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   November 26, 2015 ,   Ships and Lines

How much does a cruise ship cost to build and how much is the per berth price. See here the largest cruise shipbuilding cost, and of the most expensive cruise ship in the world. You'll see what is the cruise ship cost per day by following the link to the vessel's "itinerary-schedule-position" page at our cruise tracker. This page is integrated with our surveys on the newest ships, ship construction, and drydock refurbishments.

Our unique survey here features, besides covering all the world's major cruise lines ships, also the building cost of cruise ships like MS The World (privately owned floating neighborhood) and of the ominous RMS Titanic. These are not just money questions, but also much fun cruise vessels stuff. And this is why we'll try to give you the best and most accurate answers here - all in one place, on a single page.

After some concise explanations, we give you the list of the world's best passenger cruise ships cost to build by line (operator). This is a huge help since you don't have to search the Internet anymore for a particular ship and its building cost.

How much does the most expensive cruise ship cost?

The cost of building a cruise ship generally depends on the vessel's size, the building shipyard (labor prices, taxes, quality of service), the onboard features (facilities and amenities) and finally - on the economy itself. Lines price the cruise ships building cost by the number of beds (the marine term is "berths").

Cruise Ship Building Cost - CruiseMapper

The most fun fact of all in this category is the berth price of one of the world's most expensive big cruise ships - the most famous Cunard liner RMS Queen Mary 2 (2004-built), with a berth cost of over USD 300,000 - the industry's highest-ever considering its volume/GT tonnage. The main culprits:

  • the QM2 shipbuilder is STX Europe (Saint-Nazaire shipyards in France)
  • high-quality materials
  • unique ship design (this classic ocean liner required around 40% more steel than a standard passenger ship)
  • and finally, the QM2 ship size itself - length 1,132 ft (345 m), width 135 ft (41 m), height 236 ft (72 m) and weight of 151,400 tons. QM2 is also the fastest cruise ship in the world - max speed 35 mph (56 kph) and service/operational speed of 30 mph (48 kph). In comparison, one of the world's largest cruise ships Oasis of the Seas cost per berth is "merely" US$240,000 for its immense weight of 225,300 tons.

Some info on one of the world's most famous passenger ships ever - The World cruise ship.

  • Operated by ResidenSea, this top luxury residential ship (construction cost USD 266 million) offers a one-bedroom apartment at a modest price of around US$2000 per night. Purchasing an apartment on board this ship is a quite different matter.
  • The World cruise ship apartment cost (if some of the current owners decide to sell) is a pretty big suitcase deal - the lucky buyer will say a big "goodbye" to USD 2 million to over 15 million (depending on size and deck location) and a hearty "hello" to a ship cabin property of respectively around 620 ft2 to over 4300 ft2.
  • Additionally to this "initial spending", the lucky owner will be charged an annual maintenance fee ranging from USD 60,000 to USD 0,5+ million, again depending on the property.

How much does the world's most expensive cruise ship cost? The Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas ship cost to build is USD 1,4 billion, closely followed by its sister the Allure ship - USD 1,2 billion. And while speaking of 1,2 billion dollars, and just in case someone asks "what is the cost of the most expensive yacht in the world". The world's most expensive cruise yacht costs the exact amount of money, and it's a private property of Roman Abramovich. For its 558 ft in length (170 m) the owner of the Chelsea Football Club paid the same USD 1,2 billion, while the yacht's actual construction cost is "only" USD 485 million. But the fun doesn't stop there. A week-long charter of the Eclipse Yacht costs the USD 2 million, but a 5000 ft2 (465 m2) master suite is included in the price, along with all the 70+ crew, 2 helicopter pads, 11 guest staterooms, 2 swimming pools, 3-speed boats, and naturally - a small submarine. About the security? How does a defense system capable of launching missiles sounds to you?

What was the cost of the RMS Titanic? Back in 1912, the Titanic ship cost to build was USD 7,5 million (current dollar value ~USD 400 million/2021). Sadly, this huge investment in the world's first mega cruise ship (tonnage 46,300 GT) turned out to be a real disaster - the Titanic ship sailed only once and never finished its "bigger than God" voyage.

How much do cruise ships cost?

All the world's big to biggest cruise ships cost in millions of US dollars, ordered alphabetically by the name of the cruise company operating the vessel. And only in this article - the building cost of cruise ships per berth (bed).

Next time you'll know exactly for how much (as a percentage) you rent a costly cruise ship accommodation on your budget-priced or luxury ship vacation. Not to forget, there are also food, service, entertainment and numerous amenities and activities that are usually included in your fares/ticket prices.

Passenger Ships by LineYear BuiltVolume (GT tons)Capacity (passengers)Cost to Build (millions USD)Building Cost per Berth (USD)
AIDA Cruises-----
AZAMARA Cruises-----
Azamara Quest200030,280710$150$196,000
Azamara Journey200030,280710$150$196,000
Azamara Onward200230,300710$150$196,000
Azamara Pursuit200130,280710$150$200,000
CCL-CARNIVAL Cruise Line-----
Carnival Breeze2012130,0003690$740$158,000
Carnival Celebration2022183,9005374$950$177,000
Carnival Conquest2002110,0002974$500$132,000
Carnival Sunshine-Destiny1996/2013101,3502642

$400 / $155 refit (2013)

Carnival Dream2009130,0003646$740$160,000
Carnival Ecstasy199170,4002056$275$104,000
Carnival Elation199870,4002052$300$114,000
Carnival Fantasy199070,4002056$225$85,000
Carnival Fascination199470,4002052$315$120,000
Carnival Freedom2007110,0002974$500$138,000
Carnival Glory2003110,0002974$500$138,000
Carnival Horizon2018133,5004700$800$170,000
Carnival Imagination199570,4002052$330$125,000
Carnival Inspiration199670,4002052$270$103,000
Carnival Legend200288,5002124$375$140,000
Carnival Liberty2005110,0002974$500$138,000
Carnival Magic2011130,0003690$740$158,000
Carnival Mardi Gras2020180,8005282$950$180,000
Carnival Miracle200488,5002124$375$140,000
Carnival Panorama2019133,5004700$780$166,000
Carnival Paradise199870,4002052$300$114,000
Carnival Pride200288,5002124$375$140,000
Carnival Sensation199370,4002052$300$114,000
Carnival Spirit200185,9002124$375$140,000
Carnival Splendor2008113,3003006$700$137,000
Carnival Sunrise-Triumph1999101,5002758$420 / $200 refit (2019)$126,000
Carnival Valor2004110,0002974$500$138,000
Carnival Radiance-Victory2000101,5002758$410 / $200 refit (2021)$123,000
Carnival Vista2016133,5004716$800$170,000
Grand Celebration198747,2601486$130$68,000
Grand Holiday198546,0501452$170$65,000
Grand Mistral199948,2001248$245$153,000
CELEBRITY Cruises-----
Celebrity Apex2021129,5003260$900$276,000
Celebrity Beyond2022129,5003276$900$275,000
Celebrity Constellation200291,0002034$350$137,000
Celebrity Eclipse2010122,0002850$640$203,000
Celebrity Edge2018129,5003370$900$267,000
Celebrity Equinox2009122,0002850$640$203,000
Celebrity Flora20195,740120$75$625,000 (expensive)
Celebrity Infinity200191,0002046$350$137,000
Celebrity Millennium200090,2402034$350$138,000
Celebrity Reflection2012122,4003030$640$196,000
Celebrity Silhouette2011122,4002886$640$203,000
Celebrity Solstice2008122,0002850$640$203,000
Celebrity Summit200190,3002034$350$137,000
COSTA Cruises-----
Costa Atlantica200085,6002114$335$125,000
Costa neoClassica199253,0001308$290$173,000
Costa Concordia (sank 2012)2006114,1403000$565$149,000
Costa Deliziosa201092,7002260$550$195,000
Costa Diadema2014132,5004520$735$163,000
Costa Fascinosa2012114,5003000$565$149,000
Costa Favolosa2011114,5003016$565$149,000
Costa Firenze2021135,2254232$780$184,000
Costa Fortuna2003101,3502702$380$110,000
Costa Luminosa200992,7002260$550$195,000
Costa Magica2004102,6002702$420$120,000
Costa Mediterranea200385,6002114$335$125,000
Costa neoRiviera199948,2001500$240$160,000
Costa neoRomantica199353,0001576$325$168,000
Costa Pacifica2009114,5003008$565$149,000
Costa Serena2007114,1503000$565$149,000
Costa Smeralda2019183,9006520$950$146,000
Costa Toscana20211839005322$950$179,000
Costa Venezia2019135,5005260$780$148,000
Costa Victoria199676,0001928$390$163,000
(GHK) CRYSTAL Cruises-----
Crystal Endeavor201825,000200$960$4.800,000
Crystal Serenity200368,8701096$350$276,000
Crystal Symphony199531,050952$250$246,000
NYK Asuka II (Crystal Harmony)199150,140872$240$259,000
NYK Asuka III202552,200744$625$840,000
ms Queen Elizabeth201092,0002092$634$276,000
RMS Queen Mary 22004151,4002592$800$302,000
ms Queen Victoria200790,0001980$522$243,000
DISNEY Cruises-----
Disney Dream2011128,0002500$900$225,000
Disney Fantasy2012128,0002500$940$235,000
Disney Magic199883,0001754$350$146,000
Disney Wish20221440002500$$
Disney Wonder199985,0001,754$350$146,000
MS Bolette (MS Amsterdam)200062,7351380$400$241,000
MS Borealis (MS Rotterdam)199761,8501404$250$145,000
ms Balmoral198843,5401,230$180$243,900
ms Black Watch197228,620820$50$119,000
ms Boudicca197228,400900$23$51,100
ms Braemar199324,350930$86$177,700
Hapag-Lloyd Cruises-----
ms Europa199928890408$157$385,000
Europa 2201342830516$360$698,000
Hanseatic Nature201915540199$155$779,000 (world's most expensive)
Hanseatic Inspiration201915540199$155$779,000
Hanseatic Spirit202115540199$155$779,000
ms Eurodam200886,3002104$450$175,000
ms Koningsdam201699,5002650$550$208,000
ms Maasdam199355,6001258$215$140,000
ms Nieuw Amsterdam201086,7002106$450$175,000
ms Nieuw Statendam201899,5003194$520$163,000
ms Noordam200682,3001918$400$170,000
ms Oosterdam200382,3001916$400$170,000
ms Prinsendam200238,000835$125$137,000
ms Nieuw Rotterdam202199,8002668$520$195,000
ms Veendam199657,1001350$215$132,000
ms Volendam199961,2001432$300$172,000
ms Westerdam200482,3001916$400$170,000
ms Zaandam200061,4001432$300$172,000
ms Zuiderdam200282,3001916$400$170,000
MSC Cruises-----
MSC Armonia200158,1801554$245$117,000
MSC Bellissima2019171,6005700$950$167,000
MSC Divina2012139,0003502$550$126,000
MSC Euribia20231815414828$850$176,000
MSC Europa20222057005264$1,255 billion$238,000
MSC Fantasia2008137,9403274$550$139,000
MSC Grandiosa20191815414888$850$174,000
MSC Lirica200358,8301560$266$129,000
MSC Magnifica201093,3302518$550$149,000
MSC Meraviglia2017171,6005700$950$167,000
MSC Musica200689,6002550$360$120,000
MSC Opera200459,0601712$266$129,000
MSC Orchestra200789,6002550$360$120,000
MSC Poesia200893,3302550$360$120,000
MSC Preziosa2013139,4003502$550$126,000
MSC Seaside2017153,5164134$745$180,000
MSC Seascape2022169,5004540$1 billion$220,000
MSC Seashore2021169,5004540$1 billion$220,000
MSC Seaview2018153,5164134$745$180,000
MSC Sinfonia200258,8301554$245$117,000
MSC Splendida2009130,0003274$550$139,000
MSC Virtuosa20211815414810$850$177,000
MSC World Europa20222057005264$1,255 billion$238,000
MSC Explora fleet (1,2,3,4)2023-24-25-2664000tba$$
NCL-NORWEGIAN Cruise Line-----
Norwegian Bliss2018164,6004200$920$219,000
Norwegian Breakaway2013144,0004000$840$165,000
Norwegian Dawn200292,2502340$400$97,000
Norwegian Encore2019167,8004200$920$219,000
Norwegian Epic2010155,9004228$1,2 billion$230,000
Norwegian Escape2015163,0004200$920$219,000
Norwegian Gem200793,5302394$390$109,000
Norwegian Getaway2014143,5004000$780$195,000
Norwegian Jade200693,5602402$390$108,000
Norwegian Jewel200593,5002376$390$109,000
Norwegian Joy2017167,4004400$920$209,000
Norwegian Pearl200693,5302460$390$109,000
Norwegian Prima20221425003215$850$264,000
Norwegian Sky199977,1002004$330$123,000
Norwegian Spirit200475,4002018$350$138,000
Norwegian Star200191,7402348$400$96,000
Norwegian Sun200178,3001936$330$111,000
Pride of America200580,4402138$450$184,000
OCEANIA Cruises-----
P&O Cruises UK-----
mv Arcadia200586,8002016$400$189,000
mv Arvia2022184,7005206$950$182,000
mv Aurora200076,1501870$375$192,000
mv Azura2010115,0603100$700$196,000
mv Britannia2015141,0004370$770$176,000
mv Iona2021184,0005206$950$182,000
mv Oceana200377,5002016$300$132,000
mv Oriana199569,1501880$320$162,000
mv Ventura2008116,0003076$700$196,000
Pacific Aria199455,8201260$220$174,600
Pacific Dawn200770,3001596$277$137,000
Pacific Eden199355,8201260$220$174,600
Pacific Explorer199777,5001950$300$154,000
Pacific Jewel200970,3001668$277$145,000
Phoenix Reisen-----
ms Amadea199128,860604$150$248,000
ms Artania198444,6601260$165$131,000
ms Deutschland199822496520$125$240,000
PRINCESS Cruises-----
Caribbean Princess2004113,0003096$500$129,000
Coral Princess200391,6001974$360$141,000
Crown Princess2006113,0003070$500$130,000
Diamond Princess2004115,9002674$400$121,000
Discovery Princess2022143,7003668$760$207,000
Enchanted Princess2021143,7003668$760$207,000
Emerald Princess2007113,0003066$500$130,000
Golden Princess2001109,6002592$450$141,000
Grand Princess1998109,0002588$450$141,000
Island Princess200391,6001974$360$141,000
Majestic Princess2017143,0003560$760$213,000
Regal Princess2014141,0003600$760$211,000
Royal Princess2013139,0003600$735$175,000
Ruby Princess2008116,0003068$500$130,000
Sapphire Princess2004116,002674$400$121,000
Sea Princess199877,5002016$300$126,000
Sky Princess2019142,7004272$760$178,000
Star Princess2001109,0002592$450$141,000
Sun Princess199877,7002016$300$127,000
RSSC-REGENT Seven Seas Cruises-----
Seven Seas Explorer201655254754$450$609,000
Seven Seas Grandeur202355254754$478$634,000 (expensive)
Seven Seas Mariner200148,100708$240$311,000
Seven Seas Navigator199928,550506$200$367,000
Seven Seas Splendor202055254754$450$542,800
Seven Seas Voyager200342,400706$240$316,000
RCI-ROYAL CARIBBEAN International     
Adventure of the Seas2001137,3003114$500$131,000
Allure of the Seas2010225,2805412$1,43 billion$240,000
Anthem of the Seas2015167,0004180$950$227,000
Brilliance of the Seas200290,1002110$350$140,000
Empress Of The Seas199048,5601870$170$90,900
Enchantment of the Seas199780,7002252$300$110,000
Explorer of the Seas2000137,3003110$500$130,000
Freedom of the Seas2006154,4003634$800$183,000
Grandeur of the Seas199674,1301950$300$123,000
Harmony Of The Seas2016227,0006780$1,35 billion$199,000
Icon of the Seas2024250,8005610$2 billion$356,000
Independence of the Seas2008154,4003634$830$190,000
Jewel of the Seas200490,0902112$350$140,000
Liberty of the Seas2007154,4003634$800$183,000
Majesty of the Seas199273,9402390$300$109,000
Mariner of the Seas2003138,3003114$500$131,000
Navigator of the Seas2002138,3003114$500$131,000
Oasis of the Seas2009225,2805412$1,3 billion$240,000
Odyssey of the Seas2021169,3004284$750$175,000
Ovation Of The Seas2016167,8004820$1,1 billion$228,000
Quantum of the Seas2014158,0004100$950$231,000
Radiance of the Seas200190,1002139$350$138,000
Rhapsody of the Seas199778,5001998$275$114,000
Serenade of the Seas200390,1002112$350$140,000
Spectrum of the Seas2019168,6704246$940$221,000
Star of the Seas2025250,8005610$2 billion$356,000
Symphony of the Seas2018230,0006870$1,35 billion$196,500
Vision of the Seas199878,5001998$275$114,000
Voyager of the Seas1999137,3003114$500$130,000
Wonder of the Seas2022228,0805518$1,35 billion$244,600
Utopia of the Seas2024236,8605634$1,35 billion$240,000
SAGA Cruises-----
Saga Pearl II198118,590446$55$123,000
Saga Sapphire198237,300752$120$104,000
Spirit of Adventure202055,900999$350$350,000
Spirit of Discovery201955,900999$350$350,000
SEABOURN Cruises-----
Seabourn Encore201640,350640$380$594,000
Seabourn Odyssey200932,350450$250$540,000
Seabourn Ovation201840,350650$380$585,000
Seabourn Quest201132,350450$250$540,000
Seabourn Sojourn201032,350450$250$540,000
Seabourn Venture202123,000264$225$852,000
SEADREAM Yacht Club-----
SeaDream I198443,300110$34$309,000
SeaDream II198543,300110$34$309,000
SeaDream Innovation (canceled)202315,600220$210$954,000 (world's most expensive
SILVERSEA Cruises-----
Silver Dawn202140,700690$380$550,000
Silver Explorer19896,070132$50$316,000
Silver Cloud199416,800302$125$373,000
Silver Dawn202140,700576$380$660,000
Silver Moon202040,700690$380$550,000
Silver Muse201740,700690$380$550,000
Silver Origin20215,800102$75$735,000
Silver Shadow200028,260388$150$350,000
Silver Spirit200936,000540$250$412,000
Silver Whisper200128,260388$150$350,000
Silver Wind199517,400298$125$371,000
(GHK) STAR Cruises-----
Star Pisces199040,0501168$100$59,000
SuperStar Aquarius199351,0401530$240$111,000
SuperStar Gemini199250,7602150$240$112,000
SuperStar Libra198842,2801476$120$67,000
SuperStar Virgo199975,3401964$350$115,000
TUI MARELLA Cruises (Thomson UK)-----
Marella Celebration198434,0001250$160$119,000
Marella Dream198654,7601506$150$86,000
Thomson Majesty / Celestyal Majesty199240,8801970$230$117,000
Thomson Spirit198433,9301254$150$111,000
Marella Discovery (Splendour of the Seas)199669,4702070$280$135,000
Marella Discovery 2 (Legend of the Seas)199569,4702200$280$127,000
Marella Explorer (TUI Mein Schiff 1)199677,0002680$320$119,000
Marella Explorer 2 (Celebrity Century)199572,4601814$450$248,000
TUI Cruises-----
Mein Schiff 12018111,5002534$625$247,000
Mein Schiff 22019111,5002534$625$247,000
Mein Schiff 3201499,3002500$625$250,000
Mein Schiff 4201599,3002506$525$210,000
Mein Schiff 5201699,8002534$625$247,000
Mein Schiff 6201799,8002534$625$247,000
Mein Schiff 72023111,5002534$625$247,000
Mein Schiff 82024111,5002534$625$247,000
(ResidenSea) MS The World200243,520385$366$185,000
(White Star Line) RMS Titanic ship cost191246,3002435$7,5 ($176 in 2012/$400 in 2021)$3,080 ($72K/$164K)
(Blue Star Line) Titanic 2 ship202256,0002345$500$213,000

In our world's current economic situation of uncertainty and stagnation, most cruise companies prefer to renovate ships rather than building new ones. The cost of cruise lines refurbishments and ship renovation programs may reach close to half a billion dollars.

Among the most mind-boggling examples of huge fleet-upgrade spending are Holland America's SOE ("Signature of Excellence") program (budgeted USD 450 million) and Carnival's Fun Ship 2.0 upgrades and ship enhancements (total budget USD 800 million). Generally, such renovations include either major refits and improvements ("upgrades" of older vessels with the company's signature facilities, amenities, and programs) or regularly scheduled drydock refurbishments.

Another famous example is the "Fun Ship 1.0" upgrades of all old Carnival Fantasy-class fleet - 8 ships, USD 250 million. RCCL's Celebrity Cruises started its over USD 200 million one-ship-per-year renovation program in 2010 (including 4 Millennium-class liners).