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At CruiseMapper's Music Cruise survey you will find departure dates, itineraries and various "music and dance" theme cruise information and tips. We offer you a list of Classical music concerts and dance cruise specials on deals to visit Caribbean, Europe and Australia on a big cruise ship vacation. Caution - music cruises are super fun, generally promoting a lot of drinking and dancing activities. The cruise drinking and dancing fun generally involves big money spending. Very special are also all the music concert voyages on big riverboats in Europe.

For your convenience, the following link jumps down directly to CruiseMapper's music-cruises schedule, listing lines, ships, departure dates and homeports. Follow Mardi Gras Carnival cruises visiting the US port cities New Orleans Louisiana, Galveston Texas, Tampa Florida, Long Beach (Los Angeles) California, NYC New York, Mobile Alabama, and of course - Rio De Janeiro (Brazil). This survey is integrated with our Themed Cruises.

"Dance and Music" themed cruises

Themed as "Music Cruises" deals are from the list of the industry's newest inventions. They are very similar to all the music concerts arranged at land-based facilities (music halls, theaters, stadiums, etc. And since modern cruise ships can accommodate from 2500 (on average) to more than 5000 people, these so special marine vessels become the perfect place for the mixed "music concert and party" cruise vacation the world has never seen before.

music and dance cruises

From what Wikipedia have said about music - it's the art form "whose medium is sound and silence". However, on cruise ships there's no such thing as silence - it's party time all the time! The word "music" derives from Greek "mousike" meaning the "art of the Muses". And what is better than a Muses-inspired vacation of several days at sea, right?

Dance-themed cruises

The dance cruise experience is a major part of the "Music Cruise 2018" specials - especially when famous bands and singers are involved in these action. And these "musical" deals suggest a hell of a lot dancing on the ship. Imagine you can enjoy (if fortunate enough) your super cool band's performance at sea. there are some truly unique sailings, which include huge crowd dancing parties featuring NKOTB (with the "New Kids On The Block" celebrities),

Christian-themed music cruises are another unique offer in this category. On those you'll enjoy the company of hundreds and even thousands of like-minded folks sharing your ideas of God, right and wrong. And quite often, preachers there dance and enjoy the music more than the audience itself.

Popular musical genders on the specially themed music and dance cruises are Rock, Country and Folk bands. And Classical music and Jazz themed cruises offer one truly sophisticated experience at sea. Often music-themed sailings are combined with specials from the category of Food and Wine cruises. These are usually Jazz- or Classic music themed (often river cruise) deals, offering a gourmet voyage on some of the Europe's biggest rivers, such as Danube, or Rhone and Seine in France.

P&O Cruises UK ships offer each year several Music Cruises leaving from Southampton, and their Australia brand may offer such themed deals from Sydney, Australia. Most of them are Mediterranean cruises from Southampton, and Cruises To Nowhere from Sydney - i.e. without additional ports of call (which significantly lowers their cost by not including port charges).

How much do "Music Cruises" cost,  what is included in prices?

Your dance/music cruise infrastructure is pretty much like a normal sailing - but it's not, ok? The cruise part as always, include tanning, swimming, drinking, dining, sleeping (with the "repeat until" command) summarized as "easy big time fun". Your "music cruise tickets" prices are inclusive of all meals on the boat, and add to that the 24-hr room service onboard. This means all main dining rooms and the buffet dining, specialty restaurants charge extra (from ~$20 to $50 per meal). Alcohol, soda and soft drinks are not in the list of inclusions.

Beware - enjoying the music cruise fun in a not healthy and not cheap combination with lots of beverages could cost you way more than the ticket itself. Virtually all music and dance cruise deals are on round-trip departures from some of the world's biggest cruise ports - like Miami and Fort Lauderdale in Florida, NYC New York, Boston MA, Los Angeles, Southampton UK, Sydney AU.

Music Cruises 2018-2019 schedule

Most of the following voyages are themd on Classic, Folk, Country, Rock or Jazz music.

Dance and Music Cruises - CruiseMapper

Note: In the following table, all links are internal (CruiseMapper) redirecting to the ship’s itinerary schedule where you can compare dates and prices per person (double occupancy rates).

Companies / Ships Music Themes Regions Departure Ports and Dates

Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Ecstasy

Carnival Imagination

Carnival Liberty

Carnival Fantasy

Carnival Sensation

  1. (Ecstasy)"Pickin and Biscuits Cruise 2018"
  2. (Imagination)"2018 Baja Bop: Roots and Americana Cruise 2018"
  3. (Liberty)"Shiprocked 8"
  4. (Fantasy)"2nd Annual Steel Guitar Cruise 2018"
  5. (Sensation)"Ship Hop"
  6. (Sensation)"Backstreet Boys 2018"
  1. (2018, Feb 21) 5-day Nassau and Princess Cays, Bahamas
  2. (2018, Oct 18) 3-day Mexico
  3. (2018, Jan 21) 4-day Bahamas
  4. (2018, Feb 1) 4-day Mexico
  5. (2018, Jan 11) 4-day Caribbean
  6. (2018, May 3) 4-day Caribbean

Royal Caribbean

Allure of the Seas

Navigator Of The Seas

Independence of the Seas


Brilliance of the Seas

Radiance of the Seas

Serenade of the Seas

Independence Of The Seas

  1. (Allure)"14th Annual Memories of the King 83rd Birthday"
  2. (Navigator)"Monsters of Rock Cruise 2018"
  3. (Navigator)"Stages The Musical Theatre Festival At Sea"
  4. (Independence)"Hit Songwriter Cruise 2018"
  5. (Independence)"Rock Legends Cruise VI"
  6. (Independence)"70000 Tons Of Metal Cruise 2018"
  7. (Independence)"Welcome To Jamrock Reggae Cruise 2018"
  8. (Brilliance)"Southern Rock Cruise 2018"
  9. (Brilliance)"Cruise to the Edge 2018"
  10. (Brilliance)"Singing At Sea 2018"
  11. (Brilliance)"Tropical Heatwave - Americana Cruise 2018"
  12. (Radiance)"Cruisin Country 8 Cruise 2018"
  13. (Serenade)"Dave Koz and Friends at Sea"
  14. (Brilliance)"Singing At Sea 2019"
  15. (Brilliance)"Cruise To The Edge 2019"
  16. (Independence)"Rock Legends Cruise VII - 2019"


Europe (Baltic) 

  1. (2018, Jan 21) 7-day Caribbean
  2. (2018, Feb 11) 5-day Caribbean
  3. (2018, Oct 15) 4-day Caribbean
  4. (2018, Feb 9) 5-day Caribbean
  5. (2018, Feb 15) 4-day Caribbean
  6. (2018, Feb 1) 4-day Caribbean
  7. (2018, Dec 1) 5-day Caribbean
  8. (2018, Jan 20) 5-day Caribbean
  9. (2018, Feb 3) 5-day Belize and Mexico
  10. (2018, Feb 12) 5-day from Tampa
  11. (2018, Feb 22) 4-day Caribbean
  12. (2018, Oct 9) 7-day
  13. (2018, May 13; May 20) 7-day Scandanavia and Russia
  14. (2019, Jan 21) 5-night from Tampa Florida
  15. (2019, Feb 4) 5-night from Tampa Florida
  16. (2019, Feb 14) 4-night from Fort Lauderdale Florida

Holland America


Nieuw Amsterdam

Nieuw Statendam



  1. (Koningsdam)"Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise 2018"
  2. (Nieuw Amsterdam)"Sandy Beaches Cruise 2018"
  3. (Nieuw Amsterdam)"Soul Train Cruise 2018"
  4. (Nieuw Amsterdam)"Country Music Cruise 4th Sailing"
  5. (Nieuw Amsterdam)"Flower Power Cruise 2018"
  6. (Nieuw Amsterdam)"80's Cruise 2018"
  7. (Nieuw Statendam)"Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise #32"
  8. (Eurodam)"Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise #31"
  9. (Nieuw Amsterdam)"Soul Train Cruise 2019"
  10. (Nieuw Amsterdam)"The Country Music Cruise 2019"
  11. (Oosterdam)"JoCo Cruise 2018"
  12. (Oosterdam)"JoCo Cruise 2019"


US West Coast

  1. (2018, Feb 4) 7-day Caribbean
  2. (2018, Jan 6) 7-day Caribbean
  3. (2018, Jan 27) 7-day Caribbean
  4. (2018, Feb 3) 7-day Caribbean
  5. (2018, Feb 24) 7-day Caribbean
  6. (2018, Mar 7) 7-day Caribbean
  7. (2019, Feb 3) 7-day Eastern Caribbean
  8. (2018, Oct 28) 7-day Sea Of Cortez
  9. (2019, Jan 20) 7-night from Fort Lauderdale Florida
  10. (2019, Jan 27) 7-night from Fort Lauderdale Florida
  11. (Feb 18, 2018) 7-night from San Diego California
  12. (Mar 9) 7-night from Fort Lauderdale Florida

Princess Cruises

Ruby Princess

Crown Princess

Emerald Princess

  1. (Ruby)"Toms Unify Rhythm Drum Circle Cruise to Mexico"
  2. (Crown)"25th Annual Concerts At Sea Where The Action Is Cruise 2018"
  3. (Emerald)"Concerts At Sea Music of the 60's"

Mexician Riviera



  1. (2018, Mar 3) 7-day Mexician Riviera
  2. (2018, Jan 20) 8-day Eastern Caribbean, Antigua, St. Marteen, St. Thomas, Amber Cove
  3. (2018, Sept 9) 7-day Alaska

P&O Cruises UK




  1. (Azura)"Strictly Come Dancing"
  2. (Ventura)"Strictly Come Dancing"
  3. (Britannia)"Strictly Come Dancing"
Europe (UK to Mediterranean)
  1. (2018, Apr 13; Jul 21) 14-day
  2. (2018, May 11) 14-day
  3. (2018, June 3) 14-day

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Eclipse

Celebrity Equinox

Celebrity Infinity

Celebrity Summit

  1. (Eclipse)"The Moody Blues Cruise 2018"
  2. (Equinox)"Fleetwood Mac Tribute Cruise 2018"
  3. (Equinox)"New Orleans Jazz Fest"
  4. (Infinity)"Smooth Jazz Cruise 2019"
  5. (Summit)"Blue Note at Sea"
  6. (Summit)"Smooth Jazz Cruise 2018"
  7. (Summit)"The Jazz Cruise 2018"
  8. (Summit)"2018 Flower Power Cruise 2018"
  9. (Summit)"70's Rock and Romance Cruise 2018"
  10. (Summit)"The 80s Cruise 2018"
  11. (Infinity)"The Jazz Cruise 2019"
  12. (Infinity)"The Smooth Jazz Cruise 2019-1"
  13. (Infinity)"The Smooth Jazz Cruise 2019-2"
  14. (Infinity)"Ultimate Disco Cruise 2019"
  15. (Infinity)"70s Rock And Romance Cruise 2019"
  16. (Infinity)"Flower Power Cruise 2019"
  1. (2018, Jan 2) 5-day Caribbean
  2. (2018, Jan 20) 7-day Caribbean
  3. (2018, Apr 23) 11-day Caribbean
  4. (2019, Feb 2 and 23) 7-day Caribbean
  5. (2018, Jan 27) 7-day Caribbean
  6. (2018, Feb 10; Mar 10) 7-day Caribbean
  7. (2018, Feb 2) 7-day Caribbean
  8. (2018, Feb 24) 7-day Caribbean
  9. (2018, Mar 3) 5-day Caribbean
  10. (2018, Mar 17) 7-day Caribbean
  11. (2019, Feb 2) 7-night from Fort Lauderdale Florida
  12. (2019, Feb 19) 5-night from Fort Lauderdale Florida
  13. (2019, Feb 23) 7-night from Fort Lauderdale Florida
  14. (2019, Jan 19) 7-night from Fort Lauderdale Florida
  15. (2019, Mar 25) 5-night from Fort Lauderdale Florida
  16. (2019, Mar 30) 5-night from Fort Lauderdale Florida

NCL Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Pearl

Norwegian Epic

Norwegian Getaway

Norwegian Jade

Norwegian Star

  1. (Pearl)"The Outlaw Country Cruise 2018"
  2. (Pearl)"Cayamo 11"
  3. (Pearl)"The Rock Boat XVIII"
  4. (Pearl)"Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea IV"
  5. (Pearl)"TRAIN - Sail across the sun"
  6. (Epic)"Holy Ship"
  7. (Epic)"Cruisin' To Paradise"
  8. (Getaway)"Christmas In The Caribbean Cruise 2018"
  9. (Jade)"Jam Cruise 16"
  10. (Jade)"Pitbull After Dark Party Cruise 2018"
  11. (Jade)"Parahoy Paramore Cruise 2018"
  12. (Jade)"Kid Rock’s 9th Annual Chillin’ the Most Cruise 2018"
  13. (Star)"NCL-Booze Cruise-FREE Booze all week"
  14. (Pearl)"The Rock Boat XIX 2019"


Mexician Riviera

  1. (2018, Jan 22) 4-day Caribbean
  2. (2018, Feb 4)"
  3. (2018, Jan 30) Caribbean
  4. (2018, Feb 26) 7-day Caribbean
  5. (2018, Mar 7) 4-day Caribbean
  6. 2018, Jan 6; Jan 10) 4-day Caribbean
  7. (2018, Jan 27) 7-day Eastern Caribbean
  8. (2018, Dec 9) 7-day Western Caribbean
  9. (2018, Jan 17) 5-day Caribbean
  10. (2018, Mar 2) 3-day Caribbean
  11. (2018, Apr 6) 4-day Caribbean
  12. (2018, Apr 10) 4-day Caribbean
  13. (2018, Mar 11; May 11) 7-day Mexicio Riviera
  14. (2019, Feb 1) 5-night from Tampa Florida

Cunard Line

Queen Elizabeth

RMS Queen Mary 2

  1. (Queen Elizabeth)"Cunard Line: Big Band Ball"
  2. (Queen Elizabeth)"QE2 Big Band Ball"
  3. (Queen Mary 2)"2019 National Symphony Orchestra"

Europe (Baltic)


  1. (2018, Aug 20, 24) 4-day North Europe
  2. (2019, Oct 4) 4-day Europe
  3. (2018, Sept 15) 7-day Tranatlantic

MSC Cruises

MSC Orchestra

"Blues Music Cruise 2018"

 Europe (Mediterranean) 

(2018, Sept 10 and 11) 4-day roundtrip from Genoa to Marseille, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona

Note: celebrity Blues artists (most from Chicago and Mississippi), departures from GENOA (Italy, Sept 10) and NICE (France, Sept 11), prices from EUR 595 (USD 700) per person, more info and booking at

Pullmantur Cruises

MS Sovereign

MS Horizon

  1. (Sovereign)"1st Ever European Beatles Themed Cruise 2018"
  2. (Horizon)"Escape to Portugal"

Europe (Mediterranean) 

  1. (2018, Oct 22) 8-day Mediterranean
  2. (2018, Nov 5) 7-day Spain and Morocco

Silversea Cruises

Silver Muse

Silver Spirit

Silver Shadow

  1. (Muse)"Silversea Opera Voyages" (2018, Sept 28) 10-day Mediterranean
  2. (Spirit)"Silversea Opera Voyages" (2019, Apr 25) 7-day Mediterranean
  3. (Shadow)"Silversea Opera Voyages" (2019, Oct 22) 11-day Holy Land

Europe (Mediterranean) 

  1. (2018, Sept 28) 10-day Mediterranean
  2. (2019, Apr 25) 7-day Mediterranean
  3. (2019, Oct 22) 11-day Holy Land

American Queen Steamboat Company (USA river cruise line)

American Queen

  1. "The 50s and 60s Remembered" (2018, Feb 19 and 22; Sept 23)"
  2. Music of America" (2018 various)"
  3. Mississippi River Big Band Cruise 2018" (2018, Feb 25)
  4. all are 8-day Mississippi River itineraries
 Mississippi River (USA)
  1. (2018, Feb 19 and 22; Sept 23)
  2. (2018 various)
  3. (2018, Feb 25)

all are 8-day Mississippi River itineraries

American Cruise Lines

Queen of the Mississippi


American Constellation

  1. (Queen of the Mississippi)"Nashville Country and Blues Cruise 2018"
  2. (Queen of the Mississippi)"Music Cruise 2018"
  3. (America)"Music Cruise 2018"
  4. (American Constellation)"Music Cruise 2018"

 Mississippi River (USA)

  1. (2018, Sept 29) 7-day
  2. (2018, Nov 4) 7-day
  3. (2018, Mar 24; Nov 3) 7-day
  4. (2018, Oct 6; Nov 24) 7-day

Avalon Waterways

Avalon Impression

Avalon Poetry II and Avalon Tranquility II

Avalon Poetry II and Avalon Tapestry II

  1. (Impression)"Avalon's Magnificent Europe for Music and Opera"
  2. (Poetry 2 and Tranquility 2)"Sounds of Jazz from Burgundy and Provence"
  3. (Poetry 2 and Tapestry 2)"Sounds of Jazz and WWII History in Grand France"

 Europe (rivers)

  1. (2018, Oct 26)
  2. (2018, Jun 29) 14-day Rhone and Saone Rivers
  3. (2018, Jun 29) Seine, Saone and Rhone RIvers

Sea Cloud Cruises

Sea Cloud II

"Steinway Cruise 2018"

Europe (Mediterranean)

(2018, Jun 11) 6-day

Mardi Gras carnival cruises

Mardi Gras cruises are music and dance-themed voyages with itineraries that visi the US port cities New Orleans LouisianaGalveston TexasTampa FloridaLong Beach (Los Angeles) CaliforniaNYC New YorkMobile Alabama, and of course, Rio De Janeiro Brazil.

Mardi Gras Carnival

The Mardi Gras carnival aka "Carnival season" (the name literally means "Fat Tuesday" in French) is a Catholic festival celebrated in the countries of Anglican nations. The celebrations start on Epiphany (or "the feast day" on January 6th) and culminate on the day before Ash Wednesday (called "Fat Tuesday" and "Mardi Gras Day" - positioned exactly 46 days before Easter).

When is the Mardi Gras carnival day?

Because day's timing is set according to Easter, it varies by year - between February 3 and March 9. Follows a list with the Mardi Gras dates in the next couple of years (all dates will be on Tuesdays, though  - no matter the year).

Carnival Mardi Gras - CruiseMapper

The Mardi Gras dates are:

  • in 2019 on March 5
  • in 2020 on February 25
  • in 2021 on February 16
  • in 2022 on March 1
  • in 2023 on February 21
  • in 2024 on February 13
  • in 2025 on March 4
  • in 2026 on February 17
  • in 2027 on February 9

To find your "Mardi Gras cruise ship", just pick departure port (New OrleansGalvestonTampaLos AngelesNew YorkMobile, Rio De Janeiro). In the port's schedule you'll listed ships leaving from or going to that seaport. Then choose itineraries that include the year's carnival day.

Mardi Gras New Orleans is second only to the "Rio Carnival" in Brazil. According to Wikipedia, the Rio Carnival draws record numbers of day tourists to Brazil - 2,2 million for the Carnival Day in 2012. Add to this more than 5 million people for the whole week (around 70% of all annual guests to Rio De Janeiro), with over 400,000 foreigners participating in the week-long day and night music and dancing, and boozing.

Carnival Mardi Gras - CruiseMapper

"Mardi Gras booze cruise" inclusions

Most Mardi Gras themed cruise deals are offered by independent resellers and for larger groups with discounted cabin rates. Group booking ("Hosted Group Cruise"), besides great pricing, is also among travel agencies' special deals.

  • Included by the agency are: at least one Private Group cocktail party, all gratuities (depending on ship/itinerary these can be up to $100 PP), group departure, daily and nightly group gatherings, group dining (reserved tables), and, of course, your "Mask Party".
  • Included by the ship (for the duration of the trip) are: all meals (excepting alternative restaurants), accommodations and entertainment, 24-hour room-service.
  • Not-included (optional) are group shore excursions (again at discount prices), alcoholic beverages (optional all-inclusive drink packages are offered), gift shop purchases, spa services, gambling (casino / bingo), airfare (optional fly-cruise packages are offered from USA and UK), port charges, Government taxes, local transfers to the departure port. Remember that for US citizens a passport or certified birth certificate is always required.
  • All Mardi Gras themed cruises offer special dining menu and carnival-themed shipboard activities - good music, exotic masquerade, booze packages and promos.

Mardi Gras cruising experiences

In 2017, the UK-based Fred Olsen offered company's first-ever Mardi Gras cruise as part of an epic travel adventure to ports in Caribbean, North and Central America leaving roundtrip from the UK.

  • From Southampton England, Fred Olsen’s ship MS Balmoral offered in February 2017 a 46-night itinerary as an adults-only cruise visiting 18 ports of call and featuring 3 full days and 2 overnights in NOLA (New Orleans) allowing plenty of time to enjoy the carnival atmosphere.
  • This unique themed cruise (46-night itinerary, code L1703 , theme "Central America and the Mardi Gras" left Southampton on February 4, 2017. Prices started from GBP 3450 pp (based on double-occupancy twin-bed Superior Interior cabin). Pricing included accommodation, all onboard meals and entertainment, plus port taxes.
  • The list of cruise ports of call included: Southampton – Funchal Madeira – Bridgetown Barbados – Castries St. Lucia – St John’s Antigua – Road Town Tortola BVI – Falmouth Jamaica – Trujillo Honduras – Belize City – Cozumel Mexico – New Orleans LA (2-nights) – Tampa FL – Key West FL – Miami FL – Port Canaveral FL – Jacksonville FL – Charleston SC – Hamilton Bermuda – Ponta Delgada Azores – Southampton.
  • The 2-night stay in NOLA allowed cruise tourists to enjoy the festivities at this fabulously extravagant festival. Passengers were also provided with the opportunity to attend the "Orpheuscapade Black Tie Ball" in New Orleans – something rarely experienced by tourists. This formal event was held in the city's Convention Centre, featuring live music, dancing and the chance to get up close to the gigantic carnival floats, as a local celebrity leads the parade directly through the Centre.