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   November 25, 2015 ,   Themed Cruises

Golfers would really appreciate this opportunity to compare exclusively themed golf voyages - scheduled departures on major cruise line ships. These leaders in golf cruising vacations provide the best choice for playing on the world's most famous courses. This review is integrated with our Theme Cruises hub.

Those who can afford the very best golf cruises are always modest "money-isn't-an-issue" guys looking for a most traditional high-end expensive luxury at sea. Their vacation experience also includes visiting such amazingly beautiful places, as Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand, Bermuda, Scotland. Or some of the world's top best golf courses located in the Caribbean.

"Golf Cruises" - what is where, for whom, how much?

Golf cruises are pretty specific- they accommodate both professionals and amateurs. Take on the best of the world’s golf courses! You may also choose to have light-hearted rounds of on-board mini-golf while enjoying the relaxation of vacation.

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Golf voyages are a challenging way to improve on the game. Due to golf popularity, golf voyages offer support facilities for personal golf tour- all guests' needs are satisfied- clubs, shoes, carts are readily on hand to appreciate the playing experience on the finest world courses in the most charming surroundings.

Among golf cruising evolutionary trends is the fact that golfers on a weeklong trip, can visit up to five courses in five destinations which are unique, even without repacking or lugging their clubs! Golf cruises carry golfing equipment on board and guests do not need to be burdened on their holidays. It is provided to rent clubs on-board or at call port courses.

And about the price- for example, Mahogany Run on St. Thomas runs around $160 if you book directly with the club (also add $50 for a taxi from the ship). Golf cruise lines charge around $150 for one round, but this includes transportation and possible extras (course reviews for example). Golf companies can also get golfers into access-restricted clubs where they may not manage to play on their own- among these places are "Teeth of the Dog" (Dominican Republic) and "Sandy Lane" (Barbados).

Golfers today almost do not have to get off the vessel to play some rounds. One of the most innovative features is the golf simulators which allow passengers to have "virtual" rounds at courses of world-class like "St Andrews". Companies provide onboard club rental, putting courses, driving ranges, miniature golf set-ups.

Group and private tuition by PGA professionals in golf are usually available on golf vacations. Golf cruises run ship-wide tournaments and when it is time to participate in such competitions, you are prepared for taking on the finest holes!

What Golf cruise ship packages do include?

Naturally, your golfing cruises will include a lot of golfing, golfing, golfing! Additionally, the golf cruise prices are inclusive of:

  • Pre-voyage golf programs
  • Green fees, confirmed starting times and scheduled golf rounds
  • Practice range and range golf balls
  • Carts/pull carts (depending on availability)
  • Caddies (at additional cost)
  • Air-conditioned transport to/from golf courses
  • Luggage handling between guests' pre-cruise hotel and ship
  • Golf bag handling between guests' ship and golf courses
  • On-board club secure storage
  • Casual tournaments with awards
  • Golf tee prizes
  • Golf personnel gratuities
  • Full-time Golf Manager
  • Golf cocktail parties (welcome and farewell)
  • Onboard social events after golf rounds
  • Standard beverage on-board package- standard liquors, cocktails/frozen cocktails, domestic beers, daily pouring wine
  • Special onboard dinners for golfers
  • Special events held onboard for non-golfers (culinary classes, wine tasting).

And at the following link, you will learn all the Golf basics - from Wikipedia. Fun fact: a regulation golf ball has a total of 336 dimples.

Best Golf Cruises 

Which one of all the world's most popular golf cruise ship lines is best in what?

  • Best golfers onboard experience - Princess. The finest golf facilities on the Caribbean, Diamond, Grand, Crown, Sapphire, and Golden Princess. Princess is the only with two golf virtual simulators on-board; also included are an onboard pro, putting courses, outdoor cages, clinics, private and group lessons, new Nike golf equipment (including clothing and clubs like Tiger Woods' ;-)).
  • Best for golf beginners - Carnival. There are golfers who take golf too seriously, but Carnival "Fun Ships" offer onboard programs adequate for real duffers, with expansive onboard facilities and golf-related excursions on-shore!
  • Best for onboard services - Crystal. Crystal provides golf shore excursions at lots of upscale clubs. On-board golf pros are available year-round on the company's three ships. Crystal offers guests the chance to play up to five times and enjoy the British Open. Golf-focused itinerary- Canary Islands, the Mediterranean, Canada, and New England maritime coast.
  • Best for "golf widows/widowers" - Celebrity. Featuring the finest spa facilities and the program "Guilt-Free Golf". Special spa packages for non-golfers when the golfing half books golf shore excursions!
  • Best golf destination - Bermuda. With the largest number of golf courses per square mile in the world! Most ships visiting Bermuda spend up to four days out of seven and give golfers the chance to sample such a variety of courses. Choose Norwegian Cruise Line if you want to experience Bermuda courses- the only line sailing New York-based traditional Bermuda cruises with up to four days in port.
  • Best golf course scenery destination - Scotland. UK-based voyagers could easily make the trek to Scotland on land. But we think it is nicer to take a vacation that lets you play in different ports. Silversea offers the right itineraries, calling at Edinburg with an option to organize a private tour for guests to the nearby course.

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Golf Cruises 2024-2025 schedule

Note: In the following table, all links are internal (CruiseMapper) redirecting to the ship’s itinerary schedule where you can compare dates and prices per person (double occupancy rates).

cruise line (linked)ships (linked) / "cruise themes"/ departures dates / itineraries

Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara is expanding its longtime exclusive partnership with the leading provider of international golf tours, PerryGolf, and now offers plenty of departures available to book in 2024 and 2025. Highlights feature:

  • (January 15-27, 2024) 12-night South African Golf Cruise from Cape Town to Cape Town on Azamara Pursuit
  • (January 21-February 6, 2024) 16-night New Zealand & Australia Golf Cruise CD from Auckland to Sydney on Azamara Journey
  • (March 6-15, 2024) 9-night South American Golf Cruise from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro on Azamara Quest 
  • (April 18-May 3, 2024) 15-night Japan, Hong Kong & Vietnam Golf Cruise from Tokyo to Singapore on Azamara Journey
  • (May 28-June 9, 2024) 12-night Mediterranean Islands Golf Cruise from Barcelona to Athens on Azamara Pursuit
  • (June 20-July 30, 2024) 40-night European Medley Golf Cruise from Southampton to Copenhagen on Azamara Onward
  • (June 20-July 1, 2024) 11-night Scottish Links & Islands Golf Cruise from Southampton to Dublin on Azamara Onward
  • (July 1-13, 2024) 12-night Irish Links Golf Cruise from Dublin to Oslo on Azamara Onward
  • (July 13-30, 2024) 17-night Norwegian Golf Cruise from Oslo to Copenhagen on Azamara Onward
  • (July 14-26, 2024) 12-night British Isles Golf Cruise & The 152nd Open at Royal Troon from Edinburgh to Dublin on Azamara Quest
  • (August 11-22, 2024) 11-night Baltic Sea Golf Cruise from Copenhagen to Stockholm on Azamara Onward
  • (August 12-23, 2024) 11-night Scottish Links & Islands Golf Cruise from Oslo to Dublin on Azamara Quest
  • (August 23-September 3, 2024) 11-night Irish Links Golf Cruise from Dublin to Southampton on Azamara Quest
  • (September 11-21, 2024) 10-night Iberian Peninsula Golf Cruise from Lisbon to Barcelona on Azamara Quest
  • (October 18-27, 2024) 9-/10-night Mediterranean Islands Golf Cruise from Rome to Barcelona/from Barcelona to Lisbon on Azamara Onward
  • (November 13-21, 2024) 8-night Arabian Gulf Golf Cruise from Dubai to Dubai on Azamara Pursuit
  • (January 4-20, 2025) 16-night New Zealand & Australia Golf Cruise from Melbourne to Auckland on Azamara Pursuit
  • (February 3-19, 2025) 16-night New Zealand & Australia Golf Cruise from Auckland to Sydney on Azamara Pursuit.

Crystal Cruises

Crystal Symphony

  • (July 18-30, 2024) 13-night Lisbon (Portugal) to Dover UK
  • Renowned golf instructors David Leadbetter and Roberto Borgatti are aboard to guide guests in perfecting their swings.
  • Leadbetter, known for coaching legendary players like Nick Faldo, Greg Norman, and Ernie Els, has a track record of coaching 26 players to Major Championship titles.
  • Borgatti leads clinics for players of all skill levels, offering guidance for aspiring candidates to pass the PGA Player Ability Test.

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The following YouTube drone video review shows the best golf courses and best luxury golf resorts in the world.


Golf ship cruises deliver memorable golfing vacations to any skill-level players. Enjoy your voyage with breathtaking ocean views, weekly golf activities, and guided excursions to the best courses in every call port. Everything you need for your golf cruise is on the ship - just book it - and bring your best game!