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Specifications of Napoles ferry

Year built2002  /  Age : 16
Flag state Italy
BuilderCantiere Navale Visentini (Porto Viro / Venice, Italy)
Classcruiseferry (Ro-Pax ship)
Ferry route / homeportsBarcelona-Ibiza
Speed23 kn / 43 kph / 26 mph
Length (LOA)186 m / 610 ft
Beam (width)26 m / 85 ft
Gross Tonnage24409 gt
Last Refurbishment2015

Review of Napoles ferry

MV Napoles ferry is a Ro-Ro passenger vessel owned and operated by the Spanish company BALEARIA. The ship has max capacity of 950 passengers and 75 cars. The vessel was launched in 2002 and currently operates on the ferry route Barcelona-Ibiza (crossing time 8 hours).


As cruiseferry, Napoles has air-conditioned 2-berth cabins with either 1 double bed or lower-bunk bed configurations. All staterooms are fitted with en-suite bathrooms. The ferry company provides bed linens, towels and toiletries. The ship also has wheelchair-accessible cabins (adapted for disabled passengers).

The ship's Seating Lounge is equipped with large TV and reclining Pullman seats (comfortable, fully reclining leather armchairs). Reserved seats are available for pre-booking. These deals are inclusive of complimentary beverages (tea, coffee, soft drinks). The Lobby Bar Lounge is furnished with comfortable leather chairs and round glass topped tables.

All passengers must vacate their staterooms 30 min prior to homeport arrival.

Shipboard dining and entertainment options

As facilities, the Napoles ship offers:

BALEARIA Napoles ferry ship

  • Accommodation options - cabins, Superior Lounge seats (black leather recliners), Lobby Bar seating. All lounges are fitted with large TVs.
  • Dining options - Self-Service Restaurant (full menu, single courses, kids-vegetarian-healthy meals, traditional local dishes), Bar-Cafeteria (patisserie - pastries, cakes, drinks, snacks, sandwiches), Outdoor Bar (grill, cocktails, beers, sundeck barbecues), chocolate and ice-cream parlour. Purchasing dining services in advance offers 10% discount.
  • Passengers with disabilities - 2 adapted cabins for passengers with reduced mobility, lifts (passenger elevators connecting all decks).
  • Gifts & Travel Necessities Shop (combined boutique and general store - gifts and souvenirs, alcohol and tobaccos, perfumes and cosmetics, drinks, snacks, sweets, toiletries, electronics, toys, books, newspapers, local gourmet produce)
  • Entreolas by Balearia Magazine is a free of charge onboard magazine themed on travel and lifestyle, culture, sports, fashion, music, cuisine, Balearia news.
  • Wi-Fi and Internet are available at extra cost. Mobile phone chargers and Ipad rentals are also offered.

All Balearia ships are equipped with CCTV cameras with image recording. Smoking anywhere inside the ships is not permitted.

Car decks

All ferried vehicles must have documentation and valid insurance. Having the car's technical data sheet makes boarding checks easier. Upon booking, the vehicle's model, length and height must be specified. Car ferry passengers must arrive at the departure port 90 min prior departure.

All Balearia ships have a hold for bikes. Free of charge travel bicycles, mopeds and motorbikes (up to 125 cc),which must be indicated upon booking.

Special vehicles (height over 3 m / 10 ft) must be booked via the company's Call Center (902 160 180).

Follows a list of car decks related safety procedures:

  • Disabled passengers or those requiring specific assistance should visit the ship's Information Desk.
  • Apply handbrake and place the vehicle in park or 1st gear position. Switch off the ignition, alarm, electrical equipment, headlights. Gas cylinders, if any, must be switched off. Lock the vehicle.
  • From your vehicle take only valuables and essential hand baggage.
  • Make a note of your vehicle's location and garage deck number / stairway before leaving the car deck.
  • Access to the ship's vehicle (cargo) decks during the voyage is prohibited.
  • Smoking on vehicle decks, as well as in cabins and passenger loungesis forbidden.
  • Wait for the onboard announcement before returning to your vehicle.
  • In order to avoid air pollution, don't start the engine until instructed.

Balearia ferry deals

Onboard shopping offers discounted pricing for Balearia Club members. Balearia Club members enjoy as perks:

  • 10% discounts in onboard shops, bars and restaurants
  • preferential queue (priority boarding in select departure ports)
  • With standard chair booking, along with the boarding card club members receive vouchers giving access to Superior Lounge (reclining leather chairs / subject to availability).
  • Balearia has over 50 partnerships for exclusive offers and promotions. Club Member only offers provide discounts on land-based facilities and services (resorts, hotels, restaurants, chain stores, boutiques, tours, buses, travel insurance, etc).

(ferry + train travel) Balearia has partnership with the Spanish state-owned railroad company Renfe Operadora. The company serves the routes between Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Marseilles, Barcelona and Madrid. The Balearia-Renfe partnership offers discounted train travel. Upon online booking the Balearia ferry, there is an option that if checked creates a Renfe promo code. The code is valid for the next 48 hours, if you book online Renfe trains.

(ferry + hotel) On select routes, Balearia offers discounted ferry-hotel packages, with prices starting from around EUR 65.

(day tour) deals are valid when purchasing roundtrip tickets and within 24 hours after booking (no changes or cancellations are accepted). Kids under 13 receive 50% discount, while babies travel for free. Day tour package prices range between EUR 10-60 (depending on itinerary). Shuttle bus service is provided.

The shipowner Balearia (founded in 1998, headquartered in Denia Spain) is a Spanish ferry company operating passenger ferry services in the Mediterranean and Caribbean (Bahamas). Balearia's current fleet includes the ships Abel Matutes, Bahama Mama, Denia Ciutat Creativa, Hypatia de Alejandria, Martin i Soler, Napoles, Nissos Chios, Regina Baltica, Sicilia, Visemar One.

Napoles ferry wiki

The ship was powered by two MAN marine diesel engines (model 9L48-60, total power output 18,9 MW) and as propulsion has two controllable pitch propellers.

In late-October 2018, Balearia contracted Caterpillar Marine to install MAK dual-fuel engines on 3 vessels (Abel Matutes, Bahama Mama, Martin I Soler). Engine conversions (by Caterpillar dealer Finanzauto) were scheduled for early-2019. By this project, ship's diesel engines (2x 9M43C, total power output 18 MW) were replaced with 2x MaK 9M46DF (dual-fuel / diesel-LNG, power output 8,7 MW each) used with gearbox and controllable pitch propellers. Caterpillar provided dual-fuel conversion kits and all engine modules (ignition, ventilation, exhaust gas and GVU ventilation, valves, housing).

In late-November 2018, BALEARIA started an EUR 12 million drydock retrofit project for retrofitting six ferries (starting with Napoles on Nov 18) to be converted to LNG (liquified natural gas). All drydocks (at Gibraltar Gibdock shipyards) included modifying of the engines and installing LNG tanks. The conversion project was scheduled for completion February 15, 2019.

  • Each ship got dual-fuel (LNG-diesel) MAN engines.
  • The change results in fuel savings, with expected annual emissions reduction per vessel over 9113 tons (CO2) and over 871 tons (NOx) plus zero SOx emissions and soot particles. Ferry's annual CO2 reduction is equal the emissions of around 6000 cars.
  • Wartsila-made LNG tanks (one per vessel) are able to store up to 440 m3 LNG, which allows autonomous operations up to 1900 km (1200 ml). Onboard gas pipes are from Cryospain (Madrid-based). The project as engineering was designed by Cotenaval (Valencia-based).
  • The retrofit project was partially funded (20%, EUR 2,4 million) by CEF (Connecting Europe Facility). The list of ferries scheduled for engine conversion included Abel Matutes, Bahama Mama, Martin i Soler, Napoles and Sicilia.

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