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Akademik Tryoshnikov icebreaker current location is at Baltic Sea (coordinates 59.88992 N / 30.23338 E) cruising en route to Saint Petersburg. The AIS position was reported 16 minutes ago.

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Specifications of Akademik Tryoshnikov icebreaker

Year of build2012  /  Age: 12
Flag state Russia
BuilderJSC Admiralty Shipyards (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
ClassRussian icebreaker (Project 22280)
Ferry route / homeportsSankt-Petersburg
Building costRUB 5 billion (USD 165M / EUR 115M)
Engines (power)Wartsila (16.8 MW / 22529 hp)
Propulsion power14.2 MW / 19043 hp
Speed16 kn / 30 km/h / 18 mph
Length (LOA)134 m / 440 ft
Beam (width)23 m / 75 ft
Gross Tonnage12711 gt
Decks with cabins2
Last Refurbishment2021
OwnerRussian Federation
OperatorAARI (Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute)

Akademik Tryoshnikov icebreaker Review

Review of Akademik Tryoshnikov icebreaker

The 2012-built RV Akademik Tryoshnikov ("ледокол Академик Трёшников") is an icebreaking research vessel (RV/корабль) owned and operated by AARI ("Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute" / "Арктический и антарктический научно-исследовательский институт", abbreviated as "ААНИИ"). AARI is located in Sankt-Petersburg and is the oldest and largest research institute in the Russian Federation in the field of comprehensive studies of Arctic and Antarctica. The other AARI-operated icebreaker is Akademik Fyodorov (1987-built).

The vessel (IMO number 9548536) is Russia-flagged (MMSI 273359440) and registered in Sankt-Petersburg.

Akademik Tryoshnikov icebreaker ship

Akademik Tryoshnikov's shipbuilder is JSC "Admiralty Shipyards" in St-Petersburg, Russia (Адмиралтейские верфи, part of ОСК-Объединённая судострои́тельная корпора́ция). The vessel was ordered on December 1, 2008, the keel-laying ceremony was on June 30, 2009, the launch/float out from drydock was on March 29, 2011.

The ship was officially delivered and commissioned on October 10, 2012. The delivery ceremony was attended by Dmitry Medvedev (Russia's Prime Minister at the time).


The 5-day Baltic Sea trials were conducted in the Gulf of Finland (August 2012), under the command of Captain Sergey Lukyanov. The Maiden Voyage to Antarctica (111-day roundtrip itinerary) departed Russia in December 2012 as part of the 58th Antarctic Expedition. Sea trials (machinery tests, ice-breaking capacity, maneuverability) in heavy ice conditions were conducted off King George Island (near the Bellingshausen Base).

  • In 2014, Tryoshnikov had two Antarctic voyages - in February-May (part of the 59th Antarctic Expedition) and in July-October.
  • In November 2016 (as part of 62nd RAE) the vessel was boarded by 49x students (from Australia, France, Germany, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, UK, USA, Reunion) plus 16 researchers/scientists (from South Africa, Switzerland, Russia, Australia, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Czechia, UK) under the ACE (Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition) program and was visited Southampton England.
  • In December 2016 and January 2017 was visited Hobart (Tasmania Australia) and the islands Prince Edward, Crozet, Kerguelen, Marion.
  • In February 2017 was visited Chile's Punta Arenas (via Magellan Strait) en route to South Georgia, as well as Scott Island, Peter 1 Island, Baleni Island, Stej Island.
  • In March 2017 were carried out scheduled works in the UK's South Sandwich Islands (including on South Georgia Island/Grytviken) and was visited Norway's Bouvet Island.
  • In February 2022, the icebreaker assisted Russkaya Base and Bellingshausen (conducted oceanographic works in Bransfield Strait).

Akademik Tryoshnikov icebreaker ship

The icebreaker Tryoshnikov was built to support the RAE-Russian Antarctic Expedition program (Российская Антарктическая экспедиция) delivering various cargoes/supplies (fuel, food, household goods, construction modules, building materials, scientific equipment, heavy machinery) and seasonal personnel to Russia's Antarctic stations Мирный/Mirny (1956-founded, on Queen Mary Land), Восток/Vostok (1957-founded, on Princess Elizabeth Land), Новолазаревская/Novolazarevskaya (1961-founded, on Queen Maud Land), Прогресс/Progress (1988-founded, on Prydz Bay's Larsemann Hills), Русская/Russkaya (1980-founded, on Marie Byrd Land), Беллинсгаузен/Bellingshausen (1968-founded, on King George Island).

All voyages depart from St-Petersburg and are via Cape Town South Africa.

Most drydocks/repairs are carried out in Port Bremerhaven (Germany).


Akademik Tryoshnikov vessel details

The ship's technical design was developed by CDB-Central Design Bureau Baltsudoproekt (ЦКБ "Балтсудопроект"). The design features a fore-located Cargo Deck, aft-located Helideck (helipad, helicopter hangar for two aircraft/Kamov Ka-32A helicopters), laboratories, motorized cargo barge, 4x heavy-lift cranes (2x forward, 2x aft/portside and starboard), underwater ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) and 2x Ropos submersibles, zodiacs (for expedition landings), 4x lifeboats, diesel-electric propulsion (Wartsila powerplant, two FPPs/fixed-pitch propellers, two thrusters), Cargo Hold (with capabilities to store explosive cargoes), refrigerated holds, TEU-containers (midship Cargo Deck).

Akademik Tryoshnikov icebreaker ship

The vessel can develop max speed 16 knots (in open water) and has max ice-breaking capability 1,1 m (3,6 ft) at speed 2 knots (3,7 kph / 2,3 mph) and lowest operational temperature -40C (-40F). The powerplant is based on 3x Wartsila marine diesel engines (2x 6,3 MW plus 1x 4,2 MW), plus two diesel generators (2x 0,76 MW) and one emergency generator (0,2 MW). The propulsion system is based on 2x thrusters (bow and stern, each with 7,1 MW power output) and two 4-blade FPPs/fixed pitch propellers.

Onboard storage and fuel tanks allow autonomous navigation for 45 days (endurance) and cruising range 13000 NM (27780 km / 15000 mi).

The vessel provides accommodations for 59 crew and 80 passengers (scientists and service personnel). There are a total of 65 staterooms, including 4x block-cabins, 28x single cabins, 33x double cabins, 10x quad cabins. Public spaces and facilities include Messhall (crew bar-restaurant), Dining Room, 2x Bar Lounges, 2x Conference Rooms, Library, Gym (fitness room), Sauna Room, Laundry Room, Infirmary/Medical Facilities (Hospital, Ambulatory/Care Room, Surgery/Operating Room, Dentist Cabinet/Dental Room, Isolation Room), Moon Pool (for diving support and deployment of instruments).

The ship has the capacity to store and transport aviation fuel (657 tons), diesel fuel (735 tons), refrigerated cargoes (200 tons), dry-bulk cargoes (600 tons), lubricating oil (79 tons), LNG/gas tanks (15 tons), explosive materials (1 ton).

The science complex covers a total of 150 m2 (1615 ft2) and consists of 2x Oceanography Labs (Wet and Dry), Hydrochemical Lab, Hydrographic Survey Lab, Hydrometeorology Lab, Computer Room, 4x mobile labs.


The icebreaker is named after Alexey Fyodorovich Tryoshnikov (Алексе́й Фёдорович Трёшников/1914-1991) - a Soviet/USSR polar scientist (oceanographer, geographer) and leader of two Antarctic expeditions - 2nd (1956) and 13th (1967-1969).

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