Oasis Of The Seas deck 16 plan (Lido-FlowRiders-Ultimate Abyss)

Deck layout and review

Review of Oasis Of The Seas deck 16 (Lido-FlowRiders-Ultimate Abyss)

Solarium Bar (41 seats) serves the adults-only retreat with drinks and light fare. Once per cruise, the bar becomes "Club 20" (nightclub with DJ programming).

Sky Bar (portside) and Mast Bar (starboard) are poolside beverage bars overlooking the main pool area (on deck 15 below). Both bars are outdoor, with small seating (6 seats each) and located on the Sky Walk - a walkway connecting portside-starboard. Both bars are often used for small-group-themed events (including singles gatherings, cigar-smoking, etc). Poolside bar menus have frozens, soft drinks, beer (beer buckets), wine, cocktails. This is a smoking-allowed area.

Wipe Out Bar (36 seats) is a complimentary cafe bar serving the FlowRider deck with drinks and fast food (burgers, fries, hot dogs, pizza, chicken, sandwiches). There is a soft ice cream vending machine. WipeOut Cafe is open for Breakfast (8-11 am) and Lunch (11:30 am - 3:30 pm).

Zip Line (length 82 ft / 25 m, stretched across the Atrium) is complimentary, with weight limit between 75-275 pounds (34-125 kg).

Windjammer Marketplace (Lido Buffet Restaurant)

Windjammer Marketplace (capacity 719 seats) is a complimentary, self-service Lido Buffet restaurant comprised of multiple different-cuisine food stations. Among those are cold/warm salads, soups, fresh panini (sandwiches), vegetarian dishes, fast-food (pizza, pasta, hot-dogs, burgers, french fries), cooked vegetables, sauces and toppings, breads, seafood (incl sushi), egg station (breakfast only, made-to-order omelets and eggs), grill (lunch only, barbecue/carvery meats, cooked-to-order steaks), stir-fries (made-to-order), themed-cuisine specialties, fresh fruits, desserts (incl healthy choices), a separate gluten-free station.

On themed evenings are offered Mexican, Indian, Asian and other international cuisine specialties. The Lido Buffet also has 24-hour operational beverage stations with complimentary drinks (milk, coffee, tea, instant hot chocolate, flavored waters, also juices at breakfast). Windjammer buffet is open for Breakfast (6:30-11 am), Lunch (11 am - 3:30 pm), Afternoon Tea/Snacks (4-5 pm) and Dinner (between 5:30-9 pm).

Windjammer's complimentary "sushi stations" open for dinner-only (at 6:30 pm). Designated chefs continuously prepare fresh sushi (cooked rolls variations, mostly of eel and tuna). There are no nigirizushi or sashimi (with raw meat) or made-to-order items.

FlowRiders (surfing simulators)

Oasis OTS has two aft-located (portside/starboard) FlowRiders - Royal Caribbean's signature surf simulators. Pumps project high-speed water (20-30 mph / 30-50 kph) across a small area creating sheet waves (stationary waves) to simulate ocean surfing. FlowRiders were first created as land-based facilities and were implemented by Royal Caribbean for guests to enjoy traditional surfing and skimboarding on cruise ships.

Royal Caribbean's FlowRider is a complimentary (cruise fare inclusive) facility and reservations are not required. Equipment (bodyboards, flowboards) is provided.

Private surfing lessons are available for booking at additional cost per person. Groups are 6 to 8 guests.

The FlowRider’s minimum height restrictions are 52 inches/132 cm (to use the bodyboard) and 58 inches/147 cm (to use the flowboard). Not allowed are footwear, goggles, go-pro cams.

Guests can surf at the simulator until they fall off the board.

The facility is supervised by sports staff (safety, assistance, advice).

Deck 16 changes after Royal Amplified 2019 refurbishment

Midship on Deck 16, The Lime and Coconut Bar (level 2 of 2) replaced the outdoor venues "Sky Bar" and "Mast Bar". In this sundeck area were also added two whirlpools.

Aft on Deck 16 (entrance point) was installed the 10-floors-high "Ultimate Abyss" (introduced on Harmony OTS).

Ultimate Abyss Dry Slide

Aft on Deck 16 (entrance point) is the 10-story high dry slide "Ultimate Abyss" (introduced on Harmony OTS) - the tallest slide at sea, having height 150 ft (46 m), length 216 ft (66 m) and providing ride speed 9 mph / 14 kph.

Lido Deck is the entry-level. The launch area is located all the way aft (accessible via stairs near Wipeout Cafe) and features a see-through glass platform. Guests take a mat and slide all the way down to the Boardwalk - twisting and turning in a serpentine-like movement. The dry slide ends at the AquaTheatre's pool on deck 6 (aft).

Ultimate Abyss is a spiraling slide with 2 separate cylinders (symmetric to each other, each tube is 2,6 ft / 0,8 m in diameter) made of stainless steel and colored in purple. This is a vertical drop slide located in the Sports Zone's pool (aft-ship location).

The facility is complimentary and advance reservations are not required. The experience starts with a walk across a plank into the jaws of an anglerfish and boarding one of the specially designed mats. Slide mats are colored in black, each with an opening for the feet and a strap to hold on to. Follows the vertical drop (27-degree) some 92 ft / 28 m down to the Boardwalk.

The average sliding time (from the top to the bottom) is 12-13 sec. To avoid injuries (arm and leg burns during the ride) keep the legs straight and elbows in.

The Ultimate Abyss slide is dark inside (the tubes are intransparent) there are special sound effects and lighting produced by around 300 LED lights, as well as various graffiti artworks on the walls.

The dry slide's restrictions are a minimum height 44 inches (112 cm) and max weight 300 pounds (136 kg).