Scenic unveils 2022-2023 Arctic programme for its ultra-luxury superyacht Scenic Eclipse

   April 26, 2021 ,   Cruise Industry

Scenic Cruises announced its 2022-2023 Arctic program for the ultra-luxury superyacht Scenic Eclipse, The World’s First Discovery Yachts. 

The 2022-2023 season will see Scenic Eclipse offer extraordinary experiences in 4 new destinations, including the Russian Arctic, Japan, Northeast Passage, Alaska.

With the release of Scenic’s Arctic, Fjords, Japan, Russian Far East Voyages and Land Journeys brochure, the company unveiled details of its 2022-2023 Arctic season, including unique experiences for passengers hosted by its expert Discovery Team.

The new destinations for 2022-2023 compliment Scenic’s existing cruise program that takes passengers to the heart of the Arctic discovering the fjords of Norway, Greenland’s glaciers and the geology of Iceland. 

The unique experiences aboard Scenic Eclipse are made special by 2 onboard helicopters, a custom-built submarine as well as a fleet of Zodiacs, enhanced by the 20-strong Discovery Team including marine biologists, naturalists, glaciologists, and geologists.

Scenic Eclipse cruise ship

Highlights of Scenic Eclipse’s 2022-2023 cruise season include:

Russian Arctic - the Northeast Passage. Passengers traverse 9 time zones across the top of Siberia and Russia on a trip through ice-laden waters to Arctic islands. Soak up the wild landscapes along the world’s greatest migration paths, the Northeast Passage, and be rewarded with walrus crowding on ice floes and polar bear encounters. The 27-day itinerary offers meetings with Inuit fishermen, Chukchi reindeer herders, and Russian scientists. Fares for the Cross the Legendary Northeast Passage cruise from Anchorage Alaska to Tromso Norway start from GBP 21140 per person departing August 5, 2023. Guests can explore more of Alaska via combining this itinerary with Scenic’s 7-day Wilds of Alaska 5-star escorted land journey starting from GBP 25505 per person.

The Russian Far East. Passengers will trace the Pacific Ring of Fire Alaska-Chukotka, south along Kamchatka Peninsula to the Kuril Islands. In Chukotka, cruise the fjords before exploring alpine lakes on guided tours. Soak in one of the hot springs in Kamchatka which boasts 120+ volcanoes, many of which are active. In Kuril Islands, the ship's Discovery Team historian reveals abandoned submarine bases, Soviet-era fish processing plants, Japanese WW2 fortresses. Fares for the 17-day "Jewels of the Russian Far East" cruise from Anchorage to Vladivostok start from GBP 13045 per person, departing May 26, 2023.

Japan. Passengers can discover the land of ancient well-preserved cultures, harmoniously coexisting in Japan, from prehistoric archaeologist sites to ancient samurai traditions, untouched natural scenery, and cutting-edge metropolises. Explore the west coast of Japan with the 15-day "Japan: A Journey Through Time" cruise, departing June 19, 2023. Starting in Sapporo Japan/from Ouaru, passengers will sail to Hakodate before visiting Sannai Maruyama - the biggest and best-preserved from the Jomon era. The next highlight is Maizuru, Kyoto (Kobe) on Sea of Japan, prior to heading to South Korea for a day in Busan with its delicious street food culture and urban beaches. Fares for the 15-day cruise start from GBP 11,560 per person.

The 15-day Arctic Islands cruise takes passengers to Svalbard, Greenland and Iceland taking in the scenery and Arctic wildlife. Exploring Greenland’s East Coast, travellers can witness the world’s largest national park and fjords system on a voyage into the Land of Fire and Ice. Fares start from GBP 10475 per person departing July 11, 2023.

Ultra-luxury meets discovery. Scenic Eclipse’s fleet of Zodiacs takes guests close to the Arctic’s majestic scenery, tundra, and wildlife. Vacationers can kayak and stand-up paddleboard for an active way to get up personal with the majestic scenery. They can also take to the skies on one of the two onboard helicopters on a flightseeing or landing trip over fjords, glaciers, icebergs, and volcanoes, allowing them to explore further inland. For an underwater experience, guests can dive deep below onboard Scenic Neptune, Scenic Eclipse’s submarine to explore the ocean.