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Ecoship Review and Specifications

Specifications of Ecoship

Year built 2020 new ship
Builder Arctech Helsinki Shipyard Inc.
Owner Peace Boat
Speed 17 kn / 31 kph / 20 mph
Length (LOA) 224 m / 735 ft
Beam (width) 31 m / 102 ft
Gross Tonnage 55000 gt
Passengers 2000
Cabins 750

Review of Ecoship

The Ecoship project is an eco-friendly ship concept created by the Japanese non-profit organisation Peace Boat, that promotes environmental sustainability and human rights by organising peace cruises on chartered passenger ships. The idea is to build the most environmentally sustainable cruise ship on the planet. 

Peace Boat Ecoship

Since its establishment in 1983, the Shinjuku, Tokyo based Peace Boat organization has launched over 90 voyages of passenger vessels manned by international volunteers which travel particularly to regions that have experienced or are experiencing unrest. Peace Boat, described as a "floating university of sorts" by San Francisco Chronicle, offers educational opportunities, with onboard conferences related to global events. Peace Boat provides humanitarian aid at its various stops and visits local organizations.

Peace Boat Ecoship

Besides the international cruises, Peace Boat carries out several other projects seeking justice in a variety of international realms including a campaign for the abolition of land mines, Global Article 9 Conference to Abolish War or Global Hibakusha Forums in ports and onboard. Peace Boat acts as Northeast Asia regional secretariat of Global Partnership for Prevention of Armed Conflict. It is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN and a campaigner for Sustainable Development Goals.

In April 2014, the Peace Boat organization gathered experts from various fields, including marine engineering, naval architecture, energy efficiency, renewable energy, maritime law, biophilia and biomimicry for an eco-friendly ship design workshop held in Germany. In December 2015, the company revealed the Ecoship concept at the 21st Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, in Paris.

Peace Boat Ecoship

In June 2017, Peace Boat signed a letter of intent with the Finnish shipbuilding company Arctech Helsinki Shipyard Inc., to build the Ecoship, the greenest cruise ship in the world. The 2,000-passenger, 750-cabin ship is scheduled for delivery in 2020 spring.

Ecoship features nature-inspired architectural design by Oliver Design, Spain. It is the platform for the round-the-world cruise of Peace Boat carrying 6,000 passengers per year, host exhibitions on green technology in up to a hundred ports per year; and also serves as floating sustainability laboratory to contribute research on the climate, ocean and green marine technology. 

The 55,000 GT Peace Boat cruise ship uses hybrid propulsion in order to cut CO2 emissions by 40% when the vessel sets sail on its maiden voyage. Ecoship features an aerodynamic whale-inspired upper hull with a coating which mimics fish skin.

Peace Boat Ecoship

Public spaces and cabins are designed for comfort, appealing to our connection with nature and based on biophilic principles.  The ship boasts an onboard garden, energy recycling, closed-loop water system, zero water discharge and reduced air emissions.

The vessel is equipped with kinetic floors, 10 retractable wind generators, 10 retractable photovoltaic sails, and a 6,000m2 solar farm on the top deck. It also incorporates self-sustained garden using recycled garbage and wastwater.

The Peace Boat Ecoship operates on future-ready hybrid engine, able to run on bio-fuels. Cleaner-burning LNG (liquefied natural gas) is used as the major fuel for the engine. Photovoltaic sails and retractable wind generators help reduce the use of main fuel during low wind conditions, utilising 20% less propulsion energy. The propulsion system uses alternative fuel that is generated from kitchen waste. 

The air-conditioning and heating on the eco-friendly vessel is augmented by recycled waste energy, derived from the main engine, and reduces electricity load by about 50%.

Ecoship's aerodynamic upper hull helps conserve fuel during sailings. Air bubble hull lubrication system is used in order to reduce the resistance between seawater and hull. The ship is equipped with adaptive machinery incorporating the latest eco-technologies.

The Peace Boat is the first 10-mast cruise liner in the world that harnesses wind, reducing propulsion fuel needs.

Ecoship Special Features

  • The Ecoship is designed by Oliver Design, Spain around biophilic principles that are based on solutions nature has evolved. Vessel's aerodynamic hull is inspired by whales and it is how biology is translated by design to shipbuilding technology.
  • A 6,000 m2 top-deck solar farm and solar-panel-covered sails generate more than 750 kW of power in low-wind conditions.
  • The Ecoship is dual engined LNG/MDO diesel electric podded with additional wind propulsion.
  • Ecoship's closed-loop water system ensures that waste water is purified, re-purposed and reused, along with seawater and rain, for irrigating a garden on board.
  • The on-board garden serves as the lungs and the heart of the ship, featuring plants from all around the world fed by organic waste and rainwater.
  • Under optimal conditions, the 10 masts harness wind energy and thus reduce propulsion fuel needs.
  • The hull coating is non-toxic, anti-fouling and mimicing fish skin.
  • Heat from Ecoship's cooling systems are used for domestic applications and water production. The radical wasted-energy recovery reuses 80% of the energy that is normally lost in the water and air.
  • The energy storage is managed by a combination of hot and ice storage tanks and the latest technology for batteries.
  • The most environmentally friendly solution for ballast water treatment is being researched.
  • A climate change and ocean research observatory is also planned.
  • The plans call for Type C vessel as well as IMO PC7 ice class featuring –10 °C design temperature.

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