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Aurora Botnia ferry current location is at Baltic Sea (coordinates 63.08767 N / 21.55388 E) cruising en route to VAASA-UMEA-VAASA. The AIS position was reported 3 minutes ago.

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Specifications of Aurora Botnia ferry

Year of build2021  /  Age: 3
Flag state Finland
BuilderRMC-Rauma Marine Constructions (Rauma, Finland)
Ferry route / homeportsVaasa-Umea (Finland-Sweden)
Building costEUR 120 million (USD 141 million)
Speed20 kn / 37 km/h / 23 mph
Length (LOA)150 m / 492 ft
Beam (width)26 m / 85 ft
Gross Tonnage24300 gt
Passengers800 - 1000
Freight vehicles100
Decks with cabins2
Christened byCatarina Fant
OwnerNLC Ferry AB Oy
OperatorKvarken Link AB (via Wasaline)

Aurora Botnia ferry Review

Review of Aurora Botnia ferry

The 2021-built MS Aurora Botnia ferry is a Ro-Ro passenger vessel owned and operated by the Finnish company WASALINE. The ship has a max capacity of 1000 passengers, 300 cars and 100 trucks (or 50 trailers) The vessel (IMO 9878319) is Finland-flagged (MMSI 230040000) and currently operates on the Finland-Sweden ferry route Vaasa-Umea (crossing time 3,5-4 hours).

Wasaline's Vaasa-Umea service started on January 3, 2013, with the ship Wasa Express (1981-built, IMO 8000226).


As cruise ferry, Aurora Botnia has 68 cabins (double and quads/max capacity 4 passengers), located on two decks. All staterooms are air-conditioned, with en-suite bathrooms (WC-toilet, washbasin, shower) and smart TVs. Staterooms are in four categories/types:

  • B4-Inside (18 quad cabins)
  • A4-Outside (29x quad cabins)
  • H2-Handicap (2x double wheelchair-accessible cabins adapted for passengers with disabilities)
  • P4 (5x quad "pet cabins" for passengers traveling with dogs/cats, with linoleum flooring)

All cabins are fitted with bunk beds (wall-mounted, one of the beds doubles as sofa), mirrored vanity table (writing desk with chair and round mirror), open closet (clothes- and suitcase storage space), en-suite bathrooms (angled sink, wall-mounted toilet, shower cubicle, hairdryer), keycard access. The ferry company provides complimentary bed linens, towels, toiletries, WiFi.

The boat additionally offers Reserved Seating (total 76 seats) available for pre-booking. The reserved seats are located in two bar lounges - Business Lounge (34-seat, on deck 8) and Comfort Lounge (42-seat, on deck 7). Tickets with reserved seating are price-inclusive of beverages (coffee, tea) and newspapers.

All passengers must vacate their staterooms 30 min prior to homeport arrival. Passenger registration ends 1 hour prior to ferry departure.

Aurora Botnia ferry ship (WASALINE)

Shipboard dining and entertainment options

As facilities, the SILJA MySTAR ship offers:

  • (deck 7) Wasaline Shop is a combined boutique-convenient store selling beverages, brand perfumes and cosmetics, fashion and travel accessories, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, local (Finnish and Swedish) merchandise, confectionery and gourmet sweets, alcohol (spirits, wines, beers) and tobacco products, toys, electronics and gadgets, special occasion gifts and souvenirs, books.
  • (deck 7) Kids Playroom is an indoor playground for children fitted with plenty of games and toys, TVs (for watching cartoons and kids shows, also used for playing video games), dry slide. At the Playroom are also offered complimentary fun activities supervised by a certified youth staff.
  • (deck 7) A La Carte Restaurant offers 3-course meals and also doubles as Steakhouse and Wine Bar. An extensive wine menu is seasonally changed and has listed popular brands from France (including Champagne Palmer, Chateau Maucoil), Italy, Spain, Germany (Garda and Pfalz regions), New Zealand.
  • (deck 7) Wasaline Cafe sells various beverages (including brand coffee), snacks, quick bites.
  • (deck 7) Information Desk (Reception), ATM / cash machine. A nurse can be also reached thru the Reception. Small lockers are also available for valuables.
  • (deck 7 forward/bow-facing) Comfort Lounge (42-seats) is furnished with recliners/aircraft-type seats.
  • (deck 8 forward/bow-facing) Business Lounge (34-seats) is furnished with 4-seat low tables and eco-leather armchairs and served by its own Bar.
  • (deck 8) Pet Lounge (aft), Sundeck area (aft), Navigation Bridge/Wheelhouse (forward)
  • (deck 9) Midship is the Heli Deck with a helipad - helicopter landing area used in cases of emergency.

All onboard dining venues are licensed and also cater for special diets.

On Sundeck and in most public spaces can be seen Wasaline's whale mascot "Wenni the Harbour Porpoise".

During most crossings, the ship's lounges host live music performances by local singers and bands.

WiFi is with shipwide coverage and offered free of charge to all passengers and during the whole voyage.

Aurora Botnia ferry ship (WASALINE)

All onboard emergency instructions are displayed in staterooms, on the TV screens and at the assembly stations (aka muster stations). Life jackets are issued at the assembly stations. In case of emergency, the use of elevators/passenger lifts is forbidden.

WASALINE deals and pricing

WASALINE currently offers the following packages:

  • Ski packages are offered in Finland (via partnership with Are Village SkiStar Vacation Club) and in Sweden - Hemavan (9x ski lifts, 27 slopes) and Tarnaby (5x ski lifts, 13x slopes).
  • Cruise and Hotel packages are offered from both Umea and Vaasa.

WASALINE ferry prices range between EUR 15-154. Toddlers and kids ages 0-5 travel for free. Commercial vehicles must be booked as freight. Motorbikes with sidecars are priced as cars (with max length 6 m).

  • Adults (EUR 36)
  • Children ages 6-17 (EUR 15)
  • Seniors/students (EUR 27)
  • Pets (EUR 5)
  • VEHICLES - cars with max length 6 m and max height 2,5 m (EUR 55), car campers/minivans with max length 9 m (EUR 110), vehicles with max length 12 m(EUR 154), vehicles longer than 12 m (EUR 187)
  • Motorcycles (EUR 35), bicycles (EUR 7)
  • CAR PACKAGES are priced from EUR 135 (1x car + 4 passengers).
  • Reserved seating prices are SEAT LOUNGE (EUR 9), BUSINESS LOUNGE (EUR 14).
  • CABINS cost EUR 54-55 (Outside) and EUR 47-48 (Inside).
  • DAY CRUISE CABINS cost EUR 65 (outside cabins) and EUR 58 (inside cabin).
  • DAY CRUISES cost EUR 41 (per adult) and EUR 20 (per kid/children ages 6-17).
  • DAY CRUISE CAR PACKAGE costs EUR 160 (1x vehicle + 4 passengers).

Discounted group pricing is offered for passengers with a group booking (minimum 20 tickets). Discounted pricing also receive students and pensioners.

By the company's loyalty program are offered savings of 5% (Silver level) and 10% (Gold level).

Car decks

The access to the lower Garage Deck is via two ramps - Aft (length 15 m / 50 ft) and Forward (length 6 m / 20 ft). The ramps are used for loading/offloading both passenger and cargo vehicles (stored in separate garages/on 2 levels/cargo decks, with 2 entry/exit lanes that can be used simultaneously to expedite the wheeled traffic).

Vehicles are stored on 2 decks - Deck 3 (capacity 737 lanemeters) and Deck 5 (capacity 770 lanemeters).

Follows a list of car decks related safety procedures:

  • Disabled passengers or those requiring specific assistance should visit the ship's Information Desk (open 24-hours).
  • Apply handbrake and place the vehicle in park or 1st gear position. Switch off the ignition, alarm, electrical equipment, headlights. Gas cylinders, if any, must be switched off. Lock the vehicle.
  • From your vehicle take only valuables and essential hand baggage.
  • Make a note of your vehicle's location and garage deck number/stairway before leaving the car deck.
  • Access to the ship's vehicle (cargo) decks during the voyage is prohibited.
  • Smoking on vehicle decks, as well as in cabins and passenger lounges is forbidden.
  • Wait for the onboard announcement before returning to your vehicle.
  • In order to avoid air pollution, don't start the engine until instructed.

For technical information and service history see the ship's Wiki section.

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Aurora Botnia ferry Wiki

The vessel's construction started in September 2019 at RMC (Rauma Marine Constructions) shipyard in Rauma Finland. The keel-laying ceremony was on February 13, 2020. The ship was launched/floated out from drydock on September 11 (2020) and Baltic Sea trials were conducted in June 2021. The cruise ship was officially delivered to NLC Ferry AB Oy (shipowner) on August 25, 2021. The 2-year shipbuilding project cost EUR 120 million (~USD 141M). RMC's Project Manager for "Aurora Botnia" was Johanna Kaijo.

The cruise ship's christening ceremony was on August 25, 2021, held dockside at Port Vaasa. The naming ceremony was led by godmother Catarina Fant (Wasaline's Director Brand & Communications, Kvarken Link's Head of Marketing). The ceremony was attended by Jyrki Heinimaa (RMC's CEO and President) and Peter Stahlberg (Wasaline's CEO). The Maiden Voyage (from Vaasa to Umea) departed on August 28th.

The vessel's design was developed by Deltamarin Ltd (Turku Finland-based company specializing in ship design, offshore engineering and construction support). The ship's name was chosen via an online naming contest (~2500 submissions) and was officially announced on December 20, 2019, by Bertil Hammarstedt (Kvarken Link's CEO).

While in ports, Aurora Botnia operates on battery power (electricity stored in batteries onboard) and while berthed the ship uses shorepower (electricity supply from the city's power grid). The four dual-fuel engines (model Wartsila 31DF/turbocharged) run on both LNG (liquefied natural gas) and LBG (liquefied biogas/ mixture of methane and CO2 produced from raw materials - agricultural waste, manure, plants/green/food waste, municipal waste, sewage).

The Wartsila Intelligent Combustion Monitoring system is a smart/AI technology allowing real-time monitoring and management of the main engines, as well as predictive maintenance support (identifies potential faults before they happen). Wartsila NACOS MULTIPILOT Platinum is a navigation control system.

The vessel has an ice-strengthen hull (ice-class "1A Super", which allows year-round Baltic Sea operations) and max draft/draught 6,1 m (20 ft). The freight capacity is 1500 lanemeters (storage space for wheeled cargoes, trucks and cars). The LNG bunkering/fueling is in Port Vaasa and provided by Gasum Oy (Finnish state-owned energy company). For Wasaline's ferry operations, in 2021 Gasum started the construction (on Vaskiluoto Island) of a new LNG terminal.

The onboard batteries (by Leclanche Marine) have storage capacity 2,2 MWh and are used during in-port navigation and maneuvering when the ship's hotel operations use minimum electricity.

  • The batteries can be charged via the powerplant and also via a shoreside power plug-in system.
  • Danfoss Drives was contracted for the ship's propeller control and battery connection systems.

As part of the ferry company's sustainable program, the ship is equipped with modern dual-fuel engines (running on renewable fuels).

  • All interior decorations (staterooms and public areas) are from recycled materials, including tabletops and counters (made from recycled plastic) and carpets and curtains (made with fibers from recycled fishing nets).
  • The ship is fitted with a WHRS (Waste Heat Recovery System) which is a power system that uses waste heat from the main engines to generate electricity.
  • Other "green technologies" include Evac OWMS (vacuum-based food waste management system), Evac Ecotrap (grease separator), 2x UBP 80 (cardboard baling presses).

The propulsion system is based on 2x ABB azipods (submerged electrical azimuthing/360-degree rotating tunnel thrusters). The hybrid propulsion system also includes gensets (electricity generators), drives, energy storage, switchboards, shoreside power switchgear, energy management and propulsion control systems provided by WE Airsoft and installed by WE Tech Solutions.

Aurora Botnia ferry ship propulsion-power system infographic

In October 2019 was contracted Merima Oy to build the ship's public areas, all cabins, most of the machinery rooms as well as the HVAC system (heat-ventilation-airconditioning). For the interior spaces' design was contracted Kudos Design. For the Fire Suppression System (HI-FOG, consisting of 1000+ sprinklers) was contracted Marioff Corporation Oy. For the onboard satellite Internet and communication equipment was contracted AecorLink AB.

The ship's emergency evacuation system (1x evacuation chute, 1x automatically inflating liferaft) was provided by Viking Life-Saving Equipment. Instead of several traditional-design lifeboats (mechanically deployed), Aurora Botnia has only one lifeboat (max capacity 150 passengers) which deployment requires only 4 crew and takes ~10 minutes.