Majestic Princess deck 14 plan (Riviera-Cabins-Bridge)

Deck layout and review

Review of Majestic Princess deck 14 (Riviera-Cabins-Bridge)

The fore-located Navigation Bridge/Wheelhouse and the adjacent Captain’s Suite and officers' quarters are inaccessible to passengers.

Self Service Laundromats

Wedding Chapel is also used for religious services.

Concierge Lounge is for Suite passengers only. It has computers and dedicated staff consulting and assisting on booking Princess Cruises shore excursions, reservations for the Spa and all specialty restaurants, etc. Waiter service for light snacks and drinks is available.

Cruise cabins from R101 to R735, of which Inside (categories IA, IB, ID, IE), Balcony (categories BA, BB, BE, BD), Deluxe Balcony (D4, DD, DB), Mini-Suites (categories – MA, MB, ME), Suites (category S2/aft – “Verona”, “Torino”, and S4 – location portside (Roma, Trieste, Portofino, Capri, Pisa, Napoli, Sorento), and location starboard (Toscana, Milano, Amalfi, Firenze, Palermo).