Silversea Cruises restarted with flagship Silver Moon from Piraeus (Athens, Greece)

   June 18, 2021 ,   Cruise Industry

Silversea Cruises marked its return to global operations via the maiden voyage of the line's new flagship, Silver Moon, from Piraeus-Athens Greece.

Silver Moon's launch represents the unveiling of Silversea’s new SALT culinary program.

The inaugural cruise of Silversea’s Galapagos-based new boat - Silver Origin, is due to depart from San Cristobal Island on Saturday, June 19. The first destination-specific vessel in the fleet will sail in the archipelago with all-new itineraries.

Sailing from Athens, Silver Moon is due to follow 10-day Greek Isles itineraries, offering highly personalized service via ~1:1 crew-to-passenger ratio.

Silver Moon cruise ship

Silver Origin welcomes guests to the Galapagos with year-round, ultra-luxury expedition cruises, featuring balcony-only suites, Silversea’s customary amenities, the highest expert guide-to-passenger ratio in the Galapagos (1:10), as well as the highest Zodiac-to-passenger ratio (1:12.5) in the region. 

The ship is expected to sail on a pair of alternating itineraries that incorporate 5 maiden calls, including Santa Fe Island. Each itinerary visits Isabela Island and Fernandina Island described as the region’s must-see destinations.

Sample itineraries include:

"WESTERN ITINERARY" (from San Cristobal to Baltra) visits Bartolome Island (Kicker Rock), Santiago Island (Buccaneer Cove), Isabela (Punta Vicente Roca), Fernandina (Punta Espinoza), Isabela (Tagus Cove, Elizabeth Bay), Floreana Island (Post Office Bay), Champion Isle (near Floreana), Floreana (Punta Cormorant), Santa Cruz Island (Santa Cruz Highlands, Puerto Ayora, Cerro Dragon), Isla Guy Fawkes (new destination), Santa Cruz (Bahia Borrero). 

"NORTH-CENTRAL ITINERARY" (from Baltra to San Cristobal) visits Daphne Island, Genovesa Island (Prince Philip’s Steps, Darwin Bay), North Seymour Island, Santiago (Sullivan Bay), Fernandina (Punta Mangle), Isabela (Punta Moreno), Santa Cruz (Puerto Ayora), Santa Fe Island, Espanola Island (Gardner Bay, Punta Suarez), San Cristobal (Rodriguez Breeding Centre, Cerro Brujo).

Silver Muse is scheduled to set sail to Alaska from July 29.

Silver Shadow will sail on Iceland's circumnavigations from July 30.