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What is "Cruise To Nowhere" and does it mean that a cruise ship is going nowhere? We give you the ultimate list of all cruise ships sailing the always very special "cruises to Nowhere" with departures from ports in USA, Australia / New Zealand, Europe / England UK, Asia, South America. This review is integrated with NYC Cruise to Nowhere, and Party Cruises.

Here you will find information on Cruise To Nowhere deals as itineraries / departure dates, prices and ports. The itineraries are always round-trips, without any call ports on the route. This internal link gos directly to the cruise schedule - if you wanna skip the intro info.

"Cruise to Nowhere" - what is, where to find them, why Nowhere cruise deals

What is a Cruise to Nowhere? Well, strangely enough, by definition, it's an unique itinerary on which a cruise ship is going to absolutely Nowhere! However, it will definitely not stay in the port all the time, instead it will sail without any destination to a specific point at sea to allow its passengers to experience a very short but most romantic, exciting and not always cheap cruise vacation on a floating resort at sea.

Cruises to Nowhere - CruiseMapper

  • What are Cruises to Nowhere (the definition)? As a concise overview - it's an always round-trip special cruise itinerary with no other call ports than your disembarkation port, which happens to be the same as your embarkation port (the cruise ship port of departure). 
  • Why to take a Cruise to Nowhere? Three very big reasons - and the first one is that it is very short as duration (its cruise length is 1 or 2 night, rarely 3- or 4-night), so by this variable is more like mini cruise deals (but not all of them are round-trips, and they usually visit other ports). Being a short cruise is an important issue, considering your business schedule, right? The second one is it's from the category of very cheap cruise deals - the no-call-ports itinerary and the duration are major determinants of cruise prices - port charges, fuel consumption, etc. The third one is it's one of the very special types of cruises - rare to be found (as number of sailings per year), offered by a very limited number of passenger ships (excluding trips by smaller boats and floating hotel-casino ship deals), extremely popular, departures only from the world's biggest cruise ports of the world's most developed countries - like USA, UK, Australia.

What is a Cruise to Nowhere as length and prices?

And finally, about the real deals - what is from where, when and for how much. As to the cost of cruises to Nowhere, the prices are always per person (based on double occupancy), we will give you only the cheapest cruise rates in US dollars on the lowest cabin category by ship (it's usually an Inside stateroom), all prices are indicative and may change due to availability. So, compare sailing dates and prices, pick your port of departure, book it! Be aware, that availability is a strong issue on this one - early booking is a must! It really goes to Nowhere, but it is a so so so special deal - and we all like "special" very much!

It's usually 1- or 2 nights (2-3-day cruise deals), but some lines (like P&O, for example) offer longer itineraries of 3- and 4-nights, on which you'll have a themed cruise program pre-scheduled for your sailing (more often "Food & Wine", but also "Lifestyle", "Comedy", "Art", etc).

As to the price, one thing is absolutely sure - it's a cheap deal. Nowhere cruises are always cheaper than all other trips with itineraries including stops in ports of call. One of the main reasons for that is the sort length. The price really depends on line and ship, but also on the time of booking (availability), cabin grades, departure port, and mostly on how much are you willing to spend while on board. What the last statement means? Well, your ship will have - absolutely for sure - a big Casino, a specialty (reservations only) fancy restaurant, lots of bars and lounges to buy expensive drinks and whatnot, and of course - a whole district of pretty lined-up duty-free shopping boutiques, where, as far the money spending is concerned, only the sky is the limit! As to all the rest on-board activities and amenities - they are all included in your rates (remember, all rates are based on double occupancy). But as a general rule, cruise prices on cruises to Nowhere rarely exceed the amount of US $200 per night per person. And this is a great deal, considering the type of your short cruise ship vacation and all that's included (plus the cabin, open-seating dining in the Main Dining Rooms, 24-hour room-service, etc, etc).

What you do on a Cruise to Nowhere - where and what is the "Nowhere Fun"?

Remember these six words - "you spend money to have fun"! It could be your special romantic short cruise break or a weekend getaway dinner cruise to dine with your beloved one in a classy restaurant at sea, it could be your "gambling night" at sea, it could be your best "party cruise deal" ever to spend some quality fun time with your friends or colleges, or it could be simply your "me and the sea" special time to relax and enjoy the vastness of the ocean and the beauty of the modern cruise ship man-made miracle. The long list of on-board activities includes also the trivia of games and contests, both fine and casual dining options (themed buffets), big and top-fun pools and pool contests (including kids-only pools), sports contests, fine art auctions, music and dancing experiences, huge-theatre excitement with nightly grand-style live show productions, movies, revues, comedians and magicians, Casino gambling tournaments and gambling lessons, ship tours (bridge, galley, etc), dance lessons, educational lectures, shopping sales promotions with special offers, and absolutely not the last are the fitness (and Yoga) classes and the Spa treatments in a huge Health&Spa center on board.

Who goes on cruises to Nowhere and what the "Nowhere Ships" look like?

This type of cruises is perfect for first-time cruise travelers to sample the "life on board" - to get a sense of what a cruise and a cruise ship is like avoiding the big-money spending on a longer and expensive trip. It's the perfect opportunity to sample new cruise ships (no matter new-built or newly refit/refurbished).

As to the "Nowhere ships" - they all are BIG. All cruise ships for Cruises to Nowhere are from very big to hugely-big - their owners and crew know best how to gather huge crowds and are absolutely the best in keeping these crowds happy. Still, most of the departures are from New York City - with its unlimited capacity to keep the ships full of passengers. The major player on the NYC  market is the NCL - with 2 brand new ships scheduled for launch in 2013 and 2014, I won't be surprised of a new wave of sailings to Nowhere in the next years.

Why cruise ship lines offer cruises to Nowhere?

The very itinerary explains it all - on its short cruise break itinerary,  the cruise ship will leave its port to sails on an ocean (or on a river, by smaller ships and river cruise boats), then will return to the same port. And all this for what reason. I mentioned earlier something about a special "point at sea". This is a point where it's very legal for the ship to open its stores and casinos for passengers to spend their time and mostly their money enjoying all there is to be enjoyed on a very big ship without being obstructed by the "law of land" or distracted by ports of call. In the same time, your ship will sail calmly on a looping course to take you back to your embarkation port, offering you the chance to have an unforgettable night (or two or three or four) of best fun and special memories from a special vacation.

Cruises to Nowhere 2017-2018-2019 schedule

Most of these special round-trip itineraries are offered as departures from some of the largest USA cruise ports. Just follow the ship links from the table to see regularly updated indicative prices per person (double occupancy) to compare . These links will show you the ship's individual "itinerary-schedule-current position" page also showing cheapest rates on the lowest cabin category currently available for booking.

(Star, Royal Caribbean) Cruise to Nowhere Asia

Star Cruises, SuperStar Libra

  • 1 night / 2 days, round-trip Malaysia-Thailand Cruise from Pulau Penang Island, Georgetown, Malaysia (2017 departure dates: October 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29, November 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 30, December 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23, 24, 28, 29, 30, 31)

Royal Caribbean, Quantum Of The Seas

  • (27 October 2017) 2 nights / 3 days, round-trip Theme Cruise / roundtrip from Hong Kong, China

Royal Caribbean, Quantum Of The Seas

  • (10 November 2017) 3 nights / 4 days "Theme Cruise" / roundtrip from Shanghai, China

(CMV, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, P&O, Princess, Carnival) Cruise to Nowhere Australia New Zealand

P&O Australia, Pacific Eden

P&O Australia, Pacific Dawn

  • 3 nights / 4 days "Food and Wine" / roundtrip from Brisbane, Queensland Australia (2017 departure dates: October 7, December 9); 2018 departure dates: February 10, June 9, July 28, October 20
  • 3 nights / 4 days "Comedy" / roundtrip from Brisbane, Queensland Australia (2017 departure dates: September 16, November 18); 2018 departure dates: January 6, March 3, April 14, May 12, July 7, September 8, 29, November 10, December 1, 15; (2019 February 9, 23, March 16, April 6)
  • 3 nights / 4 days "Food and Wine" / roundtrip from Sydney, NSW Australia (2017 December 15)
  • (27 December 2018) 3 nights / 4 days "Classic Festive" / roundtrip from Brisbane, Queensland Australia

P&O Australia, Pacific Explorer

  • 3 nights / 4 days "Comedy" / roundtrip from Sydney, NSW Australia (2017 departure dates: September 21, October 28, November 17, December 14); 2018 departure dates: January 16, February 9, March 2, 15, June 8, November 9, December 7; (2019 departure dates: February 1, 8, March 8, 29, April 27)
  • 3 nights / 4 days "Food and Wine" / roundtrip from Sydney, NSW Australia (2017 departure dates: November 10); 2018 departure dates: February 2, July 6, September 8, 21, November 16
  • 3 nights / 4 days "Classic" music / roundtrip from Sydney, NSW Australia (2017 December 27); 2018 (March 31)
  • (24 January 2018, 25 January 2019) 3 nights / 4 days "Australia Day" / roundtrip from Sydney, NSW Australia

P&O Australia, Pacific Jewel

  • 3 nights / 4 days "Food and Wine" / roundtrip from Sydney, NSW Australia (2017 departure dates: September 1, November 25); 2018 (May 4)
  • 3 nights / 4 days "Comedy" / roundtrip from Melbourne, Victoria Australia (2017 October 20, December 9); 2018 (December 8), 2019 (February 1, 8, 15, March 1)
  • 3 nights / 4 days "Comedy" / roundtrip from Auckland, New Zealand (2017 September 29); 2018 departure dates: May 25, July 21, August 3
  • 3 nights / 4 days "Classic" music / roundtrip from Auckland, New Zealand (2018 March 31)
  • 3 nights / 4 days "Food and Wine" / roundtrip from Auckland, New Zealand (2018 departure dates: June 15, August 23)
  • 3 nights / 4 days "Food and Wine" / roundtrip from Brisbane, Queensland Australia (2018 departure dates: June 15, August 30)
  • 3 nights / 4 days "Food and Wine" / roundtrip from Melbourne, Victoria Australia (2019 March 29)

P&O Australia, Pacific Aria

Carnival Cruise Line, Carnival Spirit

  • (5 July, 7 September, 7 December 2018) 3 nights / 4 days "Weekend Sampler" / roundtrip from Sydney, NSW Australia

Carnival Cruise Line, Carnival Legend

Celebrity Cruises, Celebrity Solstice

Royal Caribbean, Voyager Of The Seas

Royal Caribbean, Explorer Of The Seas

Royal Caribbean, Ovation Of The Seas

Princess Cruises, Sea Princess

Cruise and Maritime, Astor

Cruise to Nowhere Europe / UK

CroisiEurope, ms Seine Princess

  • 3 nights / 4 days (river cruise) roundtrip from Paris, France

(MSC) Cruise to Nowhere South Africa

MSC Cruises, MSC Sinfonia

  • 2 nights / 3 days "South Africa" / roundtrip from Durban, South Africa / 2017 (November 25), 2018 (January 27, April 13)
  • (13 January 2018) 2 nights / 3 days "South Africa" / roundtrip from Cape Town, South Africa

Hapag-Lloyd, ms Europa 2

Cruise to Nowhere USA

Cruises to Nowhere from US ports by major cruise companies and on larger ships will not be offered anytime soon. The news became fact in 2016, when the few passenger shipping companies offering such deals cancelled all  scheduled voyages which itineraries didn't include a foreign port of call. This new policy was implemented after a change made in the enforcement of the US embarkation law. 

  • Under an act passed over 100 years ago, foreign-flagged vessels are not allowed to operate voyages leaving roundtrip from an US port without at least one port call in a foreign country.
  • In a statement made June 2015, the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency announced the reasons for the changes. D-1 visa holders (crew visas) were not eligible for working on "Cruises to Nowhere" as they are eligible to serve as crewmembers only if intend to land in an US port (temporarily) and to depart from an US port with the cruise vessel. Although nowhere cruises do enter international waters, CBP maintains that crewmembers don't actually depart from the USA because "they don't land in a foreign port or territory".
  • Among the cancelled sailings were Carnival's 2-night "cruises to nowhere" from Norfolk Virginia (2016, on Carnival Sunshine) and NCL's 2-night "cruises to nowhere" from NYC New York (2017, on Norwegian Breakaway).
  • Still, the change applies only to foreign-flagged cruise ships, most of which have as flagstates countries like Bahamas, Panama, Bermuda. By the new regulations, the only way for "Cruises to Nowhere" to be permitted is for the companies to employ all-American crew for the vessel. Otherwise, each itinerary (long or short) must include at least 1 foreign port of call before the ship returns to the USA with crew who are not American citizens. Currently, the only large-sized ocean cruise ship with an entirely American crew is NCL's Pride of America.

Cruise to Nowhere Baltimore

Cruises to Nowhere from Baltimore MD are a most popular variation of the part-type Harbor cruises in Baltimore Maryland. Baltimore cruise to Nowhere offers are for a romantic ocean cruising with no ports of call whatsoever. Often operated as affordable 3-day cruise deals, Baltimore Nowhere city breaks are usually a sudden event, and sell out quickly.

Dinner Cruise Baltimore deals are a "local" (usually harbor tours) variation of the Cruises to Nowhere leaving Baltimore. Such deals are offered on smaller boats or luxury yachts sailing on a short sea voyage with 1 or 2 overnight stays on board. This is an alternative for the romantic Weekend Getaways for couples, who would love to sample the gourmet cuisine at sea and dance the night away under the stars of the Atlantic Ocean.

Baltimore Cruise to Nowhere packages often include discount rates for pre- and post-cruise hotel stays, all the transportation fares and transfers to/from the ship. This type of voyages can be easy called cruising holidays.

Ships for cheap cruises out of Baltimore (round-trip itinerary) are Carnival Pride, and RCI Enchantment of the Sea. For Baltimore Spirit Cruises (another alternative name for these special voyages), it is advisable using the services of an experienced local travel agent, or regularly checking the official sites of the Carnival and Royal Caribbean lines (including for current discount package deals).

The short and affordable Baltimore Cruise to Nowhere deals offer the rare chance to relish all the amenities and activities, that the modern ocean-going passenger ships may offer. Among those "best treats at sea" are the Spa&Saloon complex, the complimentary Fitness center and live entertainment, various themed bars and classy lounges, huge deck pools, casual and stylish dining options. Don't forget the duty-free shopping and the gambling fun too - afar from the most famous city of Maryland, USA.