops include Perfumes and Cosmetics, Watches and Sunglasses, Fashion Jewellery, MSC Shop (logoed merchandise), Boutique and Accessories Shop, Fine Watches and Jewellery Shop, Mini-Mall (convenience store).

Galleria Virtuosa (size 13454 ft2 / 1250 m2, Deck 6/7) is the indoor Promenade featuring an 80-meter LED ceiling changing throughout the day with different skies, patterns, mini-movies. The Galleria is the ship's social hub, with a double-deck of shops, bars, and restaurants. It is home to nightly parades, featuring the onboard performers. The ceiling over Galleria Virtuosa is sized 480 m2 (LED screen "digital sky") and transmits live views (sunsets, sunrises, night sky), also special events, shows, live performances. At Galleria Virtuosa's LED ceiling are displayed a variety of scenes throughout the day and night, all of which are listed on the ship's daily planner. Themed parties are held in the evenings when the indoor promenade turns into a party street for dancing till late.

Jean-Philippe Chocolate & Coffee (80-seat, size 2475 ft2 / 230 m2, open between 7 am -1 am, a la carte priced) is an open-kitchen / patisserie display / chocolate shop / cafe with a few seats by its porthole windows. The emphasis is on the unique sweets creations made by the ship's chocolate team (reefs, octopuses, turtles) displayed in glass cases in front of the open kitchen. Guests can't buy these but can buy an exquisite chocolate shoe for EUR 29 apiece, which is the best-selling chocolate item.

Jean-Philippe Crepes & Ice Cream (15-seat, size 441 ft2 / 41 m2, open between 4-10 pm) is an a la carte-priced venue serving crepes, gourmet ice cream and ice cream sundaes.

Le Grand Theater (main show lounge, level 2 of 2), Virtuosa Bar Lounge (62-seat, size 3390 ft2 / 315 m2) is the promenade bar located aft (outside the Theater). In the early evening, it is a lively spot with a dance floor.

Indochine Restaurant (66-seat, size 1108 ft2 / 103 m2) offers a la carte pricing or EUR 29 for the "Dining Experience". It is the only specialty restaurant on the ship where food vs price doesn't stack up. Indochine Restaurant is positioned off the main promenade, separate to 56-seat "HOLA! Tapas" bar by Michelin-starred chef Ramon Freixas (size 1614 ft2 / 150 m2). Three rooms are available with the first one at the front looking out onto the promenade, the second at the back that is darker but has huge porthole windows, and a separate area for Chef's Table. The theme is quite simple, with wooden tables and stone-effect floors. Starters include sliced Parma ham with melon, chargrilled octopus, pea soup with mussels. The mains feature branzino (sea bass) for EUR 18, and swordfish for EUR 16. The dessert is EUR 6 for a piece, while a glass of reasonably-priced wine is EUR 5,50.

L'Atelier Bar & Art (with Art Wall) is a 148-seat pre-dinner cocktail bar, size 3315 ft2 / 308 m2

The aft-located Minuetto Restaurant (714-seat, size 10,763 ft2 / 1,000 m2, open between 6:15-10 pm) features a high ceiling, large windows, Flexi and MyTime Dining. The restaurant is accessed via the corridor that cuts through The Opera and The Simphony, passing the wine cellar.

The Opera and The Simphony (908-seat, size 14402 ft2 / 1338 m2, open between 6:45-9:30 pm) are part of the same restaurant divided via a central walkway with Enomatic wine-dispensing machines and a wine display in the middle. The venue offers Flexi and MyTime Dining, so passengers can choose when they want to eat here. Tables are ranged tightly around the room and in various sizes.

On Deck 6 are also located MSC Excursions (tour-booking point), La Vetrina, Panoramic Lifts (Atrium), Luxury Plaza, Photo Shop (THE HUB Photo & Digit@l, size 1291 ft2 / 120 m2) and Gallery, MSC Starship Club (60-seat, Industry-first futuristic bar with humanoid, robotic bartender, size 1722 ft2 / 160 m2), MSC Foundation Centre (size 409 ft2 / 38 m2), Emotions Immersive Gallery.