Costa Serena ship cruises in Southeast Asia and Japan (2025-2026 winter)

   July 4, 2024 ,   Cruise Industry

Costa Cruises introduced significant innovation for winter 2025-2026, unveiling 2 new itineraries in Asia.

Beyond its traditional routes in the Mediterranean, Spain's Canary Islands, the Caribbean, UAE, South America, and Around the World cruises, from November 2025 to January 2026, the Italian company will offer voyages to some of Asia’s most picturesque destinations with the Costa Serena ship. These are fly-cruise itineraries with included flights from major European cities to Asia to embark on their voyages.

The first itinerary focuses on Japan, offering a 15-day journey through the Orient. Guests will explore Japan's rich ceremonial traditions, golden temples, and serene Zen gardens, with stops in modern cities. The complete itinerary includes Hong Kong (China), Keelung (Taiwan), Naha (Japan), Kagoshima (Japan), Tokyo (Japan), Kobe (Japan), Nagasaki (Japan), Busan (South Korea), and back to Hong Kong.

The second itinerary provides an immersion in Southeast Asia. This 15-day voyage takes guests from Vietnam’s expansive fields to Thailand’s temples and beaches, the futuristic skyline of Singapore, and the lush nature of the Philippines and Brunei. Stops include Hong Kong, Nha Trang (Vietnam), Phu My/Saigon (Vietnam), Koh Samui Island (Thailand), Singapore, Bandar Seri Begawan/Muara (Brunei) with a 12-hour stopover, Puerto Princesa (Philippines), and back to Hong Kong.

The Japan cruises will be available from November 21, 2025, to January 30, 2026, with embarkations from Hong Kong and Tokyo. They will alternate with the Southeast Asia itineraries, which offer embarkations from Hong Kong and Singapore. Guests can combine both itineraries into a single 28-night B2B/back-to-back cruise, covering all 14 destinations. The B2B option is ideal for celebrating the end of 2025 and the New Year. There will also be opportunities to extend stays in destinations by choosing preferred flight dates independent of the cruise schedule.

For those with limited time, it is possible to purchase just one week of either itinerary.

Before embarking on these new Asian cruises, the Costa Serena will undergo significant renovations to enhance the onboard experience.