Viking Mississippi deck 1 plan (Promenade-Lobby-Restaurant-Living Room)

Deck layout and review

Review of Viking Mississippi deck 1 (Promenade-Lobby-Restaurant-Living Room)

All Viking cruise ships are designed with a full-circling Promenade Deck. This is an outdoor (passenger-accessible) deck area going all the way around the boat and providing the perfect opportunity for strolling and relaxation. The riverboat also features a 5-deck-high Atrium (aka Vestibule) located midship. The Lobby Hall is also midship.

The Bow is a fore-located outdoor lounge (bow terrace with open-air seating). The venue is directly accessed from the Explorers' Lounge  (2-deck Bar Lounge). Traditionally for Mississippi River cruise ships, the Viking boat is fitted with a bow ramp which is lowered for passenger landings at locations that lack docking facilities.

Explorers Lounge (lower level 1 of 2) is a bow-facing, 2-deck high, circular-shaped, glass-covered, and walled indoor observation lounge (observatory-type) with wraparound windows. In the evenings, Explorers Lounge hosts live performances by resident musicians (pianist, guitarist, classical trio). The lounge is served by its own bar (Explorers Bar is on lower level / Deck 1). At night, the 2-story high wraparound windows are light up with the constellations.

The Living Room (forward-midship) is a large indoor Lounge with Library (Reading Lounge). The Library has a selection of best-seller books, comfortable seating, beverage service. The Living Room provides its own Bar service and features comfortable seating (leather furniture - couches and armchairs), live music performances (in the evenings), various daily scheduled activities, and special events. The Living Room lounge also doubles as Card Room and offers playing cards and popular board games (Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess).

Between Explorers Lounge and The Living Room are located the Cruise Director's Office (cruise itinerary and land tours information) and Reception Desk (24-hour guest services and assistance - purser, luggage, information).

The Restaurant (aft-midship) is the ship's Main Dining Room with adjacent Galley (kitchen and storage rooms).

Three Lifts (glass-door elevators) connect all decks. Two elevators are in the Atrium (midship) and one is located forward-portside. The elevators access all decks (1-5). All decks are also interlinked via stairs (forward, midship and aft).