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Former name: Moby Freedom

Finlandia ferry current position

Finlandia ferry current location is at Baltic Sea (coordinates 60.14918 N / 24.91184 E) cruising en route to FIHKI<>EEVAN. The AIS position was reported 2 minutes ago.

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Specifications of Finlandia ferry

Year of build2001  /  Age: 23
Flag state Finland
BuilderDSME Daewoo Shipbuilding (Okpo-Geoje, South Korea)
Classcruiseferry (Ro-Pax ship)
Ferry route / homeportsHelsinki-Tallinn
Building costEUR 120 million
Engines (power)Wartsila (50.4 MW / 67588 hp)
Speed27 kn / 50 km/h / 31 mph
Length (LOA)175 m / 574 ft
Beam (width)28 m / 92 ft
Gross Tonnage36365 gt
Freight vehicles115
Decks with cabins2
Last Refurbishment2019
Sister-shipsMoby Aki, Moby Wonder, Pascal Lota
Former namesMoby Freedom
OwnerRederiaktiebolaget Eckero
OperatorEckero Line

Finlandia ferry Review

Review of Finlandia ferry

MS Finlandia ferry is a Ro-Ro passenger vessel owned and operated by the Finnish company ECKERO LINE. The ship has a max capacity of 2080 passengers and 665 cars (or 115 trucks/trailers). The vessel was launched in 2001 and currently operates on the Finland-Estonia Island ferry route Helsinki-Tallinn (crossing time 2 hours 15 min).


As cruise ferry, Finlandia has a total of 200 cabins with 1190 berths (beds). All passenger cabins are located on decks 6-7, air-conditioned and with en-suite bathrooms (washbasin, WC, shower). All staterooms are located forward and above the garages (car decks). Staterooms are available in 2-, 3- or 4-bed categories (inside and outside). The ferry company provides bed linens, towels, and toiletries. Standard cabin amenities include single beds (twins and bunk beds), wardrobe, writing table with chair, alarm clock radio, flat TV (satellite reception).

"Pet Cabins" are floored with linoleum. Valid health cards for pets are required. Some staterooms are wheelchair-accessible (adapted for disabled passengers).

The ship additionally has 400 reclining seats (fully-reclining Pullman armchairs/air type seats) available in two Reserved Seating Lounges, both with large TVs and bar service (snacks, fresh fruits, beverages - coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer, wine).

All passengers must vacate their staterooms 30 min prior to homeport arrival.

Finlandia ferry ship (ECKERO LINE)

Shipboard dining and entertainment options

As facilities, the Finlandia ship offers:

  • Dining options include Self-Service Restaurant EckeroBuffet (600-seat buffet-style restaurant, also offering early breakfast) and 2-deck Cafeteria (self-service Snack Bar/patisserie/coffee shop/drinks). Onboard food is prepared with locally-sourced products. Buffet restaurant's menu always has several freshly cooked dishes (cold and hot) and desserts. Buffet dining is a package deal that includes meals and beverages-soft drinks, juices, coffee, tea, water, domestic beers, house wines (white and red). The Cafeteria offers fast food (light snacks, sandwiches, cakes) also ECKERO LINE's famous meatballs and grilled dishes.
  • The ferry additionally has 2 Bars (Paja, Naissaar) and 2 pubs (Telakka, Jatkasaari). During months, ECKERO LINE additionally opens an outdoor bar (on Sun Deck) with tables and over 400 seats.
  • Nosturi is a show lounge with live music entertainment and floor-ceiling windows. The lounge also doubles as disco club, offering passengers the opportunity to dance to international and Finnish music.
  • (Deck 8 midship) Conference Centre has meeting rooms with a capacity from 8 to 110 guests. The rooms are fitted with comfortable seats and coffee tables.
  • Video Games Room is a teen lounge with arcade machines.
  • Children's playground is the ship's kids' room equipped with toys, games, indoor climbers, full-size boat. Kids playroom is adjacent to the Cafe, so parents can enjoy their coffees while the kids have fun.
  • Shopping Center (POPUP Shop on Deck 8, and Eckero Market on Deck 6) is a combined boutique and general store selling gifts and souvenirs, alcohol, tobaccos, perfumes, cosmetics, clothing, sportswear, toiletries, electronics, toys, books, magazines, sweets, beverages.
  • (Deck 9) Sun Deck (Solarium) is an outdoor, open-air area with 4-seat tables, deckchairs and Lido Bar (400-seat bar serving the sundeck area with drinks and snacks). Deck bar is opened only during summer.
  • Also on Sun Deck are located the ship's Navigation Bridge (forward, with adjacent officers quarters) and helipad (midship, helicopter landing platform used in cases of emergency).
  • (Lobby Deck 6) ATM/cash machine is located next to the Reception (Information Desk). At Information Desk can also be purchased ECKERO ferry tickets, tobacco products, newspapers.
  • Wi-Fi and Internet are available at extra cost. Mobile phone chargers and Ipad rentals are also offered.
  • The ship has kennels for domestic pets. Valid health cards for pets are required. During embarkation and disembarkation, dogs must be leashed and muzzled. Passengers with pets always disembark last.

All onboard emergency instructions are displayed in staterooms, on the TV screens and at the ship's assembly stations (aka muster stations). Life jackets are issued at the assembly stations. In case of emergency, the use of elevators/passenger lifts is forbidden.

Finlandia ferry ship (ECKERO LINE)

ECKERO LINE ferry cruises

ECKERO LINE operates the Tallinn-Helsinki route (and the reverse Helsinki-Tallinn) with 3 daily crossings.

  • From Tallinn (Monday to Saturday, excepting Sundays) are offered early morning departures (at 6 am), also at 12-noon and evening (6.30 pm) departures.
  • From Helsinki (Sunday to Friday, excepting Saturdays) are offered morning departures (at 9 am), also afternoon (at 3:15 pm) and evening (9:40 pm) departures.

This schedule allows "day cruises" between Finland and Estonia. Day cruises from Helsinki to Tallinn depart at 9 am (Helsinki), arrive at 11.15 am (Tallinn) and leave back for Helsinki at 6.30 pm, allowing around 6,5 hours to tour Tallinn. For longer cruises, ECKERO LINE offers pre-booking hotel packages.

Ferry cruises from Tallinn to Helsinki are offered with morning departures at 6 am (Tallinn) and leaving back from Helsinki at 3.15 pm, allowing around 6,5 hours in Helsinki. Longer cruises (available Monday to Friday) depart from Tallinn (6 am) and leaving back from Helsinki (9.40 pm), offering around 12 hours in Helsinki.

Afternoon cruises (Sunday to Friday) depart from Tallinn (12-noon) and back from Helsinki (9.40 pm), offering around 6.5 hours in Helsinki.

Finlandia ship docks in Port Tallinn at Passenger Terminal A (the closest to Old Town). In Port Helsinki, the ship docks at T2 West Terminal (Lansisatama).

Car decks

All ferried vehicles must have documentation and valid insurance. Having the car's technical data sheet makes boarding checks easier. Upon booking, the vehicle's model, length and height must be specified. Car ferry passengers must arrive at the departure port 90 min prior departure.

Ship's garage consists of 4 car decks and has a total capacity of 665 vehicles. It is accessible via 3 ramp gates (2 at the stern and 1 at the bow). Follows a list of car decks related safety procedures:

  • Disabled passengers or those requiring specific assistance should visit the ship's Information Desk (deck 5, open 24-hours).
  • Apply handbrake and place the vehicle in park or 1st gear position. Switch off the ignition, alarm, electrical equipment, headlights. Gas cylinders, if any, must be switched off. Lock the vehicle.
  • From your vehicle take only valuables and essential hand baggage.
  • Make a note of your vehicle's location and garage deck number/stairway before leaving the car deck.
  • Access to the ship's vehicle (cargo) decks during the voyage is prohibited.
  • Smoking on vehicle decks, as well as in cabins and passenger lounges is forbidden.
  • Wait for the onboard announcement before returning to your vehicle.
  • In order to avoid air pollution, don't start the engine until instructed.

The shipowner Eckero Line (founded in 1995, headquartered in Helsinki Finland) is a Finnish passenger shipping company which operates a single liner (Finlandia), and only on the route between Finland (Helsinki) and Estonia (Tallinn).

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The ferry is the 2nd in a series of 3 same-designed vessels built by Fincantieri (Italy) and DSME (South Korea). MS Finlandia's sisterships are Moby Aki and Moby Wonder. Pascal Lota is also considered sistership, but not identical with Finlandia.

The vessel was constructed by DSME Daewoo Shipbuilding (in Okpo-Geoje, Korea), under hull/yard number 7506. The powerplant is based on 4x Wartsila marine diesel engines (model 12V46C) with total power output 50,4 MW. The propulsion system consists of 2x driveshafts with Wartsila-made CPPs (controllable pitch propellers). The hull is ice-strengthened (1A-class).

Finlandia ferry ship (Moby Freedom)

The vessel was launched on December 23, 2000. Under the name "Moby Freedom", the ship was operated by MOBY LINES in the period 2001-2012. Its both sides (port and starboard) were decorated with Looney Tunes characters. Moby Freedom offered Mediterranean mini-cruises during winter months. In the summer, the ferry served the Italy-Sardinia Island route Livorno-Olbia. Also available were connections from Genoa and Livorno to Corsica Island (Bastia) and Genoa-Olbia.

In February 2012, Moby Freedom was sold to ECKERO LINE and in October was renamed "Finlandia". In March 2012, the ship was drydock refurbished and reconstructed (at Oresundsvarvet shipyard in Landskrona, Sweden). During the drydock, ship's superstructure (all indoor areas) were completely re-designed. Crew areas were expanded, the former 3-deck Show Lounge was transformed into the 2-deck bar lounge Nosturi, while the lower deck became a shopping center. Many indoor venues on Moby Freedom (including Cafeteria, Pizzeria, kids areas) were transformed into bars and pubs. The passenger cabin area overlooking the two lifeboats (Deck 8 midship) was transformed into conference rooms. Sun Deck's heated swimming pool (large plunge pool, whale-shaped) was eliminated to extend the Solarium area, creating more space for the Deck Bar.

In 2019, the cruise ship was upgraded (without entering drydock) with "ABB Ability - Marine Pilot Vision". ABB's innovative technology allows multiple real-time visualizations of ship's surroundings (measured by various sensors). With this marine automation and software package was greatly enhanced the safety during in-port maneuvering and docking.