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Africa - Indian Ocean Islands Cruise Ports Schedules

Africa - Indian Ocean Islands Schedules, terminals, wiki, news, live port maps

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  • Aldabra Atoll cruise port

     Aldabra Atoll

    Aldabra Atoll is the world's second-largest coral atoll - after Kiritimati (Christmas Island). It is part of the Outer Islands (Seychelles) in the Indian Ocean. Aldabra Island is located ...

  • Male cruise port


    Male is an island, port city and the capital of Maldives - an island group of atolls and small islands. Densely settled almost to its very shores, the "island city" has population around 135,000...

  • Toamasina cruise port


    Toamasina (aka Tamatave) is Madagascar's main seaport and the capital city of Atsinanana region. It is located on Madagascar Island's east coast (Indian Ocean). Tamatave is approx 215 km (134 ml...

  • Luanda cruise port


    Luanda is a seaport, largest city and the capital of Angola (south-central Africa). The city has total area approx 113 km2 (44 ml2) and population around 2,83 million. Luanda...

  • Praia cruise port


    Praia is a large seaport and Cape Verde Islands capital city located on Santiago Island (west Africa), with population around 145,000. Santiago Island has a mountainous interior with...

  • Tema Harbour cruise port

     Tema Harbour

    Tema Harbour is a port city in Ghana, located on Africa's Atlantic coast and in Gulf of Guinea. The port is approx 16 ml (25 km) east of the capital city Accra. The metro area has population around...

  • Nosy Be Island cruise port

     Nosy Be Island

    Nosy Be Island (aka Nossi be, Nosse Be) is located off northwest Madagascar. Nosy Be is Madagascar's largest tourist resort destination, with area approx 320 km2 (124 ml2) and population around...

  • La Digue Island cruise port

     La Digue Island

    La Digue Island is Seychelles' 3rd largest by population (around 3,000). It is located west of Felicite Island and east of Praslin. By land area (10 km2 / 4 ml2) it is Seychelles' 5th...

  • Assomption Island cruise port

     Assomption Island

    Assomption Island (aka Assumption) is a small island in Seychelles' Outer Islands (aka Coralline Seychelles) located north of Madagascar, and approx 1135 km (705 ml) southwest of country's...

  • Meemu Atoll cruise port

     Meemu Atoll

    Meemu Atoll (aka Mulaku, Mulak, and Mulakatolhu) is one of Maldives' 19 atolls (ring-shaped groups of coral reefs and small islands). On the Kolhufushi Island there is a...

  • Laamu Atoll cruise port

     Laamu Atoll

    Laamu Atoll (aka Haddhunmathi) is an island and also one of Maldives administrative divisions, with a total of 82 islands and combined population around 12,000. Traditionally, the atoll itself...

  • Baa Atoll cruise port

     Baa Atoll

    Baa Atoll is located in the Maldives' western part. It consists of 75 islands (57 uninhabited, 13 inhabited / population around 12,000), plus 8 island resorts. Baa Atoll is devided in...

  • Abidjan cruise port


    Abidjan is a major pot city and the economic capital of Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire). It is also one of Africa's most populous French-speaking cities. The city covers a total area of approx 2120...

  • Dakar cruise port


    Dakar is a major seaport and the capital city of Senegal (western Africa). The country was a French overseas territory until 1960. Dakar port is on the Cape Verde Peninsula (Africa's westernmost...

  • Grande Soeur Island cruise port

     Grande Soeur Island

    Grande Soeur Island (aka Big Sister Island, and East Sister Island) is part of Seychelles archipelago in Indian Ocean. The isle is private and located north of La Digue Island. Grande Soeur, together...

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