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Review of American Queen Steamboat Company

"American Queen Steamboat Company" is an USA river cruise line company with headquarters in downtown Memphis Tennessee. The line resurrected the overnight Big Muddy cruise operations on Mississippi River - an US river travel niche that was almost dead since 2008. AQSC is also trying to add an old-fashioned splendor to the Pacific Northwest river cruising vacation travel experience. Originally founded under the name "Great American Steamboat Company", in April 2012 this business enterprise started its American Queen steamboat operations. Since then, the company is brabded as "American Queen Steamboat Company". The brand is affiliated with the corporation "HMS Global Maritime Inc" - Florida (Fort Lauderdale based) company powering its marine operations.

Currently, the American Steamboat cruise company is led by Ted Sykes. He previously worked in leadership and executive roles at Viking Cruises, Vantage, Grand Circle Travel and Saga Cruises.

This true USA cruise company employs resident experts who tell the stories of all hamlets and towns visited along its cruise itinerary routes. These professionals are always available and ready to answer questions any time. Onboard bicycles are also at hand, providing passengers with the chance to peddle through ports the riverboats call at. The American Queen Steamboat Company line draws USA river travel afficionados, culture connoisseurs, USA history buffs and traditional cuisine admirers, as its river cruises provide complimentary shore excursions that cover all these sophisticated topics. The line also enjoys as customers younger crowds during its summer and holiday river cruise itineraries. The majority of guests are loyal to the company, so crossover between the riverboats is common.

All American Queen Steamboat ships are stern paddlewheel steamers, decked out in Victorian elegance. Their interior decorations feature rich upholstery, ornate chandeliers, brass and polished wood. The riverboats offer modern amenities, such as Wi-Fi in all public spaces, gourmet cuisine, tickets price-inclusive tours and excursions ashore. Still, they aim to evoke the "old timer's" memories of the 19th century's paddlewheel steamships. Each of the riverboats is powered by an original design steam plant. The steam engine drives a stern paddle-wheel to propel the ship through water.

All riverboats are with professionally trained staff and crew - all US citizens. Passengers as demographics are well-traveled, 50+ years old. They surely enjoy the boats' Victorian charm and antiques, as well as the themed onboard entertainment - from dancing to swing, big band music and the top deck's calliope performances. The calliope is an authentic musical instrument, which is also steam-powered.

Itinerary of American Queen Steamboat Company

Memphis TN is an important homeport for the line. Its most famous riverboat American Queen docks there regularly - at the Beale Street Landing city attraction. n April 2014, a second riverboat American Empress joined the fleet after a major refurbishment. The line's second ship formerly sailed under the name "Empress of the North" - another famous USA steamboat ship.

The American Steamboat line owns and operates only three (for now) paddlewheeler riverboats sailing on some of the biggest rivers in the USA:

The following American Queen Steamboat Company cruise itinerary map shows the line's destinations and all itineraries as rivers and ports of call. The company's main departure ports are with capital letters and bolded. These are Minneapolis-St Paul (Minnesota), Chicago (Illinois), St Louis (Missouri), Nashville (Tennessee), Memphis (Tennessee) and New Orleans (Louisiana).American Queen Steamboat Company cruise itineraries map

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