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  • Marseille cruise port


    Marseille cruise port is part of Marseille Fos Port - France's largest port. Fos Port is located on the city's northern coastline. Along with its cruise terminals, the port also has ferry...

  • Taranto cruise port


    Taranto is a major port and city in southeastern Italy. Port Taranto handles large commercial shipping traffic, but is also Italy's main military port (naval base). The city has population around 200...

  • Wallis and Futuna Islands cruise port

     Wallis and Futuna Islands

    Wallis and Futuna Islands (Iles Wallis-et-Futuna) is a French collectivity/overseas territory in the Oceania region (South Pacific Ocean). The archipelago is located between Tuvalu (northwest/approx...

  • Prince Edward Island cruise port

     Prince Edward Island

    Prince Edward Island (aka Ile-du-Prince-Edouard) is a Canadian province that consists of the main island plus 231 smaller isles. Island's largest (principal) seaport is Charlottetown...

  • Boston cruise port


    Port Boston is owned and operated by Massachusetts Port Authority (abbrev Massport). Boston is a major cargo port (the largest in Massachusetts USA), one of the principal East Coast USA ports and...

  • Saint John NB cruise port

     Saint John NB

    Port Saint John NB is New Brunswick Canada's largest port city, Canada's 4th busiest cruise port and also the country's 3rd largest cargo port by shipping volume (dry-liquid-break bulk carriers and...

  • Hoorn cruise port


    Hoorn is a port town located in the North Holland province of The Netherlands. The town covers a total area of approx 53 km2 (21 ml2) and has population around 72,000. Hoorn is located...

  • Montserrat Island UK cruise port

     Montserrat Island UK

    Montserrat Island is one of Leeward Islands (Lesser Antilles, British West Indies) in the Caribbean Sea. The island is also one of UK's British Overseas Territories. It has population around 5,000...

  • Falmouth UK cruise port

     Falmouth UK

    Falmouth UK is a port town located on Fal River, on the southern coast of Cornwall (England). The town has population of around 27,000. Falmouth is Cornwall's largest shipping/cargo port...

  • Swansea UK cruise port

     Swansea UK

    Swansea is a port city in Wales, ranked as the country's 2nd largest (following Cardiff) and the UK's 25th largest. The city is located on Wales's southwestern coast and has population around...

  • Southampton cruise port


    Port Southampton is UK's largest passenger (ferry and cruise) port and 2nd largest cargo port (following Felixstowe). Its first dock was opened in 1843. Most of its operations back then were regular...

  • Isla Gamez cruise port

     Isla Gamez

    Isla Gamez is a small island part of Chiriquí Gulf National Marine Park (Panama) located in the Pacific Ocean. Gamez island is a protected area and uninhabited. Wildlife includes sea turtles...

  • Galveston cruise port


    Galveston is a port city spread over Galveston Island and Pelican Island, in Texas USA. The city's land area is approx 208 mi2 (539 km2), with population around 50,000. The city is within the...

  • Houston cruise port


    Port Houston Texas is located on the Bay Area Houston’s southeast corner. The Houston metro area comprises seven cities. Its waterfront has length of approx 35 mi (56 km) and connects Galveston...

  • Castries cruise port


    Castries is a major port and the capital city of Saint Lucia Island - a Commonwealth country in Eastern Caribbean Sea, part of Lesser Antilles (archipelago). The island is located northeast of...

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