Viking Prestige deck 3 plan (Upper)

Deck layout and review

Review of Viking Prestige deck 3 (Upper)

Prestige Lounge & Bar is an observation lounge (indoor, forward location) with a round-shaped bar and panoramic floor-ceiling windows. The lounge has an outdoor seating area (called “Aquavit Terrace”) accessed via floor-ceiling sliding doors. The Aquavit Terrace is an open-air lounge and al fresco dining area. The Prestige Lounge’s entertainment options include live grand piano performances by a resident pianist, cocktail hour (nightly), live band music/dancing (on themed nights), cooking demonstrations, food, and wine tastings (local delicacies, regional wines, cheeses, etc), watching movies. Depending on the visited regions and ports along the Viking Prestige itinerary, the observation lounge also hosts various land tours-, culture- and history-related lectures, open talks, and discussions, trivia games, multimedia presentations.

The Atrium’s Upper Deck has a comfortable seating area and panoramic large windows. Another feature here is the 24-hour open Tea & Coffee corner (complimentary, with fruits, sparkling water, pastries, cookies). This part of the Atrium has direct access to the Prestige Lounge and the Upper Deck staterooms.

The Library (aft location, with promenade deck space around it) has a comfortable seating area, 80+ books in different languages, magazines, playing cards, board games (including chess and badminton).

Cabins from 300 to 337, of which French Balcony (33x category A), two AA Suites with French Balconies, and two Single cabins (#309 and #337, also with French balconies).