Arosa Stella

Arosa Stella Review and Specifications

Specifications of Arosa Stella

Flag state Germany
Builder Neptun Werft GmbH (Germany)
Year built 2005
Owner A-ROSA Flussschiff GmbH
Length (LOA) 126 m / 413 ft
Beam (width) 11 m / 36 ft
Gross Tonnage 3550 gt
Passengers 89 - 174
Crew 45
Decks 4
Cabins 89
Decks with cabins 3

Review of Arosa Stella

The Arosa Stella boat cruises on Rhone and Saone Rivers in France departing from Lyon. The other A-Rosa France river cruise ship is Arosa Luna.

A-Rosa Stella cruise ship is a river cruise ship of the German A-Rosa Cruises company with current home port Rostock, Germany. Among the features all included in fares are the gratuities, shore excursions, roundtrip air, specialty beverages and cocktails. Three decks of cabins are available on A-Rosa Stella, all measuring 156 sq.feet, with private bathrooms, writing tables, interactive televisions and seating. The cabins on Decks Two and Three have French verandahs (walls of windows with opening doors, though you really can't step out).A-Rosa Stella cruise ship A-Rosa Stella main restaurant is on Deck Three, adjacent to the Lounge, focusing on Mediterranan cuisine with continental European touch. The standouts on board are the massive spa, gym and salon. The Stella ship also has a sauna and a steam room, a pool on the sun deck, bicycles to use in port.

A-Rosa Stella river cruise prices are per person and based on double occupancy. These are only indicative A-Rosa cruise rates. They might be different when you book your Arosa Stella cruisetour deals (all-inclusive), influenced by travel agency promotions, special offers and discounts, group travel booking or last-minute deals rates.

RIver Cruise Itineraries

  • 7-days "THE RHONE and SAONE" cruise from Lyon visits Chalon, Macon (overnight stay), scenic Rhone River cruising, Viviers, Arles, Avignon and Vienne.The 5-days "ROUTE RENDEZ - VOUS" itinerary from Lyon visits Viviers, Arles, Avignon and Vienne.
  • 7-days “PORTRAITS of the RHONE" cruise from Lyon visits Tournus, Chalon, Macon, Viviers, Arles, Avignon and Vienne, ending with an overnight stay in Lyon (disembarkation).
  • 7-days “ROUTE STELLA” itinerary from Lyon skips Tournus to visit Macon, Chalon, Lyon, Chateauneuf du Pape, Avignon (overnight stay), Viviers and La Voulte.
  • The one-way 10-days "DELIGHTS of FRANCE" wine river cruise (Lyon to Arles) visits Tournus, Chalon, Saone river cruising, Macon, Lyon, Vienne, Tournon (overnight stay), Rhone River cruising, Viviers (overnight stay) and Avignon, ending in Arles (overnight stay before disembarkation).
  • The majority of ARosa Stella France river cruise tours are themed "food and wine", visiting famous chateaus, small towns and villages in two of the country's world renown wine regions - Burgundy and Provence (Southern France).

The Arosa Stella itinerary program is similar to that of Arosa Luna. It includes the following Southern France cruises in Provence and Burgundy:

  • 5-day (Rhone River cruise in France) round-trip from Lyon to Viviers, Arles, Avignon (overnight), Vienne, ending in Lyon (overnight)
  • 5-day (Rhone cruise in France) round-trip from Lyon to Viviers, Avignon, Arles (overnight), Port St Louis, Tain-l'Hermitage, ending in Lyon (overnight)
  • 5-day (Rhone cruise in France) from Arles to Lyon, visiting Arles (overnight), Avignon (overnight), Viviers, ending in Lyon (overnight)
  • 7-day (Rhone and Saone river cruise in France) round-trip from Lyon to Macon, Chalon, Tournus, Lyon, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Avignon (overnight), Arles, Viviers, La Voulte, ending in Lyon.

Arosa Stella wiki

  • Accident reports and news
  • Cabin grades number: 4
  • Total number of cabins: 89 (of which 60 French Balconies, 29 with non-opening windows).
  • Restaurants, Lounges & Bars: Market Restaurant (main dining), Cafe Restaurant (al fresco), Wine Bar (food and wine tastings /itinerary-based regional delicacies), Stella Lounge & Bar (show, lectures), Sun Deck (Bar/Grill stations, pool, shaded observation area, giant chess, putting green, deck games).
  • A-Rosa Stella cruise deals are inclusive of Wi-Fi Internet, all tours /excursions (including on bicycles), motorcoach transfers, live onboard entertainment (local performers, enrichment lectures), food and wine tastings), alcohol (beer, wine, spirits), 24-hour coffee/tea, replenished daily bottled water.
  • Being the first of the line's two same class vessels, the ARosa Stella cruise ship is sister to A-Rosa Luna (also operating in France). This ship design features a comparitively large indoor spa complex (with 2 saunas, Spa massages room, gym) and an open-air swimming pool on the Sun Deck.
  • The Stella ship offers complimentary bicycles on land tours and excursions in each of the visited ports.

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Arosa Stella Itineraries 2017

The below listed Arosa Stella cruise prices on 2017 itineraries are only indicative and Per Person (in US dollars, based on double occupancy). These are the cheapest Arosa Cruises fares on the ship’s lowest category cabins available for booking. Cruise fares typically change with departure dates approaching, last minute deals, discounts, promotions, independent travel agency offers.

Itinerary ports
03 June 7 nights / 8 days, round-trip Colours of the Rhône
Prices starting
from $2324
show itinerary map
04 Jun        Departing from Lyon, France
05 Jun        Chalon-sur-Saone, France
05 Jun - 06 Jun        Macon, France (Overnight)
06 Jun        Macon, France
06 Jun        Rhone River
07 Jun        Viviers-sur-Rhone, France
08 Jun        Arles, France
08 Jun - 09 Jun        Avignon, France (Overnight)
09 Jun        Avignon, France
10 Jun        Vienne, France (Excursion)
10 Jun - 11 Jun        Lyon, France (Overnight)
11 Jun        Arriving in Lyon, France
24 June 7 nights / 8 days, round-trip Colours of the Rhône
Prices starting
from $2324
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25 Jun        Departing from Lyon, France
26 Jun        Chalon-sur-Saone, France
26 Jun - 27 Jun        Macon, France (Overnight)
27 Jun        Macon, France
27 Jun        Rhone River
28 Jun        Viviers-sur-Rhone, France
29 Jun        Arles, France
29 Jun - 30 Jun        Avignon, France (Overnight)
30 Jun        Avignon, France
01 Jul        Vienne, France (Excursion)
01 Jul - 02 Jul        Lyon, France (Overnight)
02 Jul        Arriving in Lyon, France
05 August 7 nights / 8 days, round-trip Colours of the Rhône
Prices starting
from $2248
show itinerary map
06 Aug        Departing from Lyon, France
07 Aug        Chalon-sur-Saone, France
07 Aug - 08 Aug        Macon, France (Overnight)
08 Aug        Macon, France
08 Aug        Rhone River
09 Aug        Viviers-sur-Rhone, France
10 Aug        Arles, France
10 Aug - 11 Aug        Avignon, France (Overnight)
11 Aug        Avignon, France
12 Aug        Vienne, France (Excursion)
12 Aug - 13 Aug        Lyon, France (Overnight)
13 Aug        Arriving in Lyon, France
19 August 7 nights / 8 days, round-trip Colours of the Rhône
Prices starting
from $2248
show itinerary map
20 Aug        Departing from Lyon, France
21 Aug        Chalon-sur-Saone, France
21 Aug - 22 Aug        Macon, France (Overnight)
22 Aug        Macon, France
22 Aug        Rhone River
23 Aug        Viviers-sur-Rhone, France
24 Aug        Arles, France
24 Aug - 25 Aug        Avignon, France (Overnight)
25 Aug        Avignon, France
26 Aug        Vienne, France (Excursion)
26 Aug - 27 Aug        Lyon, France (Overnight)
27 Aug        Arriving in Lyon, France
26 August 7 nights / 8 days, round-trip Colours of the Rhône
Prices starting
from $2248
show itinerary map
27 Aug        Departing from Lyon, France
28 Aug        Chalon-sur-Saone, France
28 Aug - 29 Aug        Macon, France (Overnight)
29 Aug        Macon, France
29 Aug        Rhone River
30 Aug        Viviers-sur-Rhone, France
31 Aug        Arles, France
31 Aug - 01 Sep        Avignon, France (Overnight)
01 Sep        Avignon, France
02 Sep        Vienne, France (Excursion)
02 Sep - 03 Sep        Lyon, France (Overnight)
03 Sep        Arriving in Lyon, France
16 September 7 nights / 8 days, round-trip Colours of the Rhône
Prices starting
from $2248
show itinerary map
17 Sep        Departing from Lyon, France
18 Sep        Chalon-sur-Saone, France
18 Sep - 19 Sep        Macon, France (Overnight)
19 Sep        Macon, France
19 Sep        Rhone River
20 Sep        Viviers-sur-Rhone, France
21 Sep        Arles, France
21 Sep - 22 Sep        Avignon, France (Overnight)
22 Sep        Avignon, France
23 Sep        Vienne, France (Excursion)
23 Sep - 24 Sep        Lyon, France (Overnight)
24 Sep        Arriving in Lyon, France
30 September 7 nights / 8 days, round-trip Colours of the Rhône
Prices starting
from $2248
show itinerary map
01 Oct        Departing from Lyon, France
02 Oct        Chalon-sur-Saone, France
02 Oct - 03 Oct        Macon, France (Overnight)
03 Oct        Macon, France
03 Oct        Rhone River
04 Oct        Viviers-sur-Rhone, France
05 Oct        Arles, France
05 Oct - 06 Oct        Avignon, France (Overnight)
06 Oct        Avignon, France
07 Oct        Vienne, France (Excursion)
07 Oct - 08 Oct        Lyon, France (Overnight)
08 Oct        Arriving in Lyon, France