Silversea Announces New Collection of Grand Voyages 2020-2021

   July 29, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

Silversea launched a new collection of Grand Voyages (world cruises) for 2020-2021, that includes 3 expedition options. Purposely designed for vacationers who prefer a more immersive experience, Silversea’s Grand Voyages feature extended journeys of up to 70 days, with multiple overnights, exclusive events, and life-defining experiences.

The unique voyages combine luxury aboard the line’s all-suite ships with exceptional itineraries which take passengers closer to the world's authentic beauty - from the Arctic and Antarctica, Australia, South America, Caribbean and Mediterranean - featuring calls to the most iconic ports in the world, as well as exotic destinations off the beaten path.

Silversea New Collection of Grand Voyages 2020-2021

Silversea's Grand Voyages include:

  • (October 31-December 20, 2020) Grand Australia 2020 Sydney RoundTrip visiting 30 Ports in 3 Countries, fares start at US$24,300 per passenger
  •  (January 7-March 17, 2021) Grand South America 2021 Fort Lauderdale RoundTrip visiting 37 Ports in 20 Countries, fares start at US$25,920 per passenger
  • (January 30-March 23, 2021) Grand Southern Expedition 2021 Ushuaia to Lautoka, Fiji visiting 26 Ports in 8 Countries, fares start at US$38,250 per passenger
  • (March 23-May 14, 2021) Grand Tropical Expedition 2021 Lautoka, Fiji, to Cochin, India visiting 36 Ports in 9 Countries, fares start at US$33,660 per passenger
  • (May 14 to July 16, 2021) Grand Northern Expedition 2021 Cochin, India, to Tromso, Norway visiting 47 Ports in 15 Countries, fares start at US$35,730 per passenger.