Gibraltar (UK)

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Mediterranean - Black Sea

Local Time
05:56 18 Oct 2017

36.15243 N, -5.36103 W

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Gibraltar is the famed headland guarding the entrance to Mediterranean from the Atlantic. It is connected to Spain to the north, with Morocco to the south across the Straits.

Gibraltar (UK)

The scenery is dominated by the towering 1,396 ft 'the Rock' that guards the Straits, named by the Arabs' Gebel el Tarik (Tarik's Rock). British for around 300 years, the unique setting of Gibraltar unites the oddly familiar (from Marks & Spencer to the helmeted policemen) - with the extrovert Mediterranean mood. The pubs and shops in Main Street and Irish Town are worth a visit. Take a cable-car to enjoy the views to nearby Africa. Don't miss the chance to see St Michael's Cave, Siege Tunnels and famous Barbary apes.

Gibraltar port

The Rock of Gibraltar and its counterpart in Northern Africa (Mt Abyla) were known in ancient times as the Pillars of Hercules. In 711 AD, the Moors (Arabs from North Africa) landed there and named the rock "Jebel al-Tarik". Spain conquered Gibraltar in 1462, but during the 1704 Spanish Succession War, it was taken by the British. In 1713, under the Treaty of Utrecht, Gibraltar was formally assigned to Great Britain. Since then, the territory's ownership is a matter for discussion between the UK and Spain.

In 2017, Port Gibraltar had scheduled a total of 257 cruise ship visits and handled over 400,000 passengers. These numbers showed an increase over 2016, when the cruise port was visited 225 times and handled around 350,000 passengers.

Gibraltar cruise port

In July 2016 Gorham’s Cave complex was granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Shore excursions are planned to showcase the newest attraction. The cave is named after Captain A Gorham, who discovered it in 1907.

Gorham Cave is considered one of Neanderthals' last habitations of in Europe. The Europeans have up to 2,5% of their DNA.

Highlights: Rock, St Michael's Cave, Barbary Apes

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Day Ships in port
3 October, 2017
ms Prinsendam(arriving at 14:00 - departing at 23:00)
4 October, 2017
Island Sky(arriving at 04 Oct - departing at 04 Oct)
Oriana(arriving at 04 Oct - departing at 04 Oct)
5 October, 2017
MS Panorama II(arriving at 05 Oct - departing at 05 Oct)
8 October, 2017
Oceania Marina(arriving at 08:00 - departing at 23:00)
9 October, 2017
Columbus(arriving at 13:00 - departing at 19:00)
10 October, 2017
Independence Of The Seas(arriving at 08:00 - departing at 15:00)
11 October, 2017
MS Panorama II(arriving at 11 Oct - departing at 11 Oct)
12 October, 2017
Ventura(arriving at 12 Oct - departing at 12 Oct)
13 October, 2017
Celebrity Constellation(arriving at 07:00 - departing at 17:00)
14 October, 2017
Thomson Celebration(arriving at 09:00 - departing at 22:00)
15 October, 2017
Celebrity Silhouette(arriving at 08:00 - departing at 16:00)
16 October, 2017
Azura(arriving at 16 Oct - departing at 16 Oct)
Celebrity Reflection(arriving at 07:00 - departing at 17:00)
17 October, 2017
Aurora(arriving at 17 Oct - departing at 17 Oct)
MSC Preziosa (arriving at 17 Oct - departing at 17 Oct)
18 October, 2017
mv Voyager(arriving at 07:00 - departing at 13:00)
19 October, 2017
MS Panorama II(arriving at 19 Oct - departing at 19 Oct)
Columbus(arriving at 12:00 - departing at 18:00)
20 October, 2017
SeaDream II(arriving at 20 Oct - departing at 20 Oct)
21 October, 2017
Thomson Majesty(arriving at 09:00 - departing at 15:00)
22 October, 2017
Queen Elizabeth(arriving at 22 Oct - departing at 22 Oct)
23 October, 2017
Britannia(arriving at 23 Oct - departing at 23 Oct)
Crystal Symphony(arriving at 09:00 - departing at 17:00)
24 October, 2017
Royal Princess(arriving at 08:00 - departing at 23:00)
25 October, 2017
MS Panorama II(arriving at 25 Oct - departing at 25 Oct)
26 October, 2017
Oceana(arriving at 26 Oct - departing at 26 Oct)
Silver Spirit(arriving at 12:00 - departing at 18:00)
27 October, 2017
Braemar(arriving at 27 Oct - departing at 27 Oct)
Oriana(arriving at 27 Oct - departing at 27 Oct)
28 October, 2017
Saga Pearl II(arriving at 28 Oct - departing at 28 Oct)
Thomson Celebration(arriving at 09:00 - departing at 22:00)
2017 October