MSC Orchestra deck 14 plan (Chitarra-Cabins-Kids-Teens)

Deck layout and review

Review of MSC Orchestra deck 14 (Chitarra-Cabins-Kids-Teens)

Power Walking/Jogging Track (10 laps = 1 mi, size 575 m2), Tennis Tables, Shuffleboard (size 354 m2)

Children’s Indoor and Outdoor Playrooms (play areas - size 68 m2, TVs, movies, games, crafts-arts, climbing area, outdoor splash pool, mini football, size 130 m2)

The Jungle Adventure (15-seat kids area, size 70 m2)

Video Games Arcade (20 seats, size 65 m2)

R32 Disco & Nightclub (172 seats club with dance floor, own full bar, size 615 m2)

Juniors Club & Teens Club (teens 13 – 17  yo lounge, live music, dance classes and parties, sports and video games, trivia)

Cruise cabins from 14001 to 14056, all of which are located forward and in categories IR2-Deluxe Interior, BR2-Deluxe Balcony, and BL2-Premium Balcony.