What is the Biggest Cruise Ship in the World?

By ,   November 26, 2015 ,   Ships and Lines

What is the biggest cruise ship in the world, and the answer to "how big is the world's largest passenger ship ever"? Integrated with biggest cruise ships list, How to Buy a Cruise ShipOasis ship cruise itinerary-schedule-current position and Allure ship cruise itinerary-schedule-current location.

Biggest cruise ship in the world - ever built!worlds biggest cruise ship Oasis of the Seas Inaugural

Biggest cruise ship passenger capacity

The world's largest cruise ship passenger capacity is over 8,500 guests-crew-officers, and she's nothing short of a floating city. The biggest passenger ships in the world are actually two identical twins. They are sister vessels of the Oasis-class, belong to the second largest cruise company in the world - Royal Caribbean International, and bare the "modest" (and quite proper, for that matter) names of "Allure", "Oasis" and "Harmony". And, naturally, like all the Royal Caribbean cruise ships names - with the "unpretentious" suffix "of the Seas".

Our world's biggest passenger ships are absolute marvels of modern engineering, sea vessel architecture and design, comfort and safety. And on top of that - some of the most cheap cruise ships in the world as to their tickets prices.

Biggest cruise ship size comparison, speed, cost to buildworlds largest cruise ship Oasis of the Seas size comparison

As to their dimensions, each of Allure and Oasis vessels boasts the unimaginable cruise ship weight of nearly 225,300 gross tons (225,282 GT, to be precised, and even more for the Harmony ship - 227,700 tons!), the whole 362 m (1,187 ft) in length overall (LOA), and waterline width of 47 m (154 ft), the extreme breadth being over 60 m (198 ft). Speaking of the ship's actual mass (called displacement), it's estimated as approximately 100,000 tons (the hull alone weighs about 54,000). Surpassing all passenger ship standards, the "decency" of the passenger ships building costs, and all previous conceptions of a  ship vacation in general, these two will be probably the only cruising mastodons of such immense size, for probably at least a decade ahead.

Another interesting "largest cruise ship statistics" include above waterline height of 72 m (236 ft), depth 22,6 m (74 ft), 16 passenger decks, draft (draught) 9,3 m (31 ft), cruising/service speed of 22,6 knots (26 mph, 42 km/h), and the detailed cruise ships capacity is 5,400 guests at double occupancy (max 6,296), and officers+crew 2,165. The biggest cruise ship propulsion system guarantees the perfect maneuverability by 3 rotatable AZIPOD thrusters (suspended under the ship's stern), each with a huge electric motor, and a 6 m (20 ft) propeller. The ship offers great stability due to its enormous size. And in times of need - there are 18 lifeboats on-board, each with capacity of 370 people.

As to the world's biggest passenger ship accommodations, she has some of the largest suites at sea, measuring 150 m2 (over 1,600 sq-ft, balcony included). Another most special features are the 7 "neighborhoods" (theme-park like areas), 5 large swimming pools, a huge casino, full-size volleyball and basketball courts, numerous bars and lounges. And as you've noticed already, everything is hugely huge - along with the facilities, quality of service, dining options, and the FUN.

Royal Caribbean Oasis cruise ship details infographicThese artificial phenomena (as opposed to natural) were manufactured in the yards of "STX Europe" in Turku (Finland) and France (Harmony), at the "unexcessive" cruise ship cost of US $1,4 billion dollars for Oasis. The "discounted" price for the Allure was US $1,2 billion, and for the Harmony - US $1,35 billion. The Oasis ship was the forerunner, and the herald of the "Era of the Hugest" - ordered in 2006, and making her maiden voyage in the end of the not-so-distant 2009 (Dec 5th). The Allure ship was launched in 2010 (maiden voyage Dec 1st).

And, as a final note, if you really insist on what is the biggest cruise passenger ship in the world - in singular, the correct answer is MS Harmony of the Seas - she is 2,15 m longer. That's what the official cruise ship data has to say, and you can share this via the social buttons.