MS Alexander Pushkin

MS Alexander Pushkin Review and Specifications

Specifications of MS Alexander Pushkin

Year built 1974  /  Age : 44
Flag state Russia
Builder Osterreichische Schiffswerften AG (Korneuburg, Austria)
Class Project Q-040 (Maksim Gorkiy-class)
Speed 12 kn / 22 kph / 14 mph
Length (LOA) 110 m / 361 ft
Beam (width) 15 m / 49 ft
Passengers 186 - 216
Crew 66
Decks 4
Cabins 80
Decks with cabins 3
Last Refurbishment 2011
Sister-ships Maksim Gorkiy

Review of MS Alexander Pushkin

MS Alexander Pushkin cruise ship (in Russian "теплоход Александр Пушкин") is owned and operated by the Russian shipping company VODOHOD (in Russian "Водоход"). The Aleksander Pushkin ship cruises on Volga River in Russia, departing from Moscow ("Москва") and St Petersburg ("Санкт-Петербург").

This river ship is owned by the largest Russian cruise line company and tour operator Vodohod (Водоход). The company was founded 2004 under the name "Volga Shipping Company", with headquarters in the country's largest and most important cities - Moscow and St Petersburg. VODOHOD operates a fleet of over 50 passenger vessels sailing along the Russian rivers Volga, Don, Kama, on the Volga-Don canals, also on the Volga-Baltic waterways, Ladoga and Onega lakes.

MS Alexander Pushkin

VODOHOD's predecessor - Volga Shipping Company (translated Volzhskoye parokhodstvo / Волжское пароходство) - was founded as a Volga steamship transportation company in 1843. As of 2011, the company had in operation over 300 passenger and river cargo ships, carrying over 6,7 billion tons of cargo and over 368,000 passengers along the biggest rivers in Russia.

Alexander Pushkin cruise itineraries

One of the world's ever largest river cruise ships, Alexander Pushkin's itinerary schedule starts in May and ends in October. During that period, the motorship departs round-trip from Moscow Russia and visits the cities of Kazan, Samara, Elabuga, Plyos, Nijnii Novogorod. The following itineraries are offered (in brackets are shown indicative cruise prices per person, in USD):

  • 12-days roundtrip from Moscow (Москва to Казань/Kazan and Самара/Samara) - prices from $820 pp
  • 12-days roundtrip from Moscow (Москва to Елабуга/Yelabuga) - prices from $890 pp
  • 12-days roundtrip from Moscow (Москва to Казань/Kazan) - prices from $750 pp
  • 7-days roundtrip from Moscow (Москва to Плeс/Plyos (Privolzhsk) - prices from $480 pp
  • 7-days roundtrip from Moscow (Москва to Нижний Новгород/Nizhny Novgorod) - prices from $570 pp

Alexander Pushkin cruise itinerary ports information

sources - wikipedia (type the kirilic text directly in the wikipedia's search field top right) Follows the list of visited Russian port cities and towns along the Alexander Pushkin Volga cruise itinerary route:

  • Kazan is the is the largest city and the capital of Tatarstan (one of the Russian republics). By population the city is ranked 8th in Russia. Kazan is located at the confluence of the rivers Volga and Kazanka.
  • Samara (previously known as Куйбышев/Kuybyshev) is the Russia's 6th largest by population. It is located on the Volga's east bank, at the confluence of the rivers Volga and Samara.
  • Yelabuga is a town in Tatarstan (a Russian republic), located on the Kama River's west bank. The town is at ~120 ml / 200 km east from the capital Kazan.
  • Plyos (Ivanovo Oblast) is a town located on the Volga's west bank, some 45 ml / 70 km northeast of Ivanovo (the region's administrative center).
  • Nizhny Novgorod (shortened Nizhny) is the Russia's 5th largest city. In the period between From 1932 and 1990, it was know as Горький/Gorky, named after Maxim Gorky (1868-1936), a famous Russian writer born there. The city is located ~250 ml / 400 km east of the capital Moscow, and is of great importance for the Volga-Vyatka region.

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