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14:58 22 Jan 2018

60.39488 N, 5.32197 E

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Bergen Havn is Norway's second biggest port city (after country's capital Oslo) and gateway to the Norwegian Fjords. Located along Byfjord, this is a charming old trading town surrounded by forested peaks and centred around the bustling harbour with thriving fishing industry. City's population is around 280,000.

Bergen (Norway) cruise port

Bergen is the southern turnaround port of the Hurtigruten "Express Route" (Norwegian Coastal Express). This is a regularly scheduled ferry and cruise itinerary in Norway, between Bergen and Kirkenes (the route's northern turnaround port).

Bergen (Norway) cruise port

Bergen's old waterfront is lined with coloured buildings and warehouses, housing boutiques, restaurants and art galleries. Here travelers will also see the Fish Market at Torget displaying the catch of today.

The history of Bergen dates back to the early 11th century when Olav Kyrre founded a settlement and royal residence here. Bergen replaced Trondheim as capital of Norway in 1240, and the city prospered under the guidance of Hanseatic League. Very soon, these German merchants controlled all trade in Norway and remained in Bergen for centuries until 1764.

Today, much of city's architecture reflects the lifestyle of Hanseatic merchants, who resided in tiny row houses close to the harbour. Bryggen is a collection of timbered Hanseatic houses from the 14th-16th century, restored and designated by UNESCO as a Heritage Site. Hanseatisk Museum re-creates living quarters of a merchant and his staff. King Haakon's Hall was built in the 13th Century, Rosenkranz Tower and Mariakirken in the 12th century. Theta Museum honours local Nazi resitance group from WW2.

Tourists can enjoy shopping or travel up Floibanen funicular railway for views over Bergen city and the surrounding area. Outside the town a must-see is the Fantoft Stave Church (1050) and Troldhaugen beside Norgas Lake - home of Edvard Grieg and now a park and a museum. On the Nordnes Peninsula is Old Bergen Museum, open air collection of 18th-19th century houses.

  • In October 2017, Port Bergen announced a new policy to limit the cruise ship calls per day to 4 vessels (max 9000 passengers) in order to avoid occasional congestion during summer months. All the port's existing ship bookings were honored.
  • For season 2017, the cruise port had scheduled a total of 325 ship calls and handled over 0,51 million passengers (in 2016 their number was 490,546).

Fred Olsen fleet meet (port Bergen 2015)

For the first time ever, on July 28, 2015, all four Fred Olsen ships (the whole fleet) came together in Bergen. At the following YouTube video you can also see an aerial view of the cruise port and the terminals.

  • The four vessels arrived at 8 am and left the port at 6 pm.
  • MS Balmoral was on an 8-night "Norwegian Fjords" cruise from Southampton UK (July 25). Arriving from Stavanger, it docked at Bontelabo Terminal.
  • MS Black Watch was on a 9-night "Cruising the Fjordland"cruise from Liverpool UK (July 23). Arriving from Flam, it docked at Skolten South Terminal.
  • MS Boudicca was on a 7-night "Glaciers, Fjords and Waterfalls of Norway" cruise from Newcastle UK (July 26). Arriving from Newcastle, it docked at Skolten North Terminal.
  • MS Braemar was on a 14-night "Falls, Fjords and Faroe Islands" cruise from Dover UK (July 18). Arriving from Akureyri Iceland, it docked at Festningskaien Terminal.
  • The day-long festivities in Bergen included quayside live music performances (marching drummers, singers, music bands), onboard entertainment (afternoon show, open deck party, live band music), onboard treasure hunt, "‘water cannon" send–off show as all Fred Olsen ships were leaving the port.
  • All four Fred Olsen ships visit Bergen every year since 1997.
  • Following the "fleet meet" day, Balmoral continued to Flam, both Black Watch and Braemar to Eidfjord, Boudicca - to Alesund.

Highlights: Bryggen Hanseatic Houses, Stave Church, Edvard Grieg Home

Bergen cruise terminal

Most cruise ships in Bergen Havn dock at the Skolten cruise port (Vagen Harbor). From here it is a 5-min walking distance (along the waterfront) to the Bryggen (aka Tyskebryggen) docking area.

Bergen Port (Skolten cruise ship terminal)

Larger cruise ships often dock at Dokken port, located to the west of the Fish Market (large outdoor market selling seafood, fruits and vegetables). Complimentary shuttle buses operate from Dokken Port to the city center (walking distance is around 20 min).

Bergen Port (Dokken cruise ship terminal)

The following map of Port Bergen shows the cruise terminals and their berths locations, as well as the port's anchorage area. If all berths are occupied, the additional vessel is anchored there and its passengers are transported via tender boats.

Bergen cruise port map

Bergen tours, shore excursions, hotels

City Tours and Shore Excursions

  • Hjeltefjorden
  • Ulriken Cable Car
  • Edvard Grieg Museum
  • Bergen Aquarium
  • Bryggen Wharf
  • Mt Floyen

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Day Ships in port
1 January, 2018
MS Nordnorge(arriving at 01 Jan)
MS Trollfjord(departing at 01 Jan)
2 January, 2018
Black Watch(arriving at 02 Jan - departing at 02 Jan)
MS Trollfjord(arriving at 02 Jan)
3 January, 2018
MS Kong Harald(arriving at 03 Jan)
MS Lofoten(departing at 03 Jan)
4 January, 2018
MS Lofoten(arriving at 04 Jan)
MS Nordlys(departing at 04 Jan)
MS Spitsbergen(departing at 04 Jan)
5 January, 2018
MS Spitsbergen(arriving at 05 Jan)
6 January, 2018
MS Nordkapp(departing at 06 Jan)
MS Nordlys(arriving at 06 Jan)
7 January, 2018
MS Finnmarken(departing at 07 Jan)
MS Nordkapp(arriving at 07 Jan)
8 January, 2018
MS Finnmarken(arriving at 08 Jan)
MS Polarlys(departing at 08 Jan)
9 January, 2018
MS Polarlys(arriving at 09 Jan)
MS Vesteralen(departing at 09 Jan)
10 January, 2018
MS Richard With(departing at 10 Jan)
MS Vesteralen(arriving at 10 Jan)
11 January, 2018
MS Nordnorge(departing at 11 Jan)
MS Richard With(arriving at 11 Jan)
12 January, 2018
MS Nordnorge(arriving at 12 Jan)
MS Trollfjord(departing at 12 Jan)
13 January, 2018
MS Kong Harald(departing at 13 Jan)
MS Trollfjord(arriving at 13 Jan)
14 January, 2018
MS Lofoten(departing at 14 Jan)
15 January, 2018
MS Lofoten(arriving at 15 Jan)
MS Nordlys(departing at 15 Jan)
MS Spitsbergen(departing at 15 Jan)
16 January, 2018
MS Nordlys(arriving at 16 Jan)
MS Spitsbergen(arriving at 16 Jan)
17 January, 2018
MS Nordkapp(departing at 17 Jan)
18 January, 2018
MS Finnmarken(departing at 18 Jan)
MS Nordkapp(arriving at 18 Jan)
19 January, 2018
MS Finnmarken(arriving at 19 Jan)
MS Polarlys(departing at 19 Jan)
20 January, 2018
MS Polarlys(arriving at 20 Jan)
MS Vesteralen(departing at 20 Jan)
21 January, 2018
MS Richard With(departing at 21 Jan)
MS Vesteralen(arriving at 21 Jan)
22 January, 2018
MS Nordnorge(departing at 22 Jan)
MS Richard With(arriving at 22 Jan)
23 January, 2018
MS Nordnorge(arriving at 23 Jan)
MS Trollfjord(departing at 23 Jan)
24 January, 2018
MS Kong Harald(departing at 24 Jan)
MS Trollfjord(arriving at 24 Jan)
25 January, 2018
MS Kong Harald(arriving at 25 Jan)
MS Lofoten(departing at 25 Jan)
26 January, 2018
MS Lofoten(arriving at 26 Jan)
MS Nordlys(departing at 26 Jan)
MS Spitsbergen(departing at 26 Jan)
27 January, 2018
MS Nordlys(arriving at 27 Jan)
MS Spitsbergen(arriving at 27 Jan)
28 January, 2018
MS Nordkapp(departing at 28 Jan)
29 January, 2018
MS Finnmarken(departing at 29 Jan)
MS Nordkapp(arriving at 29 Jan)
30 January, 2018
MS Finnmarken(arriving at 30 Jan)
MS Polarlys(departing at 30 Jan)
31 January, 2018
MS Polarlys(arriving at 31 Jan)
MS Vesteralen(departing at 31 Jan)
2018 January