Carnival Freedom deck 4 plan (Atlantic-Teens)

Deck layout and review

Review of Carnival Freedom deck 4 (Atlantic-Teens)

Victoriana Theater (Main Lounge balcony level 2 of 3)

Monticello Library (17 seats, with board games)

Photo Gallery & Shop (photo-video services, equipment, accessories)

Circle C (children club lounge for 12-14 yo; video games, movies, parties, planned activities, all complimentary), with the new Dr Seuss Bookville library.

Creative Cove is a dedicated room for kids arts-crafts and workshops.

Dr Seuss Bookville (themed library) is a family reading/play room featuring iconic decor (with brightly colored furniture), all Dr Seuss books (over 40 titles in several languages) available for reading, themed board games and activities.

The Chic Restaurant (forward dining room upper level)

Club O2 (teens only club lounge for movies, video games, karaoke, themed parties, booking teen-only cruise shore excursion)

The Web Internet Cafe (6 Internet computers room, open 24 hours)

Habana Bar (capacity 147 seats) is the cigar bar/smoking lounge, with live Latin and jazz music. The bar has a faux fireplace.

The Posh Restaurant (aft dining room upper level)

Service boats (24 lifeboats, 2 tender boats, 36 35 life rafts).