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Magna Carta barge Review and Specifications

Specifications of Magna Carta barge

Year built 1936  /  Age : 82
Speed 10 kn / 19 kph / 12 mph
Length (LOA) 36 m / 118 ft
Beam (width) 5 m / 16 ft
Gross Tonnage 225 gt
Passengers 4 - 8
Crew 5
Decks 2
Cabins 4
Decks with cabins 1

Review of Magna Carta barge

The Magna Carta barge (translated as Great Charter) was built in 1936 in Holland. She was converted to a hotel barge from a sand carrying cargo ship by Dominic Read in 2001-2002 following 65 years of carrying cargo for the family. The barge was sold to be replaced with a larger vessel because she was no longer big enough to compete in cargo carrying industry. The conversion into a luxury hotel barge ship was designed and managed by Dominic Read.Magna Carta barge cruise ship

The "Magna Carta" document is The Great Charter of English liberty granted on June 15, 1215 by King John at Runnymede. Presently, the barge of the same name serves as a luxury hotel barge, sailing along the River Thames.

The upper deck's dining area and saloon boast stylish furnishings and large picture windows. Modern amenities include spa pool, under floor heating and contemporary en-suite facilities for the 4 spacious 200 ft2 (19 m2) suites. 

The Magna Carta ship offers 4 double cabins that allow her to carry up to 8 guests. She also features separate crew quarters housing the crew of 5 (master chef, two housekeepers and waiters, deck hand and tour guide, Captain and pilot).

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