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  • Dover cruise port


    Dover cruise port (part of Port Dover) is ranked UK's second largest passenger seaport (ferry and cruise) - after Southampton. Dover is also homeport of the British shipping company P&O Ferries...

  • Addu Atoll cruise port

     Addu Atoll

    Addu Atoll (fka Seenu Atoll) is the Maldives' southernmost atoll, located approx 541 km (336 ml) south of Male (Kaafu Atoll). In this atoll is located Addu City - one of the country's...

  • Corinth Canal cruise port

     Corinth Canal

    Corinth Canal is located in Aegean Sea (Eastern Mediterranean cruising region). It connects Gulf of Corinth with Saronic Gulf (aka Gulf of Aegina). The canal cuts through a narrow isthmus and...

  • Murmansk cruise port


    Murmansk is a Barents Sea cruise port and city in Murmansk Oblast (northwestern Russia), located on both banks of Kola Bay (fjord). in the north of Kola Peninsula in the Arctic Ocean. The city is...

  • Southampton cruise port


    Port Southampton is UK's largest passenger (ferry and cruise) port and 2nd largest cargo port (following Felixstowe). Its first dock was opened in 1843. Most of its operations back then were regular...

  • Prince Edward Island cruise port

     Prince Edward Island

    Prince Edward Island (aka Ile-du-Prince-Edouard) is a Canadian province that consists of the main island plus 231 smaller isles. Island's largest (principal) seaport is Charlottetown...

  • Fanning Island cruise port

     Fanning Island

    Fanning Island (Tabuaeran) is among the many tropical atolls forming Kiribati's Line Islands. The island covers a total area of approx 34 km2 (13 mi2) and has population around 2,000. Island's...

  • Belem cruise port


    Belem (Para, Brazil) is located 100 km (60 ml) from the Para River entrance to Amazon Delta. Belem is Brazil's main lower Amazon River port. it has a total municipality area of 1,059.40 km2 (409.04...

  • Saigon cruise port


    Saigon (officially Ho Chi Minh City / abbrev HCMC) is Vietnam's capital and largest city, with population over 8,5 million (metro over 13,5 million). The metro area consists of Ho Chi Minh City metro...

  • Dubai cruise port


    Dubai cruise port is part of Port Rashid (aka Mina Rashid) operating since 1972. The seaport is named after Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum (1912-1990). Dubai has the world's only cruise ship...

  • La Romana cruise port

     La Romana

    La Romana is a port city ranked as Dominican Republic's 7th-largest by population (around 130,000, metro around 215,000). The city is located opposite Catalina Island, and approx 80 km (50 mi) from...

  • Norfolk cruise port


    Norfolk VA is a major port city in southeastern Virginia (USA). It borders to the west Elizabeth River and to the north - Chesapeake Bay (Atlantic Ocean). The city has population around 250,000...

  • Castries cruise port


    Castries is a major port and the capital city of Saint Lucia Island - a Commonwealth country in Eastern Caribbean Sea, part of Lesser Antilles (archipelago). The island is located northeast of...

  • St George cruise port

     St George

    St George's (aka St George's Town) is a port located on Bermuda's St George's Island. The location was first settled in 1612, and was also the first permanent British settlement in Bermuda. Port's...

  • Hamilton cruise port


    Hamilton is a port town and the capital of Bermuda - one of the British Overseas Territories. This small town is bermuda's financial centre, main seaport and a major tourist travel destination...

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