MSC Seaside deck 7 plan (Miami Beach-Casino-Entertainment)

Deck layout and review

Review of MSC Seaside deck 7 (Miami Beach-Casino-Entertainment)

Metropolitan Theatre (upper level 2 of 2) is the ship's main show lounge (capacity 946 seats, size 1313 m2, stage/dance floor surface 190 m2) hosting live classical concerts, operas and all seven Broadway-style evening show productions (on a rotating basis, 4 are performed nightly). Each show includes 5 singers, 15 dancers, 14 variety artists. The shows are named "My Life in Music’ (live performed popular movie soundtracks), ‘The Dream’ (dance show), "The Wizard" (magician show), "Peter Punk" (Peter Pan themed).

Miami Casino (237-seat gaming lounge, size 1150 m2) served by Casino Bar (35-seat, size 120 m2)

Galleria Shopping Area, including Watches and Sunglasses Shop (size 60 m2)

Champagne Bar (94-seat bar, cold food, size 670 m2)

Garage Club & Bar (35-seat fast food bar, disco nightclub, size 181 m2) features a central dance floor, jukebox, vintage gas pump, high tables with chairs, classic American car (DJ booth), nightly transforms into disco club.

Atrium with Panoramic Lifts (glass-bottomed and walled elevators)

Interactive XD Cinema (8-seat Interactive XD Dark Ride Cinema 5D, size 64 m2)

F1 Simulator (Formula 1 virtual car driving simulator)

Arcade Games (virtual gaming lounge with arcade machines, size 73 m2)

Bowling (two full-size bowling alleys, size 100 m2)

Entertainment Area (live band music and show performances)

Haven Lounge & Bar (170-seat, size 820 m2, stage for live music performances, dance floor surface 63 m2) hosts daily dance classes, aerobics sessions, trivia games, bingo, shopping promos, foosball and ping pong tournaments.

Library & Billiard Room (21-seat library lounge with pool table, size 90 m2)

Venchi 1878 Gelato and Creperie (66-seat ice cream bar and creperie by Venchi)

South Beach Pool (168-seat pool deck, size 1045 m2) with South Beach Swimming Pool (adults-only) and served by South Beach Bar (75-seat outdoor poolside bar)

Service boats (tender boats, lifeboats, rescue boats)