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Silver Shadow current position

Silver Shadow current location is at North America West Coast (coordinates 58.19202 N / -135.21821 W) cruising at speed of 17.8 kn (33 kph/ 20 mph) en route to Haines. The AIS position was reported 9 minutes ago.

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Current itinerary of Silver Shadow

Silver Shadow current cruise is 7 days, one-way from Vancouver to Seward. Prices start from USD 4650 (double occupancy rates). The itinerary starts on 30 Jun, 2022 and ends on 07 Jul, 2022.

Date / TimePort
30 Jun 18:00    Departing from Vancouver, BC Canada hotels
02 Jul 08:00 - 14:30    Ketchikan, Revillagigedo Island, Alaska
03 Jul 09:30 - 22:00    Juneau, Alaska
04 Jul 07:00 - 17:00    Skagway, Alaska
05 Jul 09:00 - 16:00    Sitka, Baranof Island, Alaska
06 Jul 08:00 - 12:00    Hubbard Glacier, Alaska
07 Jul 07:00    Arriving in Seward, Alaska hotels

Specifications of Silver Shadow

Year built2000  /  Age: 22
Flag state Bahamas
BuilderT. Mariotti (Genoa, Italy)
ClassMega Yacht
Building costUSD 150 million
Speed21 kn / 39 kph / 24 mph
Length (LOA)186 m / 610 ft
Beam (width)24 m / 79 ft
Gross Tonnage28258 gt
Passengers388 - 466
Passengers-to-space ratio61
Decks with cabins6
Last Refurbishment2019
Sister-shipsSilver Whisper
Christened byJanet Burke
OwnerRoyal Caribbean Cruises Ltd (RCCL) & Lefebvre Family (Rome, Italy)
OperatorSilversea Cruises

Silver Shadow Itineraries

DateItineraryDeparture PortPrice from
2022 Jun 30 7 days, one-way from Vancouver to Seward Vancouver $4650
2022 Jul 07 7 days, one-way from Seward to Vancouver Seward $4550
2022 Jul 14 7 days, one-way from Vancouver to Seward Vancouver $4650
2022 Jul 21 7 days, one-way from Seward to Vancouver Seward $5950
2022 Aug 04 7 days, one-way from Seward to Vancouver Seward $5850
2022 Aug 11 7 days, one-way from Vancouver to Seward Vancouver $4450
2022 Aug 18 7 days, one-way from Seward to Vancouver Seward $6400
2022 Sep 01 7 days, one-way from Seward to Vancouver Seward $6100
2022 Sep 08 19 days, one-way from Vancouver to Tokyo Vancouver $7700
2022 Sep 08 29 days, one-way from Vancouver to Tokyo Vancouver $13300
2022 Sep 27 10 days, round-trip Tokyo To Tokyo Tokyo $7900
2022 Oct 07 10 days, round-trip Tokyo To Tokyo Tokyo $8000
2022 Oct 17 10 days, one-way from Tokyo to Yokohama Tokyo $7400
2022 Oct 27 28 days, one-way from Yokohama to Singapore Yokohama $12800
2022 Oct 27 14 days, one-way from Yokohama to Hong Kong Yokohama $9700
2022 Oct 27 11 days, one-way from Yokohama to Shanghai Yokohama $7900
2022 Nov 10 14 days, one-way from Hong Kong to Singapore Hong Kong $8300
2022 Nov 10 11 days, one-way from Hong Kong to Laem Chabang Hong Kong $5400
2022 Nov 24 7 days, one-way from Singapore to Saigon Singapore $3700
2022 Nov 24 27 days, one-way from Singapore to Benoa Singapore $13000
2022 Nov 24 14 days, round-trip Singapore To Singapore Singapore $7900
2022 Dec 01 7 days, one-way from Saigon to Singapore Saigon $3700
2022 Dec 08 13 days, one-way from Singapore to Benoa Singapore $7700
2022 Dec 21 18 days, one-way from Benoa to Sydney Benoa $9800
2023 Jan 09 14 days, one-way from Sydney to Auckland Sydney
2023 Jan 23 21 days, one-way from Auckland to Manila Auckland
2023 Feb 13 18 days, one-way from Manila to Singapore Manila
2023 Mar 03 18 days, one-way from Singapore to Mahe Island Singapore
2023 Mar 21 23 days, one-way from Mahe Island to Cape Town Mahe Island
2023 Apr 13 18 days, one-way from Cape Town to Dakar Cape Town
2023 May 01 14 days, one-way from Dakar to Manaus Dakar
2023 May 15 13 days, one-way from Manaus to Fort Lauderdale Manaus
2023 May 28 15 days, one-way from Fort Lauderdale to Dublin Fort Lauderdale $5950
2023 Jun 21 15 days, one-way from Southampton to Reykjavik Southampton $9700
2023 Jun 21 29 days, round-trip Southampton To Southampton Southampton $15800
2023 Jul 06 14 days, one-way from Reykjavik to Southampton Reykjavik $8800
2023 Jul 20 25 days, one-way from Southampton to Quebec City Southampton $11900
2023 Jul 20 12 days, round-trip Southampton To Southampton Southampton $8000
2023 Aug 01 13 days, one-way from Southampton to Quebec City Southampton $6900
2023 Aug 14 11 days, round-trip Quebec City To Quebec City Quebec City $7900
2023 Aug 25 11 days, round-trip Quebec City To Quebec City Quebec City $7550
2023 Sep 05 10 days, one-way from Quebec City to New York Quebec City $7150
2023 Sep 15 10 days, one-way from New York to Quebec City New York $7150
2023 Sep 25 10 days, one-way from Quebec City to New York Quebec City $7150
2023 Oct 05 10 days, one-way from New York to Quebec City New York $6750
2023 Oct 15 10 days, one-way from Quebec City to New York Quebec City $6350
2023 Oct 25 10 days, one-way from New York to Quebec City New York $6050
2023 Nov 04 25 days, one-way from Quebec City to Fort Lauderdale Quebec City $9050
2023 Nov 04 16 days, one-way from Quebec City to Fort Lauderdale Quebec City $6900
2023 Nov 20 9 days, round-trip Fort Lauderdale, Florida To Fort Lauderdale, Florida Fort Lauderdale $4800
2023 Nov 29 9 days, one-way from Fort Lauderdale to Bridgetown Fort Lauderdale $4900
2023 Dec 08 10 days, round-trip Bridgetown To Bridgetown Bridgetown $5300
2023 Dec 18 28 days, one-way from Bridgetown to San Francisco Bridgetown $13700
2023 Dec 18 9 days, one-way from Bridgetown to Fort Lauderdale Bridgetown $5500
2023 Dec 27 19 days, one-way from Fort Lauderdale to San Francisco Fort Lauderdale $9900
2024 Jan 15 21 days, one-way from San Francisco to Lautoka San Francisco
2024 Feb 05 19 days, one-way from Lautoka to Sydney Lautoka
2024 Feb 24 22 days, one-way from Sydney to Benoa Sydney
2024 Mar 17 18 days, one-way from Benoa to Hong Kong Benoa
2024 Apr 04 17 days, one-way from Hong Kong to Tokyo Hong Kong
2024 Apr 21 19 days, one-way from Tokyo to Seward Tokyo
2024 May 10 16 days, one-way from Seward to San Francisco Seward

Silver Shadow Review

Review of Silver Shadow

The 2000-built cruise ship MS Silver Shadow is the third vessel in the Silversea's fleet, preceded by Silver Cloud (1994) and Silver Wind (1995), and followed by the sistership Silver Whisper (2001).

The vessel (IMO number 9192167) is currently Bahamas-flagged (MMSI 308628000) and registered in Nassau.

History - construction and ownership

Silversea Cruises is a Monaco-based privately-owned cruise company and top-luxury travel brand. It was established in 1994 as joint venture of V-Ships Monaco (fka Vlasov Group) and Lefebvre Family of Rome Italy. In 2018, RCCL-Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd acquired 2/3rd of the company. Silversea now has a fleet of smaller-sized boutique cruise vessels with passenger capacity between 100-700. Company's business model is to operate yacht-like vessels in the industry's ultra-luxury-all-suite ship category. Silversea's all-inclusive fares include beverages (also selected wines), gratuities (none are allowed), travel insurance, port charges, one or more shore excursions (per voyage).

Silver Shadow cruise ship (Silversea)

The 400-passenger ship Silver Shadow is a successor of Silver Cloud and Silver Wind. The difference between ms Silver Shadow and her two predecessors in the line’s fleet is only in size. Silversea Cruises reputation for quality, established with the first two ships, today is carried on. In configuration and shape Shadow, and her twin-sister Whisper, are simply bigger and newer versions of the first Silversea vessels. You may find a number of younger, in their mid-40’s passengers onboard Silver Shadow, but generally, guests are around their 60’s and over. Travelers on the Shadow ship are loyal to Silversea and well-heeled.

Decks and Cabins

Silver Shadow staterooms (194 total, in 12 grades) are all in Suite categories and include 4x connecting and 2x wheelchair-accessible cabins. The smallest accommodations are Vista Suites (290 ft2 / 27 m2), followed by the bigger Terrace Suites (290 ft2 / 27 m2 plus 80 ft2 / 8 m2 balcony), Veranda Suites (345 ft2 / 32 m2 plus 60 ft2 / 6 m2), Medallion Suites (520 ft2 / 49 m2 plus 80 ft2 / 8 m2), Silver Suites (650-700 ft2 / 61-65 m2 plus 110-125 ft2 / 10-12 m2), 1-Bedroom and 2-Bedroom Royal Suites (94-126 m2 plus 11-17 m2), 1-Bedroom and 2-Bedroom Grand Suites (101-133 m2 plus 11-17 m2) and 1-Bedroom and 2-Bedroom Owners Suites (85-117 m2 plus 20 m2 terrace). Almost all cabins (excepting the 26 Vista Suites) are with step-out balconies.

The boat has 10 decks, of which 8 are passenger-accessible and 6 with cabins.

All rooms provide walk-in closets, sitting area, dressing table with good lighting and hairdryer, double basin in Italian marble, separate shower and full bathtub, refrigerator with a bottle of wine, beer and soft drinks, satellite television (smart HDTV), VCR unit, electronic safe box. Bathroom amenities are offered by Bvlgari with Frette Italian linens. Beds are convertible. Flowers and fresh fruits are always on the table. 

Shipboard dining options - Food and Drinks

No matter where you choose to eat on Silver Shadow – in the main dining room (The Restaurant), Terrace Cafe, or in the intimate Le Champagne dinner room, the ship’s cuisine is of the highest quality. You will not be disappointed at the Bar, cigar club by Davidoff, wine and champagne bars. Silver Shadow gratuity is not required, neither expected as Silversea crew is paid above the industry average.

Follows the complete list of Silver Shadow restaurants and food bars.

  • The Restaurant (open-seating dining room with top-quality gourmet cuisine; features the most the Mediterranean themed meals, and always available standard menu with daily specials; all three meals are waiter-served and a la carte)
  • Le Champagne (20-seat French cuisine specialty restaurant; offers signature dishes by Relais Chateaux; dinner-only; reservations-only)
  • La Terrazza (Terrace Cafe; complimentary buffet-style restaurant, offers both indoor seating and an alfresco terrace; wine is complimentary; there is also Afternoon Tea service; La Terrazza transforms each evening between 7:00 and 9:30 pm, into an Italian specialty restaurant, reservations-only, with a la carte menu)
  • Pool Bar & Pool Grill (serve ship's pool deck area with fast food and drinks during the day; in the evening, the outdoor area becomes an al fresco dining venue with classic seafood and steakhouse choices, plus vegetarian and healthy selections)
  • The Grill (offers gourmet dining under the stars with signature meals including lava-rocks grilled meat, seafood, Mediterranean vegetables, baked potatoes, salad of the day; wines are complimentary, except the premium ones from the Connoisseur’s Wine List; The Grill implements the line’s interactive dining concept “Black Rock Grill Experience”, which allows guests to cook their own meat and seafood). 

Shipboard entertainment options - Fun and Sport

Silver Shadow is not the ship to be considered fitness-oriented. Her passengers tend to be older and more sedentary than the ones on other ships in the market, but a number of opportunities to keep fit are available. Swimmers can use the outdoor saltwater pool, two whirlpools and two outdoor showers. There are also men’s and ladies’ steam rooms and saunas. Don’t forget the poolside grill and bar. The fitness center is small but with interesting features – an example is the aqua swim pool, allowing passengers to swim against the tide, a great exercise for getting fit. Cycle and weight equipment are standard fare, and also effective for people who want to be in good shape. There is a small outdoor artificial turf jogging track nearby.

Silver Shadow cruise ship (Silversea)

The Shadow’s Mandara Spa offers every imaginable treatment, from a simple manicure to an Indian scalp massage. Some of the treatments’ names are most appealing and it takes two therapists in unison to work on different body parts, in order to provide “Ultimate Indulgence”. A face and scalp, hands and feet massage, is called “Heaven and Earth”, but one of the most exotic is named “Balinese Bliss for Two” which you have to enjoy with the one you love. Other onboard amenities include golf driving cage and shuffleboard court, a casino with casino bar, conference and card rooms, computer center, library and Bulgari boutiques. 

Additional amenities include Launderettes (3), Medical Center/Infirmary, complimentary 24-hour Room Service, Internet/WiFi Access.

Follows the complete list of Silver Shadow lounges, clubs and other entertainment venues for kids, teens and adults.

  • The Casino (with slot machines and gaming tables; served by The Bar)
  • Boutique shops (both offer duty-free shopping: luxury jewelry and watches, brand perfumes, fashion, designer handbags, photo/video accessories, Silversea logo merchandise, special occasion gifts, convenience goods)
  • The Bar (lounge with ample comfortable seating; offers live music performances, large dance floor, complimentary cocktails)
  • Athenian Show Lounge (356 seats, former Venetian Lounge - ship’s theatre for live music and show productions; the daily enrichment program offers trivia games, dance classes, language lessons, lectures, media presentations)
  • Conference Room (hosts group meetings and conferences; it is adjacent to the Card Room and the Internet Cafe)
  • The Swimming Pool (with saltwater; heated during cool-weather cruises; the sunbathing area has teak chaise loungers, 2 whirlpools and tennis tables)
  • Connoisseur’s Corner (formerly known as Humidor - ship’s smoking lounge furnished with leather armchairs and selling brand cognacs, vintage wines, fine cigars)
  • Panorama Lounge (served by its own bar; offers live music and dancing, Continental Breakfast and Afternoon Tea)
  • Observation Lounge (with 270-degree panoramic views and a radar screen; serves early breakfast with coffee)
  • The Library (with audio listening stations and on-demand movies)
  • The Spa at Silversea (features treatment rooms, and spa therapies including body wraps, massages and facials; sauna and steam rooms)
  • Beauty Salon (provides a full range of services: hairstyling, manicures, pedicures)
  • Fitness Centre (offers a treadmill, stationary bike, weight machine, elliptical trainer)
  • Power Walking/Jogging Track, Golf Cage, paddle tennis, golf putting green.


Silver Shadow itinerary program is based on exotic, “all-inclusive luxury” cruises in the regions of Alaska (with departures from Vancouver), Asia (from Hong Kong and Singapore), South America (Antarctica voyages from Chile and Argentina), Caribbean (out of Fort Lauderdale).

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Silver Shadow Wiki

Silver Shadow cruise ship was built in Italy, in 2000. Her hull was constructed at the yard of Visentini, near Trieste Italy, while final outfitting, was done at the T. Marotti shipyard in Genoa.

Silversea Shadow ship has an identical "younger" sister - Silver Whisper (launched in 2001). The Shadow's godmother is Janet Burke (former Silversea Cruises' SVP of Marketing and Sales). She christened the vessel on September 14, 2000 (in Port Civitavecchia) by smashing a Salmanazar (9L bottle) of Moet & Chandon Champagne in the hull. The Maiden Voyage started on September 15, 2000 - Mediterranean itinerary between Civitavecchia-Rome and Lisbon.

Silversea ships Shadow and Whisper feature the best space-to-guest ratio in the world with a score of 74. This means they offer more space per guest than any other mass-market or luxury cruise ship on the planet. Like the other Silversea vessels, Shadow and Whisper have very good guest-to-crew ratio - 1,3. All officers and crew members are European trained.

Silversea's "flight and cruise" package deals (by company's "Silver Sky" program) are inclusive of the luxury cruise fare, discount round-trip airfare (Economy Class) and airport-pier-airport transfers. Silversea's "hotel and cruise" package "Silver Shore Simply Hotel" offers overnight 5-star luxury hotel stays with the option of adding transfers or upgrades. The upgraded cruise and hotel package ("Silver Shore Grande Hotel") offers 1-3-nights landmark hotel stays (or at a boutique property) and is inclusive of private transfers (airport-hotel and hotel-pier).

China Merchants Group entered into an agreement to charter Silver Shadow for pan-Asian itineraries between January 29, 2017, and May 4, 2017. Silversea's Asian cruise itineraries will include days at sea and plenty of maiden ports of call, with access to innovative and iconic ports, old and new.

Silversea World Cruise 2024 "Far East-West"

The exclusive pre-sale for World Voyage 2024 ("Far East-West") opened on July 15, 2021. General public bookings opened on August 4th.

The 132-night/133-day itinerary features 65 destinations (40 new for a Silversea World Cruise) in 14 countries, and the impressive 23 overnight port stays. Planned for Silver Shadow, World Voyage 2024 is a roundtrip from San Francisco (CA USA) departing on January 15 and ending on May 26, 2024.

Featured destinations are Hawaii, Pacific Islands, Australia-New Zealand, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Russia, Alaska, Canada. As smaller itinerary segments were offered:

  • San Francisco to Lautoka Fiji
  • Lautoka to Sydney NSW
  • Sydney to Benoa (Bali Indonesia)
  • Benoa to Hong Kong China
  • Hong Kong to Tokyo
  • Tokyo to Seward Alaska
  • Seward to San Francisco

Next table shows the 132-night/133-day "Broaden Your Horizons 2024" (January 15 through May 26) as call ports.

Jan 15San Francisco, CaliforniaEmbark7 PM
Jan 21-22Honolulu, Hawaii (overnight)8 AM6 PM
Jan 23Nawiliwili-Kauai, Hawaii8 AM5 PM
Jan 24Kailua-Kona, Hawaii9 AM9 PM
Jan 29Christmas Island, Australia8 AM6 PM
Feb 2Apia, Samoa8 AM6 PM
Feb 4Savusavu, Fiji8 AM6 PM
Feb 5-6Lautoka, Fiji (overnight)7 AM1 PM
Feb 9Russel-Bay of Islands, New Zealand9 AM6 PM
Feb 10-11Auckland, New Zealand (overnight)8 AM6 PM
Feb 12Tauranga, New Zealand8 AM6 PM
Feb 13Gisborne, New Zealand9 AM6 PM
Feb 14Napier, New Zealand8 AM5 PM
Feb 15Wellington, New Zealand8 AM6 PM
Feb 16Akaroa, New Zealand8 AM10 PM
Feb 17Kaikoura, New Zealand8 AM6 PM
Feb 18Nelson, New Zealand8 AM6 PM
Feb 22Eden, Australia8 AM7 PM
Feb 23-24Sydney, Australia (overnight)4 PM7 PM
Feb 26Brisbane, Australia8 AM11 PM
Feb 27Mooloolaba, Australia7 AM5 PM
Feb 28Fraser Island, Australia9 AM6 PM
Mar 1Airlie Beach, Australia8 AM5 PM
Mar 2-3Cairns, Australia (overnight)1:30 PM10 PM
Mar 5Thursday Island, Australia8 AM6 PM
Mar 8-9Darwin, Australia (overnight)8 AM5 PM
Mar 11-12Broome, Australia (overnight)4 PM1 PM
Mar 14Pulau Komodo Island, Indonesia8 AM1 PM
Mar 15Lembar, Indonesia8 AM7 PM
Mar 16-17Benoa, Bali Indonesia (overnight)7 AM6 PM
Mar 19-20Semarang, Indonesia (overnight)8 AM5 PM
Mar 22-23Singapore (overnight)1 PM11 PM
Mar 25Kuching, Malaysia8 AM11 PM
Mar 27Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia8 AM3 PM
Mar 29Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (overnight)8 AM2 PM
Apr 1Chan May-Da Nang, Vietnam7 AM10 PM
Apr 3-4-5Hong Kong, China (overnight)8 AM2 PM
Apr 8-9-10Shanghai, China (overnight)3 AM4:30 PM
Apr 13-14Tianjin-Beijing, China (overnight)7 AM7 PM
Apr 17Hiroshima, Japan8 AM6 PM
Apr 18-19Osaka, Japan (overnight)8 AM5 PM
Apr 20-21Tokyo, Japan (overnight)6 PM7 PM
Apr 23Aomori, Japan9 AM4:30 PM
Apr 24Otaru, Japan8 AM6 PM
Apr 25Akita, Japan1 PM11 PM
Apr 27-28Vladivostok, Russia (overnight)8 AM6 PM
Apr 30Korsakov, Russia9 AM6 PM
May 3-4Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia (overnight)8 AM5 PM
May 5Dutch Harbor, Alaska8 AM2 PM
May 9Kodiak, Alaska8 AM6 PM
May 10Seward, Alaska7 AM7 PM
May 11Whittier, Alaska7 AM4 PM
May 12Hubbard Glacier-4 PM
May 13Icy Strait Point, Alaska8 AM6 PM
May 14Sitka, Alaska8 AM6 PM
May 15Tracy Arm/Sawyer Glacier, Alaska8 AM5 PM
May 15-16Juneau, Alaska (overnight)10 PM5 PM
May 17Wrangell, Alaska9 AM6 PM
May 18Ketchikan, Alaska8 AM6 PM
May 19Prince Rupert, BC Canada7 AM6 PM
May 21Victoria, BC Canada9 AM12 PM
May 22-23Vancouver, BC Canada (overnight)7 AM6 PM
May 26San Francisco, California7 AMDisembark

Fares for Silversea World Cruise 2024 ranged between USD 66,000-276,000 (EUR 55,920-233,850) per passenger with double occupancy. Full-cruise prices were inclusive of:

  • USD 1000 pp OBC (onboard credit)
  • Keepsake Gifts
  • Business Class flights
  • Pre-cruise overnight hotel
  • Car transfers (Home-Airport-Pier, Pier-Airport)
  • Shore Excursions (one per seaport)
  • Exclusive events in Honolulu (An Evening on the USS Missouri), Shanghai (The Past and Future in Colour), Vladivostok (A Night at the Russian Opera), Korsakov (Russian Tradition in Korsakov)
  • Exclusive program in Uluru (A Unique Night of Magic at Uluru), Semarang-Java Indonesia (Prambanan and Borobudur visits, "Where the Majestic Temples Meet")
  • Unlimited laundry service, Shore Baggage Valet (home-ship in San Francisco), unlimited Wi-Fi, shipboard Medical Services, Visa Package.

Silversea World Cruise 2023 (Silver Shadow) "South Side Story"

On February 10, 2021, Silversea presented (via a virtual premiere/pre-produced show production) "World Cruise 2023" themed as "South Side Story - All the World's A Stage". The production was hosted by Fernando Barroso de Oliveira (Silversea's Ambassador to the company's Venetian Society Loyalty Program) and participated by Roberto Martinoli (Silversea's President and CEO) and Barbara Muckermann (Silversea's Chief Marketing Officer).

The special media production was completed in 5 weeks (filmed over 1 week) and included 18 sets (selected from 3000+ options). The 26-min narrative comprised of scenes (displayed on a huge LED screen in the background) selected from 8+ hours recorded footage (video files ~800 TB/terabytes) themed on World Voyage 2023's destinations.


Silversea World Cruise 2023 on Silver Shadow departs from Sydney (NSW Australia) on January 9, 2023, and ends in Fort Lauderdale (Florida USA) on May 28, 2023. The 139-night itinerary visits a total of 66 ports/destinations (34 countries, 5 continents) including 40 new/maiden ports (not previously included in Silversea's previous World Voyages), 20 overnights (17 port cities), 10 custom events.

Next table shows the 139-night/140-day "South Side Story Cruise 2023" (January 9 through May 28) as call ports.

Jan 9-10Sydney, NSW Australia (overnight)Embark6 PM
Jan 12-13Hobart, Tasmania Australia (overnight)1 PM4 PM
Jan 16Milford Sound, New Zealand6:15 AM5 PM
Jan 17Port Chalmers-Dunedin, New Zealand9 AM7 PM
Jan 18Akaroa, New Zealand8 AM5 PM
Jan 19Picton, New Zealand8 AM10 PM
Jan 20Wellington, New Zealand8 AM4:30 PM
Jan 21Napier, New Zealand8 AM2 PM
Jan 22Tauranga, New Zealand9 AM6 PM
Jan 23-24Auckland, New Zealand (overnight)7 AM7 PM
Jan 25Russell, Bay of Islands, New Zealand8 AM6 PM
Jan 28Mystery Island, Vanuatu7 AM2 PM
Jan 29Champagne Bay, Vanuatu12 PM9 PM
Feb 1Alotau, Papua New Guinea12 PM7 PM
Feb 3Rabaul, Papua New Guinea8 AM11 PM
Feb 5Madang, Papua New Guinea7 AM3 PM
Feb 8Koror, Palau8 AM1 PM
Feb 10Tagbilaran-Bohol Island, Philippines10:30 AM6 PM
Feb 11Kalanggaman Island, Philippines8 AM6 PM
Feb 12Romblon Island, Philippines8 AM5 PM
Feb 13-14Manila, Philippines (overnight)7 AM7 PM
Feb 16-17-18Hong Kong, China (overnight)12 PM7 PM
Feb 20-21Halong City, Vietnam (overnight)8 AM12:30 PM
Feb 22Chan May-Da Nang, Vietnam7 AM7 PM
Feb 24-25Saigon, Vietnam (overnight)8 AM1 PM
Feb 27-28Laem Chabang-Bangkok, Thailand (overnight)9 AM6 PM
Mar 3-4Singapore (overnight)7 AM1 PM
Mar 5Georgetown, Penang Island, Malaysia12:30 PM6:30 PM
Mar 6Phuket, Thailand8 AM6 PM
Mar 8-9-10Yangon, Myanmar (overnight)3:30 PM4 PM
Mar 13-14Trincomalee, Sri Lanka (overnight)8 AM1 PM
Mar 15Galle, Sri Lanka8 AM6 PM
Mar 17Hithadhoo, Addu Atoll/Gan Island, Maldives8 AM4 PM
Mar 20Seychelles (La Digue Island and Praslin Island)8 AM11 PM
Mar 21-22Victoria, Mahe Island, Seychelles (overnight)7 AM1 PM
Mar 25-26Zanzibar, Tanzania (overnight)8 AM1 PM
Mar 28Nosy Be Island, Madagascar9 AM6 PM
Mar 29Antsiranana/Diego Suarez, Madagascar7 AM6 PM
Mar 31Toamasina/Tamatave, Madagascar8 AM6 PM
Apr 2Port Louis, Mauritius8 AM6 PM
Apr 3Pointe des Galets, Reunion Island8 AM6 PM
Apr 5Tolagnaro/Fort-Dauphin, Madagascar8 AM6 PM
Apr 8Richards Bay, South Africa8 AM11 PM
Apr 9Durban, South Africa8 AM6 PM
Apr 12-13-14Cape Town, South Africa (overnight)8 AM4 PM
Apr 16-17Walvis Bay, Namibia (overnight)1 PM6 PM
Apr 20Luanda, Angola8 AM6 PM
Apr 24Tema Harbour-Accra, Ghana8 AM6 PM
Apr 25Takoradi, Ghana8 AM6 PM
Apr 26Abidjan, Ivory Coast8 AM6 PM
Apr 30Banjul, Gambia8 AM6 PM
May 1Dakar, Senegal7 AM10 PM
May 3-4Praia, Santiago Island, Cape Verde (overnight)8 AM6 PM
May 5Mindelo, Sao Vicente Island, Cape Verde8 AM6 PM
May 11Amazon River cruising--
May 12Santarem, Brazil8 AM7 PM
May 13Boca da Valeria, Brazil8 AM6 PM
May 14-15Manaus, Brazil (overnight)1 PM6 PM
May 16Parintins, Brazil12 PM7 PM
May 17Santarem, Brazil8 AM4 PM
May 18Amazon River cruising--
May 20Ile Royale, Iles du Salut, French Guiana7 AM2 PM
May 22Mayreau Island, Grenadines8 AM5 PM
May 23St Johns, Antigua12 PM11:59 PM
May 24Gustavia, Saint Barthelemy Island8 AM5 PM
May 25San Juan, Puerto Rico7 AM1 PM
May 28Fort Lauderdale, Florida-Disembark

Prices started from ~USD 74000 (EUR 62300 / GBP 53400) per person with double occupancy, inclusive of Business-Class flights and OBC (onboard credit).

Silver Shadow refurbishment 2019 review

In 2019 (November 2 through December 2) the ship was drydocked in Port Valletta Malta (at Palumbo Malta Shipyard) for an extensive refurbishment. The USD 30 million drydocking project was part of Silversea's "Project Invictus" (fleet renovation program).

The works included general maintenance, upgrades to public areas, complete renovation of all staterooms. The Atrium Lobby (Deck 5 midship) was completely redesigned and Atrium Arts Cafe was added (replacing the old Lobby Bar). Connoisseur's Club (the old cigar lounge) was moved from Deck 7 to Deck 8 (aft-starboard, replacing the Library) with added an outdoor smoking-allowed terrace. The Casino was relocated from Deck 5 (midship-portside) to Deck 8 (aft-starboard, replacing the Internet Cafe) and its size was reduced. The Library was relocated from Deck 8 (aft-starboard) to Deck 10 forward (Observation Library Lounge). Internet Cafe (Deck 8 aft-portside) was integrated into the Observation Lounge (Deck 10).

The vessel was previously drydocked in 2017.

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