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Baltic Queen ferry current location is at Baltic Sea (coordinates 59.53864 N / 23.52092 E) cruising at speed of 17.2 kn (32 km/h | 20 mph) en route to EEVAN<>FIMHQ<>SESTO. The AIS position was reported 2 minutes ago.

Current Position

Specifications of Baltic Queen ferry

Year of build2009  /  Age: 15
Flag state Estonia
BuilderSTX Europe-Aker Yards (Rauma, Finland)
Classcruiseferry (Ro-Pax ship)
Ferry route / homeportsStockholm-Aland (Mariehamn)-Tallin
Building costEUR 180 million (USD 233 million)
Speed25 kn / 46 km/h / 29 mph
Length (LOA)212 m / 696 ft
Beam (width)29 m / 95 ft
Gross Tonnage48915 gt
Freight vehicles75
Decks with cabins3
Last Refurbishment2022
Sister-shipsBaltic Princess, Galaxy
Christened byMea Mehtonen
OwnerTALLINK Grupp

Baltic Queen ferry Review

Review of Baltic Queen ferry

MS Baltic Queen ferry is a Ro-Ro passenger vessel operated by the Estonia-based company TALLINK-SILJA LINE. The ship has a max capacity of 2800 passengers and 420 cars plus 75 trucks/trailers. The vessel was launched in 2009 and currently operates on the Estonia-Sweden ferry route Tallinn-Aland (Mariehamn)-Stockholm (crossing time 15,5 hours). Departures are from Tallinn (D-terminal) and from Stockholm (Vartahamnen).

Note: Since September 2020, Baltic Queen operates the Finland-Latvia route Helsinki-Riga (temporarily replacing Silja Serenade) with two weekly departures (on Wednesdays and Fridays).


As cruise ferry, Baltic Queen has 927 cabins (double and quads/max capacity 4 passengers) with a total of 2500 berths, all located on decks 5, 8 and 9. All staterooms are air-conditioned, with en-suite bathrooms and are both inside and outside. The ferry company provides bed linens, towels, and toiletries. Some staterooms are wheelchair-accessible (adapted for disabled passengers). Cabins for passengers with allergies and passengers traveling with pets are also available. Room service can be ordered 4 days prior departure.

All cabins are with bunk beds (wall-mounted), en-suite bathrooms (angled sink, wall-mounted toilet, shower cubicle, hairdryer). Baby crib and potty (1 per cabin), as well as bedsides/rails (2 per cabin), are provided complimentary upon request.

Cabin categories include:

  • (Deck 9) Executive Suite / double cabin (size 26-31 m2 with balcony) - double bed, sofa, armchairs, WC, shower, TV, refrigerator, complimentary minibar, phone. Special in-cabin breakfast and refreshments (soft drinks and fruits) are included in the "Europa 22 hour" mini-cruise fares.
  • (Decks 8-9) Junior Suite / double cabin (size 26-31 m2) - slanted windows, separate bedroom, sofa, double bed, armchairs, WC, shower, TV, minibar, mirrored vanity table (writing desk with stool), refrigerator, phone. Special in-cabin breakfast and refreshments (soft drinks and fruits) are included in the "Europa 22 hour" mini-cruise fares.
  • (Decks 8-9) Deluxe / double cabin (size 11-14 m2) - windows, double bed (non-convertible to twins), sofa, WC, shower, TV, phone, refrigerator, complimentary minibar. Special in-cabin breakfast and refreshments (soft drinks) are included in the fares.
  • (Decks 5-8-9) Premium Cabin (Double Outside, size 9 m2) - porthole window, double bed (non-convertible to twins), WC, shower, TV, mirrored vanity table (writing desk with stool), refrigerator. Special breakfast is included in the fares.
  • (Deck 5) Family Cabins (2 connecting inside cabins, capacity 4-8 persons) - 2 porthole windows, 2 bathrooms (WC, shower), 2 lower bunk beds, 4 upper bunk beds, 2 sofabeds, 2 TVs.
  • (Decks 5-8-9) A-Class Cabin (Quad Outside, size 9-10 m2) - porthole window, 1 lower bunk bed, 1 sofabed, 2 upper bunk beds, WC, shower, TV. Cabins for allergic passengers are also available.
  • (Decks 5-8-9) B-Class Cabin and E-Class Cabin (Quad Inside, size 9 m2) - no window, 1 lower bunk bed, 1 sofabed, 2 upper bunk beds, WC, shower. Some cabins are adapted for passengers with allergies and passengers with pets.
  • (Deck 5) Allergy Cabins are in categories Family (4x), A-Class (9x) and B-Class (17x) each with WC, shower, TV.
  • (Deck 5) Handicap Cabins (for disabled passengers) are in category A-Class Outside (size13 m2), each fitted with 2 lower beds (fixed), WC, shower, TV, wider doors (for wheelchair access).
  • (Deck 5) Pet Cabins (for passengers with pets) have capacity 2-4 persons, WC, shower, TV, linoleum flooring. Pet cabins are available in categories A-Class, B-Class and C-Class.

On Deck 2 are located most of the staff and crew cabins.

All passengers must vacate their staterooms 30 min prior to homeport arrival. Passenger registration ends 1-hour prior ferry departure.

Baltic Queen ferry ship (TALLINK-SILJA LINE)

Shipboard facilities

As facilities, the Baltic Queen ferry offers:

  • On Deck 7 are located most of the ship's dining venues - Grill House, Buffet Restaurant, Alexandra Restaurant, Italian Restaurant, Gourmet Baltic Queen, Starlight Palace Restaurant, Pub Bar.
  • (Deck 7) Grande Buffet (Self-Service Restaurant) offers Scandinavian and international dishes, soft drinks, tea, coffee, wine, and beer, which are all included in the buffet meals price. The buffet restaurant has several theme-food stations, including Grill, Cold Table (meats, seafood), Green Market (Salads), Warm Dishes, Desserts.
  • (Deck 7) Gourmet Baltic Queen is an a la carte restaurant.
  • (Deck 7) Alexandra is an a la carte Russian restaurant.
  • (Deck 7) Grill House offers steakhouse food specialties.
  • (Deck 7) Tavolata Ristorante Italiano serves traditional Italian food specialties, Deli items, premium olives, Roi Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  • (Deck 7) Sea Pub offers various beverages, classic pub snacks, small stage (for live performances by guest musicians).
  • (Deck 7) Cigar Club is a classy smoking lounge with leather armchairs and a selection of premium cigars and cigarettes.
  • (Deck 7) Manhattan Piano Bar offers live music performances, coffee drinks, cocktails.
  • (Decks 6 and 7) Starlight Palace is a 2-deck entertainment complex with show lounge (dance floor, grand stage / lower level) and a panoramic restaurant (capacity 1000 seats, with floor-ceiling windows).
  • (Deck 6) Coffee & Co (Cafeteria / Patisserie / Coffee Bar) offers cold and warm beverages, light snacks (including fresh-baked pastries, yogurts, fruit smoothies, sweet crepes) and meals (made-to-order food and ready-made options). Coffee drinks are fresh-brewed (from freshly ground beans). The Cafe also has a takeaway desk.
  • (Deck 6) Seaside Bar offers local dance music and karaoke.
  • (Deck 5) Conference Department (opening hours 9 am - 9 pm) has all 9 different conference rooms with combined capacity 450 seats. The largest meeting room has 324 seats. All rooms are fitted with the latest technology presentation equipment. there is a separate lobby area. Conference facilities are closed during peak season (mid-June through mid-August) as the area is built into "Summer Center" (play area for kids-themed activities).
  • (Deck 5) Lotte Village / Children's Playroom is the ship's indoor playground area fitted with TV (for watching cartoons), Ball Pit Pool, craft tables. On each cruise, kids here meet the cartoon character Moomin and the SILJA LINE mascot Harri Hylje (Harry the Seal). Also here is the PlayStation Lounge (separate room for video games and arcade machines).
  • (Decks 6) Supermarket / Tax Free Shop is a duty-free store selling special occasion gifts and souvenirs, alcohol (brand spirits, wines), tobaccos, luxury-brand perfumes and cosmetics, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, leather goods, confectionery, fashion clothing and accessories, toys, electronics and gadgets, gourmet sweets, Deli food, handmade teas and spices. Special offers (shopping promotions) are offered on each ferry crossing. Payments can be made in cash or via bank cards (VISA, MasterCard, EuroCard).
  • (Deck 6) Cosmetic Boutique sells luxury perfumes, cosmetics, skincare products.
  • (Deck 6) Gifts & Toys Shop sells fashion clothing (for adults and kids), designer jewelry, cosmetics, gadgets and electronics, gifts, souvenirs, toys.
  • (Deck 7) Fashion Street Boutique sells designer clothes and accessories (Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Esprit, Superdry, Marc O' Polo, Desigual).
  • (Deck 5) Hera Salongid (Beauty Salon) offers professional services by certified cosmeticians, hairdressers and masseuses (face and body treatments, hair styling and coloring, manicure, pedicure). Reservations are required 24 hours prior departure.
  • (Deck 2) Sauna Department has 2 reserved saunas, unisex public saunas, bar, swimming pools (for kids and adults).
  • (Decks 6 and 7) The casino has gaming tables (roulette, poker) and slot machines.
  • (Lobby Deck 6) Wi-Fi service, ATM / cash machine (next to Information Desk / Reception). A nurse can be also reached via the Reception. Small lockers are available for valuables.
  • (Deck 10) Ibiza Disco Nightclub (capacity 90 seats) offers DJ hits, club music, party quizzes. On Deck 10 is also the ship's Navigation Bridge.
  • Sun Decks (10 and 11) are outdoor deck areas.

Midship on the top deck (Heli Deck 12) there is a helipad - helicopter landing area used in cases of emergency.

All onboard emergency instructions are displayed in staterooms, on the TV screens and at the ship's assembly stations (aka muster stations). Life jackets are issued at the assembly stations. In case of emergency, the use of elevators/passenger lifts is forbidden.

Baltic Queen ferry ship (TALLINK-SILJA LINE)


  • 2-day cruise deals ("Europa 22 hour") are offered only shuttle ferries with departures from Helsinki (embarkation 8 am) to Tallinn (disembarkation 12:10 pm on the next day).
  • On all Tallink-Silja ships (excepting shuttle ferries) is available Room Service with a la carte priced special occasion gifts, sweets, and beverage menus. However, cabin services must be ordered 4 days prior departure.
  • Onboard Conference Rooms are equipped with data projectors and white screens, and available for booking with group rates (extra charge pp). The room must be booked for at least 2 hours, and for a minimum of 10 persons. Catering (snack package or buffet meals, also refreshments) can be booked additionally.
  • Smoking on the ship is prohibited in all cabins, restaurants, bars and lounges, corridors, elevators, stairwells. Smoking on the ship is allowed at designated areas and only on outdoor decks (look for "Smoking Area" signs).

"Collect and Save" program is based on collecting stickers with onboard purchases (on all Tallink-Silja ships stores). The program allows purchasing of selected products at up to 57% discount prices. With every purchase (min value EUR 10), the passenger receives 1 sticker (to be glued inside a campaign folder). By the "Collect and Save" campaign, passengers can buy different products after collecting 10, 20 or 30 stickers. These products are handed out and paid at the Info Stand or at the ship's shops. The "Collect and Save" offers are limited to a time period, or until select products are out of stock.

"Club One" is the company's loyalty program rewarding passengers traveling frequently with Tallink-Silja ferries. By the program are accrued bonus points - based on ferry tickets and onboard purchases), but also on Tallink Hotels rooms booked via Tallink-Silja. The program has 3 levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold) determined by the bonus points. Bonus points can be used for booking voyages, getting onboard shopping and dining discounts, Tallink Hotels (Tallinn and Riga) 10% discount plus benefits, Tallink Takso (Tallinn) 5% discount, Europark (Helsinki) 15% car parking discount.

Car decks

Garage Decks are numbers 3 and 4. On Deck 1 are the Engine Room (extending to Deck 2) and other technical rooms. On Deck 2 are the ferry's Spa (Sauna Rooms, Swimming Pool), technical rooms, crew cabins and facilities (dining/bar lounge, mess hall), the Brig (ship jail). Car Deck 4 has a hydraulic mobile platform, which (when lowered) divides it horizontally and doubles its passenger car capacity.

Follows a list of car decks related safety procedures:

  • Disabled passengers or those requiring specific assistance should visit the ship's Information Desk (open 24-hours).
  • Apply handbrake and place the vehicle in park or 1st gear position. Switch off the ignition, alarm, electrical equipment, headlights. Gas cylinders, if any, must be switched off. Lock the vehicle.
  • From your vehicle take only valuables and essential hand baggage.
  • Make a note of your vehicle's location and garage deck number/stairway before leaving the car deck.
  • Access to the ship's vehicle (cargo) decks during the voyage is prohibited.
  • Smoking on vehicle decks, as well as in cabins and passenger lounges is forbidden.
  • Wait for the onboard announcement before returning to your vehicle.
  • In order to avoid air pollution, don't start the engine until instructed.

ferry company TALLINK-SILJA LINE logo - CruiseMapper

The shipowner Tallink (fleet, 1989-founded, headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia) is an Estonian shipping company that operates Baltic Sea cruise ferries and RoPax vessels with direct services connecting Estonia with Finland and Sweden. and Sweden with Finland and Latvia.

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The shipbuilding contract for Baltic Queen was signed on April 11, 2007. The vessel's construction started on April 22, 2008 (keel-laying at Aker Yards, Rauma Shipyard Finland). The ship was launched and christened on December 5, 2008, delivered to TALLINK on April 16, 2009, and entered service on April 24, 2009.

The ship is powered by 4x Wartsila marine diesel engines (model 16V32, combined output 32 MW). The propulsion system includes 4x bow thrusters (combined output 7,2 MW). The hull is ice-strengthened (class 1A Super) which allows year-round operations on Baltic Sea routes with extreme ice conditions. Ferry's godmother is Mea Mehtonen (4-year-old at that time) - daughter of Henry Mehtonen (TALLINK Group's marketing manager).

On the Tallinn-Aland-Stockholm route, Baltic Queen replaced the fleet mate Tallink Romantika (deployed on the Riga-Stockholm route)

Baltic Queen ship refurbishments review

During drydock refurbishment, 2019 (at Klaipeda Shipyard, Lithuania) were done complete renovations of all cafes, bars, and restaurants (including new furniture and carpeting).

Renovations also received the kids' playground, shopping areas, corridors-stairways-hallways (new carpeting), Business Lounge (carpets, TVs), all Public Restrooms.

Along with general maintenance works, the ship's propulsion system was upgraded. To the propellers were added EnergoProFin - Wartsila-made propeller cap/hub with fins rotating together with the propeller. The unit serves as an additional screw and reduces energy loss (fuel savings 2-5%) and underwater noise and vibrations.

The cruise ship was also fitted with the latest-generation navigation system.

By Tallink Grupp's Ship Renewal Programme are regularly refurbished all vessels in the fleet. The program's budget for the period 2013-2018 was ~EUR 80 million.

Drydock 2022 (January 27 thru February 9) was conducted at BLRT's Turku Repair Yard in Naantali Finland. The planned drydocking included technical works, machinery upgrades, underwater hull works, maintenance works (bow thrusters, overboard valves, pumps, coolers).

During drydock 2022 were also refurbished and renovated all passenger areas. Works included new carpeting (in hallways, stairwells, in some restaurants and bars) as well as minor repairs and general maintenance works. Baltic Queen restarted the Tallinn-Stockholm service on February 18th.