Carnival Panorama deck 7 plan (Empress-Cabins-SkyZone)

Deck layout and review

Review of Carnival Panorama deck 7 (Empress-Cabins-SkyZone)

SkyZone (lower level 1 of 2)

Empress Deck cruise cabins from 7201 to 7467, of which Inside (categories 4F, 4E, 4J-Obstructed), Balcony staterooms (8B, 8C, 8M-Aft Extended Balcony, 9B-9C-Premium), and the rest are Suites (GS-Grand, OS-Ocean).

Sky Zone Park

Instead IMAX Theater, Carnival Panorama has SkyZone. IMAX Theater was introduced on Carnival Vista as the first-ever IMAX at sea. It features 3-deck high screen for first-run movies, shown at the same time as mainstream releases. On the Carnival ships Vista and Horizon, on Deck 7 is IMAX Theater's lower level (1 of 2).

SkyZone is a 2-decks high indoor trampoline park (also first at sea) via partnership with Sky Zone. Sky Zone (2004-founded) is a Los Angeles-based chain of indoor family centers located in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, India, UK, UAE, among others. Some Sky Zone parks have rock climbing and warped walls, even laser tag course. Sky Zone attractions include connected trampolines, pits filled with foam blocks, trampoline-based dodgeball. A standard land-based Sky Zone park consists of several courts with main trampolines placed horizontally and surrounded by trampolines placed at angles (thus serving as court's walls). The courts are mainly used for bouncing and jumping, but also for games of dodgeball and basketball.

Carnival Panorama SkyZone Park

Carnival Panorama's SkyZone Park is sized 280 m2 / 3000 ft2) and consists of one 12-lane trampoline court (also used for playing dodgeball and basketball), a separate challenge zone (fitted with Rock-Climbing Wall, balance beam, Tug of War, Skyladder climbing apparatus), seating area. Basketball goals are above the trampolines, permitting cruise passengers to bounce and slam-dunk shots into them. Ship's SkyZone park is also used for family-themed events, including night-time blacklight glow parties, birthday parties, toddler time sessions (stacking oversized soft blocks), fun fitness activities. SkyZone's weight limit is 136 kg (300 pounds).

The "trampoline park" Sky Zone is accessible to passengers of all ages but at an additional cost (not complimentary). Sky Zone is open all day (on sea days) and in the late afternoon and evening hours (on port days). Operated in 1-hour sessions, this activity area is available for 3 different age groups - Toddlers (6 months-5 yo), Kids (6-14 yo) and Teens (15+ yo). Toddlers must be accommodated by an adult. The entry fee (1-hour session) is USD 5 pp (for both children and adults).

For teenagers, Sky Zone can be transformed into a “challenge zone” hosting (trampoline-based) dodgeball and basketball games. These sessions are also for 1 hour but additionally cost USD 12 pp per session. Entry fees are inclusive of Sky Zone socks (a pair per person).

In the evenings, Sky Zone hosts the blacklight glow party - open to all ages and with an admission fee USD 18 pp (inclusive of a custom T-Shirt). This party can be booked (after boarding the cruise ship) at a special Sky Zone kiosk located just outside the trampoline park.