Carnival Conquest deck 4 plan (Atlantic)

Deck layout and review

Review of Carnival Conquest deck 4 (Atlantic)

  • Toulouse-Latrec Theater (level 2)
  • Painters Library (17 seats, with board games)
  • Photo Gallery & Shop (photo-video services, equipment, accessories)
  • Circle C (children club lounge for 12-14 yo; video games, movies, parties, planned activities, all complimentary)
  • Renoir Restaurant (forward dining room upper level)
  • The Gallery Conference Room
  • Internet Cafe (6 Internet computers room, 24 hour)
  • Alfred’s Bar (capacity 147 seats cigar bar/smoking lounge, live jazz music)
  • Monet Restaurant (aft dining room upper level)
  • Service boats (24 lifeboats, 2 tender boats, 36 35 life rafts).

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