MSC Bellissima passenger falls into water during suspected illegal re-entry into Japan

   May 7, 2024 ,   Accidents

A man's attempt to leave a cruise ship using a rope ended in his apprehension after falling into the water. The incident occurred in Port Yokohama, raising suspicions of an illegal re-entry into Japan.

On the evening of April 30th, a witness observed a man descending from MSC Bellissima ship using a rope, resulting in a fall into the water. The incident prompted a notification to the Kobe Prefecture police ~10 PM, leading to the dispatch of a search and rescue team.

The passenger (French national in his 50s) swam ashore and was subsequently treated for minor hand injuries. Despite the perilous nature of his actions, he suffered no significant harm.

Following the rescue, he was arrested and is now under investigation for suspected illegal entry into Japan, a claim he denies, asserting ignorance of the legal consequences.

Local authorities theorize that the man's intention was to clandestinely enter Japan, although this remains puzzling given the circumstances. MSC Bellissima had just departed Yokohama for a 7-night voyage around Asia, with opportunities to disembark at several Japanese ports along the route, including Kobe, Kochi City, and Kagoshima.

Bellissima (MSC's 5th largest vessel of the Meraviglia class) has 18 decks. Whether from which deck the man descended, such an attempt would have posed considerable risks and physical challenges, particularly given the presence of a gangway facilitating easier departure from the vessel.

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