Symphony Of The Seas deck 12 plan (Bridge-Cabins)

Deck layout and review

Review of Symphony Of The Seas deck 12 (Bridge-Cabins)

The fore-located Navigation Bridge/Wheelhouse and the adjacent Captain’s Suite and officers' quarters are inaccessible to passengers.

The aft-located Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine (menu, upper level 2 of 2, open between 6-9:30 pm) is a specialty dining room (at surcharge per person) on 2 decks. The restaurant overlooks the ship’s stern and has its own bar (located on the upper level). Reservations are required. All menus are blank, and guests have to paint them with water-dipped paintbrushes to be able to read them. The Wonderland restaurant’s decor is also unique - with giant keys hanging from the ceiling, mismatched chairs, blown-glass artistic lighting. The cuisine is truly inventive, with popular food and drink recipes being mixed and twisted. The food here (like it or not) is something you most probably have never tried before. Wonderland's upper level (deck 12) is the entry level, with the restaurant’s full-service Bar.

Cruise cabins from 12138 to 12734, including Inside (categories 4V, 2V, 1V, 2J-1J-Central Park View Balcony/midship location, 4I-2I-1I-Boardwalk View Balcony/aft location), Balcony staterooms (categories 6D, 5D, 2D, 1D, 2C-1C-Large) and the rest are Suites (categories J4-Junior, GS-Grand, OS-Owners, VS-Vista, A3-AquaTheater Suite).

deck plan 12 cabins information: Most of the aft balconies offer views of the Aquatheater. Boardwalk View balcony cabins are located above the Boardwalk Neighborhood, so noise could be an issue. Central Park View cabins overlook the ship’s interior. Be advised that all the Boardwalk-Central Park cabins have “interior balconies”, which are not private (can be viewed from verandas located on the opposite side). Category “C2-Central Park Balcony” rooms with larger (double width) verandas are numbers 12229 and 12629 (both located aft of the Living Wall).

A total of 24 elevators (12x forward + 12x aft) provide access all the way to deck 16, while decks 17 and 18 are accessed by 6 lifts.