Manxman ferry

Former name: hull HMD8311

Manxman ferry current position

Manxman ferry current location is at North East Atlantic Ocean (coordinates 53.97883 N / -3.83102 W) cruising at speed of 16.1 kn (30 km/h | 19 mph) en route to HEYSHAM. The AIS position was reported 3 minutes ago.

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Specifications of Manxman ferry

Year of build2023  /  Age: 1
Flag state United Kingdom
BuilderHyundai Mipo Dockyard (Ulsan, South Korea)
Ferry route / homeportsDouglas-Heysham (Isle of Man-England), Douglas–Belfast (Ireland)
Building costGBP 78 million / EUR 86,6 million / USD 97,5 million
Engines (power)Wartsila (20.8 MW / 27893 hp)
Speed19 kn / 35 km/h / 22 mph
Length (LOA)133 m / 436 ft
Beam (width)26 m / 85 ft
Gross Tonnage24161 gt
Decks with cabins2
Former nameshull HMD8311
Christened byGeraldine Ugland
OwnerIsle of Man Steam Packet Co Ltd
OperatorIsle of Man Steam Packet Company/IoMSPCo

Manxman ferry Review

Review of Manxman ferry

The 2023-built MV Manxman ferry is a passenger ship constructed in South Korea (at Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in Ulsan) and owned by the UK's/and the world's oldest passenger shipping company Isle of Man Steam Packet Co Ltd.

MV Manxman operates the Isle of Man-England route Douglas-Heysham (length approx 93 NM / 110 mi / 170 km) with a crossing time of 3 hours 45 minutes. Seasonally, the ship may also be deployed on the routes connecting to Ireland (Douglas-Belfast and Douglas-Dublin) and to England (Douglas-Liverpool).

The vessel (IMO number 9917244) is currently UK-flagged (MMSI 232041396) and registered in Douglas, Isle of Man.

The ferry was ordered on July 30, 2020, at a contract price of GBP 78 million (~EUR 86,6M / USD 97,5M). The flagship of Steam Packet, Manxman replaced on the Douglas-Heysham route the 1998-built Ben-My-Chree (IMO 9170705).

In comparison to Ben-my-Chree, Manxman has ~10% bigger cargo capacity (freight and vehicles/300 vs 275) and ~30% bigger passenger capacity (949 vs 630). The new ship has a summer deadweight 5000 tons and max draught 5,3 m (17 ft).

The powerplant is based on 4x Wartsila 31 diesel engines (2x 10-cylinder + 2x 8-cylinder) using artificial intelligence and machine learning in a remote maintenance regime. The engines have a combined output of 20,8 MW.

MV Manxman ferry ship (Isle of Man Steam Packet Company)

This is Steam Packet Company's third vessel bearing the name Manxman. The new ship's namesakes were HMS Manxman (1904-launched/1949-scrapped; TSS/Turbine Steam Ship, identification number 118603; shipbuilder Vickers) and RMS Manxman (1955-launched/2012-scrapped; TSS/Turbine Steam Ship, IMO 5219943; shipbuilder Cammell Laird, in service for IoMSPCo between 1955-1982; Maiden Voyage May 21, 1955, from Douglas to Liverpool). The 1904-built Manxman ship served the British Navy in both World Wars (1914-18 and 1939-45) and was twice commissioned - in 1916 April (as HMS Manxman) and in 1941 October (as HMS Caduceus).

Shipboard facilities and amenities

In October 2019, the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company/IoMSPCo issued a tender to shipbuilders around the world to construct the new ferry.

In November 2019 was contracted Island Global Research (St Peter Port Guernsey-based market research and consultancy company) to conduct an online inquiry about onboard facilities, amenities and services considered important to Steam Packet's passengers. The survey was contributed by 8470 responders (5173 Isle of Man residents + 3297 off-island residents/Steam Packet customers) and was conducted in January-April 2020. In February-March 2020 were visited several shipbuilding yards for selecting the most suitable one.

A detailed summary of the New Vessel Survey was released in April 2020, featuring the following venues voted as "top 5" and with "highest priority":

  • (new) Quiet Lounge/relaxation areas
  • (new) Cafe (dedicated eatery separated from other seating areas)
  • (new) Cinema Lounge
  • (new) Children's Play Area suitable for kids of a wider range of ages
  • more Premium Cabins
  • more Standard Cabins
  • more Pet-Friendly Cabins
  • more tables in the standard seating areas, Niarbyl Lounge (reserved seating), Pet Lounge
  • more options for purchasing hot beverages and snacks/cold food near the seats
  • expanded Premium Lounge (more reserved seats)
  • expanded Pet Lounge (larger and more comfortable)
  • separate bar area
  • wider choice of food and beverages
  • more USB charging/plug points for portable devices
  • improved public restrooms
  • larger vehicle/cargo deck lifts
  • adding a drinking water fountain and recycling facilities
  • adding onboard movie streaming service and priority boarding
  • expanded onboard duty-free shopping (more items)

In June 2020, the survey's results were incorporated into the ship design, and in July HDM/Hyundai Mipo Dockyard was contracted as the shipbuilder.


The ship design was developed by Houlder Naval Architects, while the construction was conducted by HMD Project Team and supervised by Sea Quest Marine Project Management.

MV Manxman ship's signature facilities and amenities include:

NIARBYL RESERVED LOUNGE is a bow-facing reserved seating lounge with seats open for reservation online or during the voyage (subject to availability). Niarbyl Lounge seats cost GBP 7/9 per person per crossing (one-way).

PREMIUM LOUNGE is a panoramic lounge with benefits including personal service (by dedicated staff), free snacks and beverages (hot and cold drinks), newspapers and magazines, pillows and blankets (upon request), USB charging points. Premium Lounge seats cost GBP 22/27 per person per crossing (one-way).

Children's Play Area is an indoor playground with a large TV and supervised age-appropriate activities by a professional staff.

More details on venues and services (including staterooms and deck plans) are to be added soon.


Passenger staterooms are in three main types/categories - Standard, Premium, and Pet-Friendly. Wheelchair-accessible cabins are also available.

Standard Cabins are 4-berth staterooms fitted with en-suite bathrooms (WC, washbasin), TV, coffee/tea-making facilities (complimentary capsules and bags). Room service (in-cabin dining) is also provided.

Premium Cabins are 4-berth staterooms with TV, DVD player (DVDs), mini-fridge (cold drinks and snacks), newspapers and magazines.

Pet Cabins are 4-berth staterooms with standard amenities plus linoleum flooring.

All passenger accommodations are standard fitted with two lower plus 2 upper/bunk beds (wall-mounted), power outlets, a small table. Bedding sets, towels and toiletries are provided complimentary.

Standard Cabins cost GBP 65-78 (daytime/per room) and GBP 80-96 (night-time/per room).

Premium Cabins cost GBP 75/90 (daytime/per room) and GBP 90/108 (night-time/per room).

Pet Cabins require the animals to be booked and there is an additional charge of GBP 15/18 per animal (each way).

Booking the stateroom in advance/online is highly recommended.

Cabin cost

Standard daytime cabins can be reserved for morning and evening departures from Douglas (8:45 am and 7:45 pm) and for afternoon departures from Heysham (2:15 pm).

Standard night-time cabins can be reserved for the night departure from Heysham (2:15 am).

Standard cabins cost GBP 65/78 (daytime) and GBP 80/96 (night-time).

Premium cabins are priced GBP 75/90 (daytime) and GBP 90/108 (night-time).

Note: Cabin prices are per stateroom, not per person.

To Pet-Friendly Cabin's pricing is added a GBP 15/18 charge (per pet) each way.

Shipowner (Isle of Man Steam Packet Company)

The shipowner IoMSPCo/Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Ltd (1830-founded, Isle of Man Government-owned since 2018) translates in Manx Gaelic as "Sheshaght Phaggad Bree Ellan Vannin".

Currently, IoMSPCo provides Ro-Pax (passenger, vehicle and cargo) shipping services between the Isle of Man (homeporting at Douglas Port's Sea Terminal) and Heysham (Lancashire England) with regularly scheduled year-round crossings.

Seasonal crossings connect Douglas with Liverpool (March-November) and with Ireland (April through September) - Belfast and Dublin.

In 2023, The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company transported 623000+ passengers (27000+ over 2022) and 196000+ vehicles (3500+ over 2022). However, the company's record year is 2007, when were handled 632,942 passengers and 197745 vehicles.

Shipbuilder (Hyundai Mipo Dockyard)

The shipbuilder HMD/Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (1975-founded) is one of the world's largest shipbuilding companies by total vessels produced and annually launches ~70 newbuilds.

In 2007, the HMD was ranked the world's 4th-largest by annual CGT/Compensated Gross Tonnage (1+ million). HMD specializes mainly in shipbuilding (~96%) as well as in ship conversion and repairs (~4%).

HMD is a fully owned subsidiary of HD Hyundai (2017-founded, 2022-rebranded from HHI Group/Hyundai Heavy Industries Group).

HMD constructs various types of marine vessels, including container ships, product carriers, bulk- and liquid cargo ships, ferries, drillships and FPSOs (floating production storage and offloading vessels for the offshore oil and gas industry), cable- and pipe-laying vessels, AHTS (anchor handling tug supply vessels, also used for emergency response and rescue).

For detailed information on the construction's milestones see the ship's Wiki page.

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Manxman ferry ship related cruise news

Manxman ferry Wiki

The construction of the vessel (hull/yard number HMD8311) officially started on August 20, 2021, with the steel-cutting ceremony held at HMD/Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (Ulsan, South Korea).

The vessel's physical construction started on December 24, 2021, with the keel-laying ceremony. For the traditional "coin ceremony", a special Isle of Man coin (1979-issued) was handed over to Lars Ugland (Steam Packet's Chairman) by David Ashford MHK for Douglas North (Mann's Treasury Minister at the time) and Bill Henderson MLC RMN (Manx legislator/Mann's Department Member). The coin was traditionally placed under the first hull block/keel (forward engine room block, weight 215 tonnes) for bringing good luck.


The ship's largest block (aft cabin section) has a weight of 400 tonnes.

Next video simulation shows the ship's construction block by block, which includes the assembly of a total of 36 mega blocks/prefabricated sections.


The name of the newbuild ferry (Manxman) was officially announced on December 1, 2020, following an online naming competition conducted in a month (October 29th through November 30th). From ~7500 people who submitted their favorite ship name, ~2000 voted for "Manxman" over the other three suggested names - "Mona's Isle", "Manx Maid" and "King Orry". On the same day (Dec 1st) the Steam Packet also announced that the new Manxman will replace the 1998-built Ben-my-Chree on the route Douglas-Heysham.

Wartsila was contracted to supply the ship's powerplant (main diesel generator engines) delivered to HMD in January 2021 as well as the propulsion package. The engine room and the propulsion equipment were installed in February.


The hull was floated out from drydock in April and the superstructure was installed in May 2022.

The fully-assembled ship was launched/floated out from drydock on June 14, 2022.


The Finland-based engine manufacturer Wartsila Oyj Abp (1834-founded) supplied MV Manxman's main engines as well the propulsion system ((including two transverse thrusters), the navigation system (including the Wheelhouse's Bridge Console), ballast water treatment plant. Into the cruise ship design are incorporated a waste heat recovery system and an energy storage system (batteries).

Alconza Berango SL (subsidiary of Irizar Group) supplied the ship's complete electric equipment, including two Monoblock-type 8 MW propulsion engines, four LV generators (2x 6608 kVA plus 2x 5287 kVA) for the main diesel generator sets, and three vertical thrusters/propulsion motors (power output 1200 kW). The generators are driven by four Wartsila 31 marine diesel engines. Alconza also provided the propulsion machinery for the Visborg ferry (2018-built).

MV Manxman's first engine was started on August 25, 2022, by Dean Ellis (Chief Engineer), followed by the other three diesel generators. On the same day were also tested the power management and propulsion systems.

The initial sea trials (conducted on December 10, 2022) were for testing the ship's propulsion machinery (thrusters, propellers, shafts), stabilizers, controls, navigation, radio, mooring and anchoring equipment, as well as checking the max speed, noise and vibration levels. During the sea trials, the gearbox failed and had to be replaced with a new one. Following the necessary repairs, a set of 10-day-long routine sea trials was conducted in January-February 2023, during which a team of 150 people (contractors and shipyard employees) tested the ship's maneuverability, handling, speed and fuel consumption.

The final trials (in the Korea Strait) were successfully completed on April 17-20, 2023.

MV Manxman was officially christened on May 3, 2023, dockside at the Korean shipbuilding yard HMD. The naming ceremony was led by godmother Geraldine Ugland (the wife of Lars Ugland) and was attended by Lars Ugland (Isle of Man Steam Packet Company's Chairman of the Board), Brian Thomson (the company's Managing Director), James Royston (the company's Fleet Operations Manager and Manxman Newbuild's Project Manager) as well as Hyeon-Dae Shin (shipbuilder's President and CEO) and other HMD executives and employees.

The ship was completed on April 20th, delivered Isle of Man Steam Packet Co Ltd on May 10th and officially joined IoMSPCo's fleet on May 11th, after completing the transfer of ownership at 11:40 Korean time (2:40 UTC). The delivery documents were signed by Lars Ugland (IoMSPCo) and Hyeon-Dae Shin (HMD).

Starting the relocation voyage to Europe, Manxman left Korea/Ulsan on May 13th (at 6:21 UTC) mastered by Captain Andy Atkinson. En route, the ship made a bunkering stop in Hong Kong China (anchorage on May 17th/9:04 thru 16:31UTC) for loading additional fuel and supplies.

The repositioning voyage from Ulsan to Douglas (via Suez Canal) included ~10000 NM (11500 mi / ~18500 km) of sea navigation. The 23-day itinerary included six call ports/anchorage stops for bunkering - Singapore (May 21-28), Colombo Sri Lanka (June 1), Muscat Oman (June 6), Jeddah Saudi Arabia (June 11), Valletta Malta (June 18), and Southampton England (June 24) - prior to reaching homeport Douglas/Isle of Man on July 2nd. The week-long stop at Port Southampton was scheduled for final fixtures and fittings (including equipment installations and artworks) before starting commercial operations on the Douglas-Heysham route.

During the first year of service (June 2023-2024), the ship's name on the hull was painted in gold - a tradition rooted in Steam Packet's history.

MV Ben-my-Chree (IMO 9170705) remains in the fleet as a backup ship/on a standby basis, to serve the Douglas-Heysham route during Manxman's routine drydock overhauls as well as to double the company's capacity during peak season/busy periods.