Harmony Of The Seas deck 18 plan (Loft Suites2-Waterslides)

Deck layout and review

Review of Harmony Of The Seas deck 18 (Loft Suites2-Waterslides)

Waterslide Launch Area – access to "The Perfect Storm" slides (going 5-decks down twister). Harmony is the first ever Royal Caribbean ship to feature multiple waterslides. The Perfect Storm slides’ exit level is on deck 15 (Beach Pool area).

Cruise suites from 1802 to 1864 are the mezzanine levels of loft suite accommodations in categories RL-Royal Loft, TL-Sky Loft, and L1-L2-Crown Loft.

“Blown Away” (zone 6-B, starboard aft) is a stairway passage leading to the unofficial (secret) deck 19. This is the highest passenger-accessible vantage point of the Harmony cruise ship. There is a small seating area (few wicker tables/chairs) and can be seen the ship’s funnels (with the RCI’s anchor logo) and radio antennas.

In the ship’s funnel, there is a crew-only stairwell that leads to an exclusive "crew hangout" (aft-facing spacious deck space) fitted with tables and chairs.

A total of 24 elevators (12x forward + 12x aft) provide access all the way to deck 16, while decks 17 and 18 are accessed by 6 lifts.