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Queen Elizabeth current location is at South Pacific Ocean (coordinates -29.78627 S / 158.03554 E) cruising at speed of 17.1 kn (32 km/h | 20 mph) en route to LIFOU. The AIS position was reported 3 minutes ago.

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Current itinerary of Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth current cruise is 21 days, round-trip Tasmania And South Pacific. The itinerary starts on 13 Feb, 2024 and ends on 05 Mar, 2024.

Specifications of Queen Elizabeth

Year of build2010  /  Age: 14
Flag state Bermuda
BuilderFincantieri (Monfalcone, Italy)
Building costGBP 350 million (USD 560 million)
Speed24 kn / 44 km/h / 28 mph
Length (LOA)293 m / 961 ft
Beam (width)32 m / 105 ft
Gross Tonnage90901 gt
Passengers2081 - 2503
Passengers-to-space ratio36
Decks with cabins7
Last Refurbishment2023
Sister-shipsQueen Victoria
Christened byHM Queen Elizabeth II (The Queen of UK)
OwnerCarnival Corporation & PLC
OperatorCunard Line Ltd (UK)

Queen Elizabeth Itineraries

DateItineraryDeparture PortPrice from
2024 Jan 15 17 days, round-trip Tasmania And Queensland Sydney $2699
2024 Jan 22 10 days, round-trip Queensland Sydney $799
2024 Jan 22 22 days, round-trip Queensland And New Zealand Sydney
2024 Feb 01 12 days, round-trip New Zealand Sydney $1799
2024 Feb 01 19 days, round-trip New Zealand And Tasmania Sydney
2024 Feb 13 7 days, round-trip Sporting Greats And Wellness Voyage Sydney $699
2024 Feb 13 21 days, round-trip Tasmania And South Pacific Sydney
2024 Feb 20 14 days, round-trip South Pacific Sydney $1099
2024 Feb 20 19 days, round-trip South Pacific And Australia Sydney
2024 Mar 05 2 days, one-way from Sydney to Melbourne Sydney
2024 Mar 05 5 days, round-trip Tasmania Sydney
2024 Mar 07 3 days, one-way from Melbourne to Sydney Melbourne
2024 Mar 07 21 days, one-way from Melbourne to Tokyo Melbourne
2024 Mar 07 31 days, one-way from Melbourne to Tokyo Melbourne $5099
2024 Mar 10 18 days, one-way from Sydney to Tokyo Sydney
2024 Mar 10 28 days, one-way from Sydney to Tokyo Sydney $8196
2024 Mar 28 10 days, round-trip Japan Circumnavigation Tokyo $849
2024 Mar 28 19 days, round-trip Japan Grand Voyage Tokyo $2309
2024 Apr 07 9 days, round-trip Southern Islands Tokyo $799
2024 Apr 16 10 days, round-trip Southern Japan Tokyo $1089
2024 Apr 26 9 days, round-trip Japan Circumnavigation Tokyo $999
2024 May 05 9 days, round-trip Southern Japan Tokyo $999
2024 May 05 19 days, round-trip Japan Grand Voyage Tokyo $2499
2024 May 14 10 days, round-trip Southern Islands Tokyo $1499
2024 May 14 28 days, one-way from Tokyo to Vancouver Tokyo $2839
2024 May 14 38 days, one-way from Tokyo to Vancouver Tokyo $3119
2024 May 24 18 days, one-way from Tokyo to Vancouver Tokyo $1588
2024 May 24 28 days, one-way from Tokyo to Vancouver Tokyo $1929
2024 Jun 11 10 days, round-trip Alaska Vancouver $899
2024 Jun 21 10 days, round-trip Alaska Vancouver $688
2024 Jul 01 10 days, round-trip Alaska Vancouver $688
2024 Jul 11 11 days, round-trip Alaska Vancouver $899
2024 Jul 22 10 days, round-trip Alaska Vancouver $699
2024 Aug 01 9 days, round-trip Alaska Vancouver $639
2024 Aug 10 10 days, round-trip Alaska Vancouver $699
2024 Aug 20 10 days, round-trip Alaska Vancouver $699
2024 Aug 30 10 days, round-trip Alaska Vancouver $669
2024 Sep 09 10 days, round-trip Alaska Vancouver $939
2024 Sep 09 13 days, one-way from Vancouver to San Francisco Vancouver $988
2024 Sep 09 39 days, one-way from Vancouver to Sydney Vancouver $3399
2024 Sep 19 3 days, one-way from Vancouver to San Francisco Vancouver $499
2024 Sep 19 29 days, one-way from Vancouver to Sydney Vancouver $2499
2024 Sep 22 24 days, one-way from San Francisco to Melbourne San Francisco $3299
2024 Sep 22 26 days, one-way from San Francisco to Sydney San Francisco $2288
2024 Oct 16 27 days, round-trip Australia Circumnavigation Melbourne $5739
2024 Oct 18 8 days, one-way from Sydney to Darwin Sydney $1899
2024 Oct 18 18 days, one-way from Sydney to Fremantle Sydney $3649
2024 Oct 18 30 days, round-trip Australia Circumnavigation Sydney $5929
2024 Oct 26 10 days, one-way from Darwin to Fremantle Darwin $2469
2024 Nov 05 12 days, one-way from Fremantle to Sydney Fremantle $2589
2024 Nov 12 5 days, one-way from Melbourne to Sydney Melbourne $1299
2024 Nov 17 10 days, round-trip Queensland Sydney $1388
2024 Dec 11 5 days, round-trip Australian Literature Festival At Sea Sydney $1099
2024 Dec 16 7 days, round-trip Tasmania Sydney $1339
2025 Jan 05 5 days, round-trip Tasmania Sydney $1199
2025 Jan 22 15 days, round-trip South Pacific Sydney $3288
2025 Jan 22 20 days, round-trip South Pacific And Australia Sydney $4119
2025 Feb 06 5 days, round-trip Great Australian Culinary Voyage Sydney $1269
2025 Feb 11 14 days, one-way from Sydney to Singapore Sydney $1509
2025 Mar 14 6 days, one-way from Singapore to Hong Kong Singapore $999
2025 Mar 14 15 days, one-way from Singapore to Yokohama Singapore $1799
2025 Mar 14 24 days, one-way from Singapore to Yokohama Singapore $3039
2025 Mar 20 9 days, one-way from Hong Kong to Yokohama Hong Kong $1269
2025 Mar 20 18 days, one-way from Hong Kong to Yokohama Hong Kong $3149
2025 Mar 29 9 days, round-trip Japan Circumnavigation Yokohama $1909
2025 Mar 29 18 days, round-trip Japan Grand Voyage Yokohama $3149
2025 Apr 07 9 days, round-trip Southern Japan Yokohama $1709
2025 Apr 07 19 days, round-trip Japan Grand Voyage Yokohama $3239
2025 Apr 16 10 days, round-trip Southern Japan Yokohama $1869
2025 Apr 26 9 days, round-trip Japan Circumnavigation Yokohama $1909
2025 May 05 9 days, round-trip Southern Japan Yokohama $1609
2025 May 05 19 days, round-trip Japan Grand Voyage Yokohama $2839
2025 May 14 10 days, round-trip Japan Circumnavigation Yokohama $1769
2025 May 14 29 days, one-way from Yokohama to Seattle Yokohama $3399
2025 May 14 40 days, one-way from Yokohama to Seattle Yokohama $4799
2025 May 24 19 days, one-way from Yokohama to Seattle Yokohama $2249
2025 May 24 30 days, one-way from Yokohama to Seattle Yokohama $3449
2025 Jun 12 11 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $1399
2025 Jun 23 10 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $1199
2025 Jul 03 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $949
2025 Jul 10 11 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $1299
2025 Jul 21 10 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $1199
2025 Jul 31 11 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $1299
2025 Aug 11 10 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $1099
2025 Aug 21 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $849
2025 Aug 28 11 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $1199
2025 Sep 08 10 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $999
2025 Sep 18 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $749

Queen Elizabeth Review

Review of Queen Elizabeth

The 2010-built MS Queen Elizabeth cruise ship is same-designed as MS Queen Victoria (2007) and has as fleetmates the Cunard liners RMS Queen Mary 2 (2004) and the fleet's newest boat (2024-built) Queen Anne.

The vessel (IMO number 9477438) is currently Bermuda-flagged (MMSI 310625000) and registered in Hamilton. The flag state/registry was changed from Southampton (UK) to Bermuda in order to be able to host onboard weddings.

On the 10th of October 2007, Cunard announced the ship's name. Cunard's last traditional-design Atlantic Ocean liner RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 (1969-built, IMO 6725418) retired in 2008 (on Nov 27th).

The cruise ship was named after and christened by HM Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022). The namesake is the Royal Navy battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier (2014-built).

History - construction and ownership

Cunard Line is a British-American cruise brand, operated by Carnival UK and owned by Carnival Corporation (shipowner). Cunard is headquartered in Southampton (England UK) and is among the world's oldest passenger shipping companies. In 2015, Cunard Line celebrated its 175th anniversary.

MS Queen Elizabeth cruise ship (Cunard)

The 2300-passenger liner Queen Elizabeth is a luxurious ocean liner. QE appeared in October 2010 when she was named in a grandiose ceremony by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Reminding the rich inheritance of the first Cunarder to bear the name, her stylishness both echoes that legendary age and improves her luxury modern charm. QE- the running mate to Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria has a modified design and is slightly larger than Queen Victoria, having more vertical stern.

With her black hull, white structure and red funnel signals, externally Cunard Queen Elizabeth has the charm of the company's British heritage, following Cunard's tradition. Modern luxury and the best of Cunard's values are what guests can expect onboard.

The ship is identical in design to MS Queen Victoria, although the max passenger capacity is slightly higher because of the steeper stern. This difference is the reason why the largest suites (at the stern) have smaller balconies. The games deck is covered by a roof at the end of deck 11, which is not similar to the sports deck on Queen Victoria with her not continuous canvas covering. RMS Queen Elizabeth's original whistle was used to make a copy of it for the new ship.

Unlike previous Cunard ships, this is not a true liner, as it doesn't have a heavy plating (throughout the hull). The bow is constructed with heavier plating in order to cope with Transatlantic crossings. Also, the ship has a high freeboard.

The ship's decor is different from Queen Victoria's, although with identical interior arrangements. As a tribute to the previous Elizabeths (the original one and the QE2), this cruiser evokes the 1930s, when Cunard's first QE was launched. A feature on Queen Mary 2 (not available on Queen Victoria) is the Britannia Club section of the restaurant, featured on Queen Elizabeth. This way passengers in Britannia staterooms are allowed to use single-seating dining arrangements, not having to upgrade to the more expensive Grill cabin grades.

Decks and Cabins

Cunard Queen Elizabeth staterooms (1043 total) include 127 Suites, 611 Balcony, 146 Oceanview and 162 Inside cabins, in all 9 types and 34 categories. The ship has 20 wheelchair-accessible and 9 studios (single-occupancy cabins). The largest are the Grand Suites (1495 ft2 / 139 m2 plus 970 ft2 / 90 m2 terrace).

Cabin types include Queens Grill, Princess Grill, Britannia, Suites (Grand, Master, Penthouse, Queen, Princess), Standard Balcony staterooms, Outside and Interior (windowless). Most cabins (Britannia Balcony) are sized 190-420 ft2 / 18-39 m2, with cabin balconies sized 70 ft2 / 7 m2.

The boat has 12 decks (all passenger-accessible) of which 7 are with cabins. Of all staterooms, ~85% are outside, with 71% of them with step-out balconies.

The Princess and Queens Grill suites are situated around the ship, with excellent views, or in the midships, where balconies are deeper. Most of the top suites are on Deck 7, in addition to Queens Grill penthouses, two Master and two Grand Suites which include huge balconies, separate dining areas, and whirlpool baths. These are named after the knighted Cunard Commodores. The Master Suites have a bath with a sea view, and the top category- the Grand Suites offer outdoor dining and a wraparound balcony. Queens and Princess Grill offer personalized stationery and marble bathrooms. The intimate Grill restaurants offer exceptional menus (with sophisticated creams and browns that glitter crystal and gold) and exciting sea views- located on Deck 11. The doors open to the Courtyard, and steps will lead you to the upper Grills Terrace, providing more exclusivity than the lower one, available for all guests.

Theoretically, MS Queen Elizabeth is a classless ship, but passengers are actually separated (like on all Cunard liners) as their onboard dining locations are according to their cabin's category/cruise fares paid. Britannia Restaurant is for regular cabins, Princess Grill - for junior suites, and the Queen's Grill is for deluxe suites. All the other public rooms are free to be used by all passengers.

Shipboard dining options - Food and Drinks

Four main dining rooms and the Verandah- an alternative restaurant, the Lido- a buffet and a changing specialty option, are Queen Elizabeth suggestions. The Britannia Restaurant is the main dining room on board the ship, where everyone dines except the Grills and Britannia Club cabins. You may choose between two seating- 6,00p.m. and 8,30p.m. Britannia is open for full served breakfast on sea days from 8,00a.m. to 9,30a.m., on port days from 7,30a.m. to 9,00a.m.; lunch is from 12,30p.m. to 2,00p.m., open seating at both. A wide choice is on the dinner menu- five appetizers, six entrees (two of which vegetarian choices), two salads, six desserts, including cheese.

MS Queen Elizabeth cruise ship (Cunard)

A step up from Britannia is the Britannia Club, which is a separate room for inhabitants of top-grade Britannia cabins. The menu is as, in Britannia, the atmosphere- more exclusive, dinner is from 6,30p.m. to 9,00p.m., open seating, breakfast and lunch served also there. The two Grill restaurants are on Deck 10, accessible with special keycards, sharing the outdoor terrace with a splashing fountain, sheltered by high walls. The Princess Grill's menu is similar to Britannia, but with more items and a la carte menu. Queens Grill's menu is with bigger a la carte menu and you can have what you want.

The Verandah Restaurant on Deck 2 offers really outstanding food and is available to all passengers. It is open from 6,30p.m. to 9,00p.m., for lunch from 12,00p.m. to 1,30p.m. If you dine there you will enjoy a real luxury cruise. The Lido is a 24-hour casual dining venue on Deck 9. Breakfast is served from 4,00a.m. to 11,30a.m., and is followed by lunch until 3,00p.m., afternoon tea is at 6,00p.m., dinner- from 6,00p.m. to 11,00p.m., snacks available through the night. Other dining venues are Cafe Carinthia on Deck 3, which is open from 7,00a.m. and serves breakfast- pastries, lunch- quiches and salads, and afternoon tea. The Lido and the Queens Room offer afternoon tea and sandwiches, burgers, pasta and other, as well as the menu from dining rooms.

The Britannia Club, which is one of the four basic QE dining rooms, replaced the Chart Room bar which is available on Cunard's Queen Victoria, while the Todd English specialty restaurant, featured on both QM2 and QV, became The Verandah. This restaurant, managed by Cunard's executive chef, is remindful of the glory days of the first Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary, on which The Verandah Grill was regarded as the finest restaurant at sea. The Midships Bar, which is another much-loved Cunard's feature, is back, as is the Yacht Club nightspot, which is a lounge fondly remembered by fans of QE2 for its late-night dancing. Despite that Cunard is American owned cruise company, there's no lack of British icons such as a Fortnum & Mason hamper ordering service, Harris Tweed for sale and a sunlit Garden Lounge that's spiritual by the glass houses of Kew Gardens.

When you book you may request a sitting. The Britannia restaurant has two for dinner - at 6 p.m. and at 8.30 p.m. Princess Grill and Queens Grill do not have sittings - when they are open, you can dine any time you choose. A note for confirmation sitting and table number will be left in your stateroom when you board. Lunch and breakfast do not require allocated tables or sittings.

During the day, passengers definitely tend towards country club casual dress code. At night, even when it isn't a formal-designated evening, people dress anyway. There are three dress codes in the main restaurants after 6 p.m. each evening - which one applies each night you will be told in pre-voyage documentation and daily program in your stateroom: Formal (men - dinner jacket with a black tie or dark business suit; women- evening dress); Semi-formal (men- jacket and a tie; women - cocktail dress/trouser suit); Elegant casual (men - a jacket, tie is optional; women - skirt, dress or trousers). Shorts and T-shirts or shorts are not permitted!

Follows the complete list of Queen Elizabeth restaurants and food bars.

  • Verandah Restaurant (French specialty restaurant at a surcharge)
  • Britannia Restaurant (1351-seat, 2-level Dining Room; serves open-seating Breakfast and Lunch. Dinners are waiter-served, with 2 assigned sittings at 6 or 8:30 p.m. Inside is the Britannia Club which is a private dining room for Britannia Club Balcony guests)
  • Britannia Club Restaurant (single-seating, complimentary dining venue for AA-Balcony Room guests only)
  • Lido Restaurant (450-seat buffet-style restaurant for Breakfast and Lunch; In two of its sections are offered itinerary-inspired dishes for dinner)
  • Winter Garden Lounge (supper club/formal dining venue; features gourmet food and Afternoon Champagne Tea)
  • Queens Grill Restaurant (142-seat, for Queens Grill Suite guests; with regular and an a-la-carte-priced menu)
  • Princess Grill Restaurant (132-seat, Princess Grill Suite guests only; open-sitting, with the same menu as at the Queens Grill)
  • The Courtyard Restaurant (40-seat; serves Grills staterooms guests only).

Shipboard entertainment options - Fun and Sport

Queen Elizabeth cruise liner is quite similar in many aspects to her sibling, Queen Victoria, in most of the design, cabins and enrichment programs. The decor indefinably feels lighter; chic, geometric Art Deco-inspired interiors unlike to the heavier Victoriana. There is beautiful artwork, rich Italian marble, polished wood and soft light everywhere, diffused by glittering chandeliers. The rippling sounds of a harp, soft piano or gentle jazz trio throughout the public places emphasize the whole feeling of old-fashioned glamour. There isn't neon or glitz on this vessel, and there are some gimmicks. Instead of capturing the public's imagination with water slides and high-tech discos, Cunard cruise company cashes in on its awesome inheritance, a sense of cause and old-fashioned pursuits like ballroom dancing, lawn bowls or afternoon tea in the Garden Lounge.

MS Queen Elizabeth cruise ship (Cunard)

Live music is played all over the ship. If you enjoy evening drinks in Midships bar or Cafe Carinthia, listen to the pianist and the harpist in the Grand Lobby. The Golden Lion pub presents a singing pianist, quizzes, karaoke. Every day dancing, morning, noon and night on Queen Elizabeth- most in the Queens Room built for the purpose, gold and blue. A large dance floor and stage for band complete the picture. Single ladies are accompanied by gentleman hosts. Jazz concerts and piano recitals are also held there. Every few nights Royal Balls are organized in the Queens Room. Other evening events are shows in the theatre, with 20 V.I.P. boxes. Forward is the Empire Casino and the Golden Lion pub. The pub is cozy and modeled as a British pub, is cozy enough. Roulette, Texas Hold'em, BlackJack and numerous slots are available in the casino- a nonsmoking area. The only smokers places are on balconies, the starboard side on Decks 3 and 10, in Churchill's Lounge on Deck 10. The Midships Bar has seating around a marble bar and comfortable armchairs. In Queens Room, where a lot of people gather each evening drinks are also served. Bigger lounges and bars are on Decks 9 and 10.

Family-oriented in terms of facilities, Queen Elizabeth has the look of a "grown-up" ship. For that reason, families might feel better on P&O or Princess lines. The Zone on Deck 10 is a teenagers' room for computer games, air hockey, Xbox, and for the smaller ones QE suggests a colorful children's playroom full with toys. Outdoor deck space is featured, as well. These operate on port days only, but you better book in advance.

Cunard cruise ship weddings, ceremonies, and parties could be held in some of the QE's lounges. There is no chapel on board the QE ship.

Follows the complete list of Queen Elizabeth lounges, clubs and other entertainment venues for kids, teens, and adults.

  • Royal Court Theatre (832-seat, 3-deck, with a giant movie screen; hosts high-tech visual programs, grand musical productions, and shows, as well as theatrical spectacles, performances by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art)
  • iStudy (Cunard ConneXions; separate meeting rooms featuring Internet computers); Internet Centre
  • Grand Lobby Atrium (with a grand piano, grand sweeping staircase, interior glass-wall lifts)
  • Golden Lion Pub (116-seat traditional British pub bar; features a large selection of the UK and international beers, large-size TVs, live entertainment, small dance floor)
  • Empire Casino (222-seat, 6000 ft2 / 610 m2; with 115 slots and 11 gambling tables, served by Casino Bar)
  • Queens Arcade (quiet area for relaxation with panoramic views)
  • Cunard Place (nautically themed museum); Clarendon Fine Art gallery; Images Gallery (photo gallery)
  • Cunard ConneXions (a complex of 3 rooms which host onboard events)
  • Chart Room (cocktail bar with live jazz)
  • Queens Room (2-level formal dancing ballroom; hosts evening dancing parties and daily dance lessons)
  • Veuve Cliquot (Champagne Bar); Cafe Carinthia (patisserie, specialty teas and coffees bar); Midships Bar & Lounge
  • Royal Arcade (boutique shops, top name brands); Fortnum and Mason Shop
  • The Alcove (a quiet room with a big jigsaw puzzle); Card Room
  • Royal Spa & Fitness Centre (size 20000 ft2 / 1860 m2, 2-level; with a Spa, Thalassotherapy Pool, Thermal Suite, Finnish and Herbal Saunas, Treatment Rooms, Relaxation Lounge, Aromatic Steam Room, Beauty Salon)
  • Fitness Centre (Gym Room and Weights area; with exercise bikes, Elliptical machines, treadmills, steppers, rowing machines, yoga mats; has Aerobics Room for classes)
  • The Library (with a large book selection - over 6000 volumes)
  • Pavilion Pool (with 2 Whirlpools and poolside Bar); Lido Pool (with 2 Whirlpools, Bar and Grill)
  • Commodore Club (indoor observation lounge with panoramic windows and live piano music)
  • Admiral's Lounge (premium liquors)
  • Churchill's Cigar Lounge (smokers room with a selection of fine liquors and cigars)
  • The Yacht Club Lounge & Disco (nautically themed, glass-domed)
  • The PlayZone (indoor/outdoor kids area for children 7+ yo); The Zone (for children 8 to 12 yo); Teen Zone (teenagers club area)
  • Games Deck (glass-domed; with tennis court, shuffleboard, croquet, quoits, giant chess, golf simulators, first time at sea complimentary fencing lessons)
  • The Terrace (private outdoor area, Grill passengers only); The Grills Lounge (Grill Suites guests only).


Queen Elizabeth itinerary program each year has a World Cruise leaving roundtrip from Southampton UK, with several one-way itinerary segments. The liner also sails in Europe (Canaries, Mediterranean and UK mini cruises), leaving from Southampton.

In February 2018, Cunard announced that for season 2019-2020, the cruise liner will be deployed in Australia to serve a 101-day program. During this season (December 2019 through March 2020), the ship had scheduled 6 roundtrips from Melbourne and 2 roundtrips from Sydney NSW on itineraries to Tasmania, New Zealand, South Australia, Papua New Guinea (14-day from Sydney, with maiden port calls to Conflict Islands and Kiriwina / Trobriand Islands).

For season 2019 (February-March), the ship had a 54-day long Australian season with homeporting in Sydney NSW and Melbourne. In 2019 and 2020, the liner offered a unique for Cunard Alaskan program based on roundtrips from Vancouver BC Canada (read more in the Wiki section).

In summer 2021 (July through October), Cunard scheduled for Queen Elizabeth an ex-UK season with 10 "British Isles Voyages" and 3 "Sun Voyages" (3- to 12-nights itineraries). "British Isles Voyages" offered scenic coastal cruising including Jurassic Coast (Dorset England), Land's End (Cornwall England), Scotland's Isle of Arran, Kintyre Peninsula, Sound of Mull. Four ex-UK voyages visited Belfast Ireland, Greenock, Invergordon, Liverpool, Newcastle, Holyhead Wales (first-time for Cunard). Balcony cabin prices per person (with double occupancy) started from GBP 600/EUR 700/USD 830 (4-night British Isles Voyages), GBP 900/EUR 1050/USD 1240 (7-night Sun Voyages), GBP 1300/EUR 1520/USD 1790 (10-night British Isles Voyage). Bookings were opened only for UK residents.

In late-October 2021, Cunard canceled Queen Elizabeth's Asia 2022 program (a total of 19 itineraries planned between Feb 20 - May 17) which was based on homeporting in Yokohama Japan. The revised 2022 schedule included roundtrips from homeport Southampton to Norway, Spain's Canary Islands, and Western Mediterranean ports, ending with a Grand Voyage (westbound Transatlantic crossing and Panama Canal transit) ending in Vancouver (BC Canada).

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Queen Elizabeth Wiki

The Fincantieri Monfalcone-built Queen Elizabeth as vessel design is similar to P&O UK's Arcadia, Princess' Coral and Island, and Costa's Luminosa and Deliziosa. HM Queen Elizabeth II is the ship's Godmother. The naming ceremony was on October 11, 2010. The British monarch also christened Cunard's RMS Queen Mary 2 (2004), and in 1967 - Queen Elizabeth II (QE2 ship ceased operations in 2008).

The inaugural cruise/maiden voyage started on October 12, 2010, leaving from homeport Southampton to Canaries (Spanish autonomy territory). The itinerary visited Lisbon, Cadiz, Tenerife, Santa Cruz de la Palma and also Funchal (Madeira Island, Portugal). For its first year of service, Queen Elizabeth did around 142,000 mi (230,000 km) of cruising to 100+ different destinations. Among the many celebrities who participated in the onboard show programs were Ruth Scott, Lord Jeffrey Archer, Brian Hoey.

The ship's first birthday was celebrated in Malta (Port Valletta) on October 12, 2011.

On January 13, 2011, the 3 Cunard liners met in the USA (New York City) on a second "Royal Rendezvous" to commemorate the second year after the first Royal Rendezvous. On this occasion, Elizabeth and Victoria crossed together the Atlantic Ocean. All Cunard ships gathered again in Southampton on June 5, 2012, to celebrate HM's diamond jubilee. A month later (on July 15), for the first time ever, Queen Elizabeth and QM2 docked together in Hamburg (Germany).

In October 2011, the vessel changed its registry/flagstate from the UK to Bermuda, which allows cruise wedding ceremonies to be held on the ship. The word “Southampton” on the stern was replaced with “Hamilton”.

On March 12, 2013, the liner passed by RMS Queen Mary - an earlier Cunard fleet member. QM is now permanently docked at Long Beach CA (Los Angeles), serving as a ship hotel. On March 13, 2017, the ship departed on its ever first cruise leaving roundtrip from Japan (Kobe-Osaka). The 7-day itinerary (March 13-20) came after the local municipal government asked Cunard to schedule a Kobe-based cruise as in 2017 Port Kobe celebrated its 150th anniversary. The voyage included the Japanese ports Kagoshima, Busan, Hiroshima and Kochi. This "surprise cruise" became part of the 2017 world voyage. CLIA's "2017 Summit at Sea" conference (May 9-17, 2017) was held onboard the ship. The itinerary (May 8-12) was roundtrip from Southampton to Hamburg.

In 2019, Cunard repositioned the liner for a 2-month long season in Australia (February-March), with departures from homeports Melbourne and Sydney on 7 cruises to NZ, South Australia, and Tasmania. For the liner's Australian deployment, Cunard partnered with 4 local brands (R.M.Williams / fashion, Akubra Hats, Starward Whisky/distillery, and Australian Dance Theatre). Under the Starward distillery partnership, the ship carried "The Seafarer" (a 225-litre barrel of the boutique whisky). It was loaded in Sydney NSW and positioned on the top deck to spend 12 months around the world, and will be opened in February 2019 at the Australian season's start. The partnership with Australian Dance Theatre will result in live performances, along with onboard dance classes and workshops.

Operated regularly and starting in January each year, Queen Elizabeth offers Cunard World Cruise deals with affordable pricing, popular destinations, and big-city ports to visit around the world.

Cunard cruises Alaska 2019-2020

In 2019, MS Queen Elizabeth had scheduled Cunard's first-ever Alaskan cruise season in over 20 years. The 27-day Pacific Ocean crossing itinerary (Asia-Alaska repositioning, May 5-31, 2019, Yokohama to Vancouver) included as call ports Aomori, Tomakomai-Sapporo, Kodiak, Juneau, Anchorage, Skagway, Sitka, Ketchikan, Icy Strait Point. Cunard's 2019 Alaskan program included all four 10-night long roundtrips out of Vancouver to Tracy Arm Fjord and Hubbard Glacier.

On Queen Elizabeth, Cunard offers culturally-rich shipboard programming for all 2019 cruises to Alaska. The program includes four 10-day roundtrips (themed ‘The Last Frontier") with departures from Vancouver BC (2019 departure dates - May 21 and 31, June 10 and 20), with call ports Icy Strait Point, Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka, Victoria BC, Skagway. Highlights include scenic cruising through Inside Passage, Hubbard Glacier, Tracy Arm Fjord. Cunard’s 2019 Alaskan program includes the following special onboard amenities:

  • Lectures by Dr. Rachel Cartwright - a naturalist with 20+ years of experience in Alaska
  • Live performances by Alaska Native Voices and members of Huna Tinglet tribe
  • Presentations by LaDonna Rose Gundersen - cookbook author and commercial fisherwoman
  • Dedicated in-cabin TV entertainment, including the documentary series “The Ketchikan Story”
  • Complimentary hot cocoa and blankets provided on Sun Deck
  • Live Navigation Bridge commentaries

On Queen Elizabeth, Cunard also planned a full 2020 Alaskan season (June through September). Due to high demand, the Alaskan 2020 program was doubled (in comparison to 2019) with 10 roundtrips from Vancouver (ranging 9 to 12 days) plus one roundtrip to San Francisco (overnight on Independence Day).

Each Alaskan voyage offers popular destinations along the coast of British Columbia (Canada) and Alaska (USA), and longer port times in Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway, Sitka. In addition, these voyages offer scenic cruising in Inside Passage, Hubbard Glacier and along Sawyer Glacier (Endicott Arm and Tracy Arm). Cunard customers also can combine these itineraries into B2Bs (back-to-back cruises). Cunard's 2020 Alaskan cruises include:

  • 10-day "Alaska Voyage" roundtrip from Vancouver (June 2-12, 2019), fares start from USD 1600 pp.
  • 3-day "Independence Day Celebration" from Vancouver to San Francisco (July 2-5), fares start from USD 600 pp.
  • 16-day repositioning from San Francisco to Vancouver (July 5-21), fares start from USD 2660 pp.
  • 29-day repositioning from Vancouver to Tokyo (August 29-September 28), fares start from USD 4460 pp.

Cunard Line offers for booking over 140 shore tours in Alaska, including "Whale Watching and Wildlife Quest", "Sea Otter and Wildlife Quest", "Taku Lodge Feast and Five-Glacier Seaplane Discovery", "Dogsled Adventure by Helicopter", "Wilderness Sea Kayaking Adventure", "Cooking in Alaska's Wildest Kitchen", "Bering Sea Crab Fishermen's Tour", "Scenic Mountain Ascent and World's Largest ZipRider".

Other Alaskan shore excursions are themed as ATV Expedition, Wilderness Cruise and Silverking Lodge Seafood Feast, White Pass Scenic Railway (Luxury Class), Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show and Crab Feast, Misty Fjords Seaplane Exploration, Ghosts, and Goodtime Girls Walking Tour, Exclusive Burro Creek Waterfall Lodge and Crab Feast.

Cunard also offers pre- and post-cruise rail tours, that include 3- or 5-day hotel plus 2 full days on the train. Rocky Mountaineer train travels through scenic destinations, such as the glacier and snow-capped peaks of the Canadian Rockies, mountain passes, tunnels, and river canyons.

MS Queen Elizabeth refurbishments review

The ship's last drydocking was in 2023 (March 16 thru April 3) in Singapore, conducted at Sembawang shipyard (owned by Sembcorp Marine Ltd). The project was for regularly scheduled maintenance works, including hotel upkeep, technical overhauls, steel works, minor machinery updates.

The ship's 12-day drydock refurbishment in 2018 (November 15-27, at Damen Shiprepair Brest in Brest France) resulted in the following changes:

  • All staterooms (cabins and suites) were upgraded.
  • (deck 3) Royal Arcade was redesigned.
  • (deck 1) Royal Court Theatre (main show lounge) was completely overhauled (its audio and video equipment was upgraded).
  • (Lido deck 9) open-deck spaces on Sun Deck were upgraded with new furniture, shaded seating areas were expanded.
  • (deck 9) ship's wellness complex "Mareel Wellness & Beauty" (Spa, Beauty Salon) was extensively refurbished, and its treatments menu was upgraded via partnership with Canyon Ranch.

Maintenance works included stabilizers, ABB Azipods (azimuth thrusters), water-ballast tanks, EGCS (scrubbers/exhaust gas cleaning system), piping and ducting, safety equipment (lifeboats, liferafts), tender boats, renovations of hallways and corridors, cleaning and repainting the hull. All works were conducted at Damen Shiprepair Brest shipyard.

The boat's drydock 2014 was conducted by Blohm+Voss (in Hamburg Germany) and resulted in the following changes:

  • hull works (cleaning and repainting) and routine maintenance
  • technology enhancements: filter system upgrade, scrubbers (new eco-friendly technology to lower exhaust gasses and bettering the fuel efficiency), Azipod (Azimuth thruster) propulsion modifications
  • onboard enhancements: new carpeting in all public spaces, passenger cabins (new mattresses and flat TVs), restaurant renovations (plus new coffee-tea makers), new jewelry shops (on Promenade Deck 3), restyling of the Lido buffet area (Deck 9), Photo Studio upgrade (new touch screen photo processing system), new sun-awning systems (on open decks 9 and 12)
  • 9 new single cabins were added on Deck 2 (8 Oceanview, 1 Standard Inside) taking some of the Casino space.