Costa Cruises launches summer 2021 Mediterranean sailings, cancels Northern Europe voyages

   April 22, 2021 ,   Accidents

The Carnival Corporation-owned company Costa Cruises announces itinerary programs for 2021 summer season, with new cruises in the Mediterranean.

Featuring extended port stays and organized shore excursions exclusive to Costa passengers, the Italian company’s Mediterranean voyages will include 2 liners in the west and 2 in the east with sailings to Greece, Italy, France, and Spain, and itineraries accessible from a total of 13 different ports of embarkation.

Costa operates in the Western Mediterranean with 2 of its newest vessels - Smeralda (2019) and Firenze (2021).

As already announced, the season starts with Smeralda (on May 1), which has planned Italian ports-only 3- and 4-day mini-cruises, combinable (as B2Bs) to 7-day voyages calling at Savona, La Spezia, Civitavecchia-Rome, Naples, Messina Sicily, Cagliari Sardinia. The Italian itinerary program was extended through July 3, when the liner returns to 7-day voyages visiting Savona, Marseille, Barcelona, Palma, Palermo Sicily, Civitavecchia.

Costa Firenze starts on July 4 (inaugural cruise) with an all-Italian itinerary visiting Savona, Civitavecchia, Palermo, Naples, Messina, Cagliari. From September 12 through mid-October, Firenze offers 7-day sailings visiting Savona, Civitavecchia, Naples, Ibiza, Barcelona, Marseilles.

In the Eastern Mediterranean are deployed two Costa ships - Deliziosa and Luminosa.

Luminosa is scheduled to depart on May 16 out of Trieste, as well as the following day from Bari, focusing on the destinations in Greece: Corfu, Piraeus-Athens, Mykonos, Katakolon-Olympia.

Deliziosa is scheduled to start on June 26, offering a 7-day itinerary with Venice, an extended 1-day and 1-night stop in Mykonos, followed by Katakolon, Corfu, Bari.

The summer cruise season in Northern Europe and all other voyages scheduled until mid-September not included in the updated itineraries are canceled due to the level of uncertainty on the reopening of a number of destinations which does not guarantee the feasibility of the itineraries.