Carnival Legend deck 4 plan (Main-Cabins-Kids)

Deck layout and review

Review of Carnival Legend deck 4 (Main-Cabins-Kids)

Follies Theater (level 3)

Circle C (children's club lounge area for 12-14 yo; video games, movies, parties, planned activities, all complimentary)

The Cove (children-only breakout room for arts and crafts).

Service boats (12 lifeboats, 6 tender boats, 26 life rafts)

Main Deck cruise cabins from 4101 to 4241, of which Inside (categories 4B, 4K-French Door/obstructed view), Balcony staterooms (categories 8A, 8B, 8M-Extended Balcony/aft view) and Suites (categories JS-Junior, VS-Vista).

Note: During the ship's drydock refit in 2021, the Gigabytes Video Arcade (forward-portside) was replaced with the Creative Cove/The Cove.

Gigabytes Video Arcade is open 24 hours for both kids and adults. The Arcade is supervised by dedicated staff and has foosball (air hockey) tables, photo kiosk, a total of 17 machines (popular arcade and merchandising games /incl skeeball). All machines are coinless (payable via S&S cards only). Playing costs between $0,75 – $2 (most are $1 per game). The daily arcade play limit ($75 pp) can be adjusted by parents/guardians upon request. Among the available for playing games are Redemption Games (E-ticket rewards are loaded to the S&S card and at any time can be redeemed for prizes /self-serve prize hub in the arcade), Self-Merchandisers (games of skill /electronic prizes at the machine), latest arcades (car-racing, dance, bike simulators, first-person shooters).