Norwegian Encore deck 18 plan (Laser Tag-Ocean Loop Waterslide)

Deck layout and review

Review of Norwegian Encore deck 18 (Laser Tag-Ocean Loop Waterslide)

Horizon Lounge (level 2 of 2)

Ocean Loop Waterslide (entrance level)

The Haven complex’s Private Sundeck

The Haven Casino

The Haven Courtyard

The Haven Lounge

Haven Restaurant & Haven Outdoor Restaurant is a private fine-dining experience for passengers of The Haven, which serves unique signature dishes and wine. It is complimentary for Haven guests.

Sports Complex (upper level 2 of 2 /Mini-Golf and Ropes courses)

Encore Speedway (Race Track)

Cruise cabins from 18100 to 18714, of which The Haven Deluxe Owner's Suite with Large Balcony (H2), The Haven 2-Bedroom Family Villa with Balcony (H6), The Haven Courtyard Penthouse with Large Balcony (HE), and The Haven Courtyard Penthouse with Balcony (HF).

Laser Tag Course

Laser Battle is an open-air laser tag course with obstacles and a large-size touch screen for kids. Laser Tag requirements include covered shoes (to cover the toes / no flip-flops), NO AGE, HEIGHT, and WEIGHT limits. Hero Blast ( non-gun laser tag equipment) is available as an alternative to the laser guns and provided upon request. Consuming drugs and alcohol before gaming is forbidden.

The activity is not recommended for passengers suffering from CVD (cardiovascular disease), HTN (hypertension, aka high blood pressure), spinal injuries, and also for pregnant women.