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50.07727 N, 7.78945 E

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Rhine Gorge is the popular name for Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a 65-kilometre (40 ml) section of River Rhine between Bingen and Koblenz in Germany. In June 2002 it was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites for the unique combination of historical, cultural, industrial and geological reasons.

The rocks in the region, known as Rhenish Facies, were laid down in the Devonian period. This sedimentary rock type is fossil-bearing and consists mainly of slate. During the Carboniferous period the rocks underwent significant folding. The gorge was carved during a more recent uplift to leave the Rhine contained within 200-meter high steep walls.

The gorge produces its special microclimate and has acted as the corridor for species not found in the region. The river has been a major trade route to central Europe since prehistoric times. A string of little settlements has grown up along the river banks. Constrained in size, a lot of these old towns today retain a historic feel. With increasing wealth, plenty of castles appeared and the valley became the Holy Roman Empire's core region. Rhine Gorge was at the centre of the 30 Years' War, which left a lot of the castles in ruins, an attraction for today's cruise ships following the river. At one time forming the border of France, the valley became part of Prussia during the 19th Century and its landscape became Germany's quintessential image.

The list of port towns along the Rhine Gorge includes:

Highlights: Ruined Castles

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  1. October, 2016
Day Ships in port
1 October, 2016
AmaCerto(arriving at 01 Oct - departing at 01 Oct)
2 October, 2016
Avalon Artistry II(arriving at 02 Oct - departing at 02 Oct)
5 October, 2016
Avalon Poetry II(arriving at 05 Oct - departing at 05 Oct)
6 October, 2016
Avalon Felicity(arriving at 06 Oct - departing at 06 Oct)
7 October, 2016
Scenic Jasper(arriving at 07 Oct - departing at 07 Oct)
8 October, 2016
AmaDante(arriving at 08 Oct - departing at 08 Oct)
9 October, 2016
Avalon Luminary(arriving at 09 Oct - departing at 09 Oct)
10 October, 2016
Avalon Passion(arriving at 10 Oct - departing at 10 Oct)
13 October, 2016
Avalon Vista(arriving at 13 Oct - departing at 13 Oct)
15 October, 2016
AmaCerto(arriving at 15 Oct - departing at 15 Oct)
16 October, 2016
Avalon Luminary(arriving at 16 Oct - departing at 16 Oct)
18 October, 2016
Scenic Emerald(arriving at 18 Oct - departing at 18 Oct)
19 October, 2016
Avalon Poetry II(arriving at 19 Oct - departing at 19 Oct)
20 October, 2016
Avalon Felicity(arriving at 20 Oct - departing at 20 Oct)
21 October, 2016
Avalon Impression(arriving at 21 Oct - departing at 21 Oct)
22 October, 2016
Scenic Jade(arriving at 22 Oct - departing at 22 Oct)
23 October, 2016
Scenic Ruby(arriving at 23 Oct - departing at 23 Oct)
26 October, 2016
Avalon Visionary(arriving at 26 Oct - departing at 26 Oct)
27 October, 2016
AmaPrima(arriving at 27 Oct - departing at 27 Oct)
28 October, 2016
Scenic Amber(arriving at 28 Oct - departing at 28 Oct)
29 October, 2016
AmaCerto(arriving at 29 Oct - departing at 29 Oct)
30 October, 2016
Scenic Jewel(arriving at 30 Oct - departing at 30 Oct)
31 October, 2016
Avalon Artistry II(arriving at 31 Oct - departing at 31 Oct)