Pearl Mist

Pearl Mist cruise ship

Cruise line
Pearl Seas Cruises

Current cruise:
21 nights / 22 days, one-way from Quebec City to West Palm Beach
05 Oct, 2016 - 27 Oct, 2016

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Pearl Mist Review and Specifications

Specifications of Pearl Mist

Flag Marshall Islands
Year of built 2014
Speed 17 kn
Length 102 m
Beam 17 m
Gross Tonnage 5109 gt
Passengers 210 - 216
Crew 65
Passengers-to-space ratio 24
Decks 6
Decks with cabins 6

Review of Pearl Mist

Pearl Mist is a contemporary small cruise ship. She was built in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2014. Years of legal dispute delayed the vessel being put into operation, so mv Pearl Mist did not leave on an inaugural cruise until June 2014. Currently, she is operated and owned by Pearl Seas Cruises.

History - construction & ownership

The 5,100-ton, 210-passenger cruise ship Pearl Mist was ordered by Pearl Seas Cruises from Irving Shipyards in 2006 for US$43.5 million. She was the first ship to be built for the cruise line. Pearl Mist's keel was laid down in July 2007. Pearl Seas and Irving started their dispute just 5 months after the beginning of construction. The ship was launched on March 14, 2008 and completed in June 2010, but due to the dispute the company refused to accept it. Pearl Mist was laid up in Nova Scotia (Shelburne) to await the outcome of legal process. A settlement was reached in 2013. Pearl Mist was accepted by the Pearl Seas Cruises line and towed to Baltimore in April 2013. She was later taken in hand by Salisbury-based Chesapeake Shipbuilding for fitting out.

Cruise itinerary program

Pearl Mist itinerary program is based on Eastern Caribbean round-trip cruises from San Juan, Puerto Rico. The vessel also offers USA East Coast sailings from Boston MA, as well as USA and Canada cruises (“Great Lakes & Georgian Bay”) leaving out of Chicago (Illinois, USA) and Toronto (Ontario, Canada).

Pearl Mist


The Pearl Mist ship is described as "luxury", featuring 105 double rooms (between 302-580 ft2), all of which with an outside balcony. Pearl Mist can accommodate 210 passengers. The ship is equipped with modern amenities, including wireless internet access and flat screen TVs. The staterooms are comfortable and even the smaller G and H categories are big enough for 2 people to move with ease. All cabins can fit 3 adults.

Dining options - Food & Drinks

Pearl Mist features only one dining room with all meals served in a single seating. Food is excellent, but passengers are asked to select lunch and dinner choices at breakfast so the chef will know what has to be prepared ahead of time. However, if later you are in the mood for something different, you are not locked into your choice. The chef is flexible easily modifies most recipes to serve any dietary restriction. Waiters quickly learn who is gluten-free, who is on a low-salt diet, etc. to ensure each guest is taken care of. There is always an entree option and a vegetarian appetizer.

Entertainment options - Fun & Sport

Daytime fun aboard the Pearl Mist ship is restricted to board or card games, chats with new friends and destination lectures. Evening entertainment consists of single musical acts. On most itineraries, the ship calls at a new port every day, thus leaving little time for onboard activity. Before or after the port visits, passengers can attend an expert talk on the area's history, geography and culture. Other afternoon activities include bingo, trivia, golf putting challenge, arts&crafts and the occasional sun deck games in the Caribbean. The small bridge is open for passengers once or twice per cruise.


Pearl Mist related cruise news

Pearl Mist Itineraries 2016

The below listed Pearl Mist cruise prices on 2016 itineraries are only indicative and Per Person (in US dollars, based on double occupancy). These are the cheapest Small Cruise Lines fares on the ship’s lowest category cabins available for booking. Cruise fares typically change with departure dates approaching, last minute deals, discounts, promotions, independent travel agency offers.

Itinerary ports
10 September 14 nights / 15 days, one-way from Toronto to Portland
Prices starting
from $9060
11 Sep        Departing from Toronto,Ontario, Canada
12 Sep        Clayton, New York
13 Sep        Thousand Islands,Ontario Canada-New York USA
14 Sep        Montreal, Quebec, Canada
15 Sep        Quebec City, Canada
16 Sep        Saguenay River
17 Sep        Baie-Comeau, Quebec, Canada
18 Sep        Perce,Quebec, Canada
19 Sep        Magdalen Islands, Quebec, Canada
20 Sep        Prince Edward Island, Canada
21 Sep        Pictou,Nova Scotia, Canada
22 Sep        Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
23 Sep        Lunenburg,Nova Scotia, Canada
24 Sep        Bar Harbor, Maine
25 Sep        Arriving in Portland, Maine
24 September 11 nights / 12 days, one-way from Portland to Quebec City
Prices starting
from $7204
25 Sep        Departing from Portland, Maine
26 Sep        Bar Harbor, Maine
27 Sep        Eastport,Maine
28 Sep        Lunenburg,Nova Scotia, Canada
29 Sep        Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
30 Sep        Prince Edward Island, Canada
01 Oct        Magdalen Islands, Quebec, Canada
02 Oct        Gaspe, Quebec, Canada
02 Oct        Perce,Quebec, Canada
03 Oct        Sept-Iles, Quebec, Canada
04 Oct        Baie-Comeau, Quebec, Canada
05 Oct        Saguenay River
06 Oct        Arriving in Quebec City, Canada
05 October 21 nights / 22 days, one-way from Quebec City to West Palm Beach
Prices starting
from $13590
06 Oct        Departing from Quebec City, Canada
07 Oct        Saguenay River
08 Oct        Baie-Comeau, Quebec, Canada
09 Oct        Gaspe, Quebec, Canada
09 Oct        Perce,Quebec, Canada
10 Oct        Magdalen Islands, Quebec, Canada
11 Oct        Prince Edward Island, Canada
12 Oct        Pictou,Nova Scotia, Canada
13 Oct        Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
14 Oct        Eastport,Maine
15 Oct        Bar Harbor, Maine
16 Oct        Portland, Maine
17 Oct        Boston, Massachusetts
18 Oct        Martha's Vineyard Island, Massachusetts
19 Oct        Newport, Rhode Island
20 Oct        New York, Cape Liberty NYC
21 Oct        At Sea
22 Oct        Williamsburg,Virginia
23 Oct        At Sea
24 Oct        Charleston, South Carolina
25 Oct        Savannah, Georgia
26 Oct        Jacksonville, JAXPORT, Florida
26 Oct        St Augustine, Florida
27 Oct        Arriving in West Palm Beach, Florida
26 October 10 nights / 11 days, round-trip Cuba Cultural Voyage
Prices starting
from $7580
27 Oct        Departing from Miami, Florida
28 Oct        Havana, Cuba
29 Oct        Havana, Cuba
30 Oct        Maria la Gorda,Cuba
31 Oct        Cienfuegos, Cuba
01 Nov        Casilda, Cuba
02 Nov        Santiago de Cuba
03 Nov        Alejandro de Humboldt National Park,Cuba
04 Nov        Holguin,Cuba
05 Nov        At Sea
06 Nov        Arriving in Miami, Florida
05 November 10 nights / 11 days, round-trip Cuba Cultural Voyage
Prices starting
from $7580
06 Nov        Departing from Miami, Florida
07 Nov        Havana, Cuba
08 Nov        Havana, Cuba
09 Nov        Maria la Gorda,Cuba
10 Nov        Cienfuegos, Cuba
11 Nov        Casilda, Cuba
12 Nov        Santiago de Cuba
13 Nov        Alejandro de Humboldt National Park,Cuba
14 Nov        Holguin,Cuba
15 Nov        At Sea
16 Nov        Arriving in Miami, Florida
15 November 10 nights / 11 days, round-trip Cuba Cultural Voyage
Prices starting
from $7580
16 Nov        Departing from Miami, Florida
17 Nov        Havana, Cuba
18 Nov        Havana, Cuba
19 Nov        Maria la Gorda,Cuba
20 Nov        Cienfuegos, Cuba
21 Nov        Casilda, Cuba
22 Nov        Santiago de Cuba
23 Nov        Alejandro de Humboldt National Park,Cuba
24 Nov        Holguin,Cuba
25 Nov        At Sea
26 Nov        Arriving in Miami, Florida
28 November 10 nights / 11 days, round-trip Cuba Cultural Voyage
Prices starting
from $7580
29 Nov        Departing from Miami, Florida
30 Nov        Havana, Cuba
01 Dec        Havana, Cuba
02 Dec        Maria la Gorda,Cuba
03 Dec        Cienfuegos, Cuba
04 Dec        Casilda, Cuba
05 Dec        Santiago de Cuba
06 Dec        Alejandro de Humboldt National Park,Cuba
07 Dec        Holguin,Cuba
08 Dec        At Sea
09 Dec        Arriving in Miami, Florida
08 December 10 nights / 11 days, round-trip Cuba Cultural Voyage
Prices starting
from $7580
09 Dec        Departing from Miami, Florida
10 Dec        Havana, Cuba
11 Dec        Havana, Cuba
12 Dec        Maria la Gorda,Cuba
13 Dec        Cienfuegos, Cuba
14 Dec        Casilda, Cuba
15 Dec        Santiago de Cuba
16 Dec        Alejandro de Humboldt National Park,Cuba
17 Dec        Holguin,Cuba
18 Dec        At Sea
19 Dec        Arriving in Miami, Florida
18 December 10 nights / 11 days, round-trip Cuba Cultural Voyage
Prices starting
from $7580
19 Dec        Departing from Miami, Florida
20 Dec        Havana, Cuba
21 Dec        Havana, Cuba
22 Dec        Maria la Gorda,Cuba
23 Dec        Cienfuegos, Cuba
24 Dec        Casilda, Cuba
25 Dec        Santiago de Cuba
26 Dec        Alejandro de Humboldt National Park,Cuba
27 Dec        Holguin,Cuba
28 Dec        At Sea
29 Dec        Arriving in Miami, Florida
28 December 10 nights / 11 days, round-trip Cuba Cultural Voyage
Prices starting
from $7580
29 Dec        Departing from Miami, Florida
30 Dec        Havana, Cuba
31 Dec        Havana, Cuba
01 Jan        Maria la Gorda,Cuba
02 Jan        Cienfuegos, Cuba
03 Jan        Casilda, Cuba
04 Jan        Santiago de Cuba
05 Jan        Alejandro de Humboldt National Park,Cuba
06 Jan        Holguin,Cuba
07 Jan        At Sea
08 Jan        Arriving in Miami, Florida