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  • Hiroshima City cruise port

     Hiroshima City

    Hiroshima is a major seaport, Hiroshima Prefecture's capital and the largest city in Japan's Chugoku region (western Honshu Island). The city has population around 1,2 million and land area approx...

  • Kagoshima City cruise port

     Kagoshima City

    Kagoshima is a major port city and the capital of Japan's Kagoshima Prefecture (southwestern Kyushu Island), with population around 610,000. The city is nicknamed "Naples of Japan" due to...

  • Kochi City cruise port

     Kochi City

    Kochi is the principal seaport and the capital city of Japan's Kochi Prefecture (on Shikoku Island's southern coast) with population over 330,000. Prior to Meiji Revolution (1868), this province...

  • Kushiro City cruise port

     Kushiro City

    Kushiro is a port city in Kushiro Subprefecture, located on Japan's Hokkaido Island (central-eastern coast). By population (around 180,00), it is ranked the island's largest. The town was...

  • Miyazaki City cruise port

     Miyazaki City

    Miyazaki is a port city and Miyazaki Prefecture's capital, located on Japan's Kyushu Island. The city is crossed by several rivers and is a popular vacation and shopping destination. Among the...

  • Nagasaki City cruise port

     Nagasaki City

    Nagasaki is the biggest port city on Japan's Kyushu Island, as well as the Nagasaki Prefecture's capital (population around 450,000). It became the seat of Portuguese and Dutch influence during the...

  • Toyama City cruise port

     Toyama City

    Toyama is a port city and capital of Japan's Toyama Prefecture, with population around 420,000. Toyama is on the coast of Sea of Japan (Chubu region) on central Honshu Island, approx 200 km (120 mi...

  • Wakayama City cruise port

     Wakayama City

    Wakayama (Wakayama-shi) is a port city in Japan's Wakayama Prefecture (Wakayama-ken, Honshu Island) with a population of around 400,000. Through the city runs the Kinokawa River. Downtown, on Mt...

  • Niigata City cruise port

     Niigata City

    Niigata is a port city and the capital of Niigata Prefecture, in Japan's Chubu region (central-western location on Honshu Island) facing Sado Island and Sea of Japan. The city has population around...

  • Okayama City cruise port

     Okayama City

    Okayama is a port city and the capital of Japan's Okayama Prefecture (Chugoku region, Honshu Island) with population around 0,7 million. The town received city status in 1889 and is best-known with...

  • Phuket cruise port


    Phuket is a port city and Thailand's only island province, with total population around 420,000. Phuket City is on the island's southeastern coast and has population around 80,000 (metro over 250,000...

  • Salaverry-Trujillo cruise port


    Salaverry is a port town located approx 14 km (9 mi) southeast of Trujillo City - Peru's 3rd largest by population (around 790,000) and 2nd largest as metro area (around 950,000). Port Salaverry was...

  • Toba-Mie cruise port


    Toba is a port city in Japan's Mie Prefecture (Honshu island), with population around 20,000. The port is located on Shima Peninsula and faces Ise Bay (Pacific Ocean). Most of city's land is...

  • Toliara cruise port


    Toliara (aka Tulear) is a seaport and the capital city of Madagascar's Atsimo-Andrefana region, with population around 170,000. Toliara is approx 930 km (580 mi) southwest of Antananarivo (the...

  • Saint-Denis cruise port


    Saint-Denis is a port city and capital of La Reunion - overseas territory of France located in Indian Ocean. The town is located on Reunion Island's northernmost tip, The country has population...

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